Goblin Days

Goblins Days is a week long event starting July 25 and running to August 3rd. It’s part of my personal calendar. It’s a secular festival I hold specifically for goblins, mostly to stave off any truly damaging mischief these beings decide to cause.

First, what am I talking about when I speak of goblins?

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Close up ♡

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It’s probably best to start explaining that I don’t tend to differentiate between spirits, demons, local deities, and fae unless the being tells me to do so. I simply don’t care what they are. It doesn’t matter to me if the spirit is a kitsune or an polecat spirit – I treat them as they ask and I don’t bother to ask the details. If they want me to know they’re a kitsune, they will damn well tell me. This often saves from conversations that make me sound silly, knowledgeable, and foolish. It also saves me from assuming I understand them – I can’t possibly do that as I’m not like them. The only assumption I make is that they’re likely to backstab me at any given time and to not fully trust them. This belief has served me very well over the years.

Now, about the goblins. Mostly because “goblin” for me isn’t a specific being but a general term for small, mischievous spirits that causes damage. Every single year they destroy glassware. They never take out anything important – as that would truly anger me – but everyday drinking glasses or jars will find themselves flying off shelves and counters for no good reason at all. Things will go missing and end up in stupid places like the shower or inside a pair of shoes. They find it fun to play such games but sometimes they get out of hand and can cause real damage. They’re often seen as “evil” but I tend to find them just amusing. I’m fond of them. They are always the first to show up and the last to leave. Most typically imps and gremlins, I call them goblins and they don’t seem to mind it. Because I coat the word in fondness and don’t consider goblins evil, they even seem pleased to be called by this “pet” name. They can consist of any number of beings. I might call a being a goblin even if that being is definitely NOT a goblin by traditional definitions. It is their actions I’m more concerned with. They might be unruly, crude, mischievous, slightly cruel, greedy, always hungry, always drinking, and love shiny things. Consider them the frat boys of the spirit world.

During Goblin Days, I give these being their own little party. It’s pre-gaming, so to speak. They get mini-offerings (at random, because if they expect them and don’t get them all hell would break loose) and they don’t take out expensive items as a response. Sometimes they get a little too out of hand and I have to remind them they’re not only guest but I’m pretty fucking badass and can dropkick the whole lot of them out of the house before they could spit. I literally remind them that I’m not some random human for them to walk all over. I’m me and they know exactly what will happen if they go too far.

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Burn baby burn

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It’s a fun time and gets me in the mood to deal with the bigger, more powerful, and stronger spirits that roll around for the other festivals. Annnnd, yup, that’s all I’m willing to reveal at the moment.