Introducing Divination Tool Reviews!

I’m really excited to announce this new, on-going series of blog posts! Diviners use all sorts of tools to get their readings from looking up at the sky and watching birds to using a tarot deck. There’s thousands upon thousands of different tools out there, especially in regards to cartomancy methods. A lot of diviners end up with large collections of decks they hoard and adore.

However, not a lot of people actually post about their experiences with various decks or tools and that’s really a shame! Divination tools can be expensive and if you make a purchase and end up not liking it, the tool itself can be hard to rehome. Reviews can make decisions far easier in terms of whether or not a deck will mesh with you personally.

Each deck tool I use is one I personally own and use. This doesn’t mean each and every tool will be the same. My aventurine pendulum won’t be the same as yours due to lots of reasons such as where it was mined, shaped, and sold from. It can all vary and that’s part of the fun! I’m an average consumer in terms of tools, especially since I’m willing to try a bunch of different divination techniques involving a lot of different tools. Some things I’ll make myself and others I’ll shop around or save for. It’s fun and should be fun. Hopefully my reviews help a little.

What will each review include?

Each review post will include images of the tool in question. Physical specifications such as the size of the tool, the material and quality, where it’s purchased from, and a discussion on my experience with the tool itself. Discussions such as art style, feel of the tool, any associated books or items that the object came with, and favorite aspects of the tool.

Each review will then be cataloged in the “Tarot and Oracle Decks” page, as you see linked above. (The page title is something of a misnomer since there’s more than just cartomancy tools in there but shh.) As a bonus, that page will be cleaned up to be more user friendly because it’s kind of ridiculous right now.

Posts will be using the tag #divination tool review and the category Divination Tool Review.