Love By the Moon Spell [Spell Saturday #18]

On a night where the moon is particularly bright or beautiful, hold a bowl or glass of water so the moon is reflected in the surface of the water. The water and bowl/glass should be clean and drinkable.

Now, while the reflection of the moon is in your hands,

“Under the light of this moon, I call to one who can love me

One who be honest and true, someone who will love me with their free heart

Look upon this moon and hear my call

Come to me and let us meet soon

By the light of the next full moon.”

Now drink the water completely.


You don’t have to be outside for this to work. A window will work just as well.

This spell is NOT designed for a specific individual but instead to call a potential love interest that is not entangled in other romantic interests. Someone who is ready and willing to try their hand at a relationship with you.

If you don’t meet anyone new, try it again during the next moon.

Happy casting!