How To: Water Divination

Ever try water divination? It’s possibly one of the most accessible forms of divination, but one of the hardest to master.

Water Divination: How to scry with water |

It’s a form of scrying. Scrying is a type of divination using some sort of usually reflective medium to derive hidden secrets or future events. Crystal ball reading is the most famous form of scrying, but scrying can be done in water, glass, oil, crystal, shiny metal, mirrors, or other reflective surfaces.

If you’re a good hand at scrying, then water divination is probably in reach. If you’re new to scrying, it’s a very intuitive based divination practice. It’s not for everyone (lots of people find it blurry or frustrating), but if you enjoy it, it can be fun.

There’s a lot of different ways to perform water divination. This one is mine.

Find an ideal vessel.

I prefer to use a flattish bowl or a plate with large edges. A tea cup saucer is usually pretty good for this, but a salad or spaghetti bowl are also good. Any bowl, plate, or cup can be used, but I find having a bowl that have a wide surface for the water is ideal.

I find it’s more important to have the bottom of the vessel to be clean. A bowl with writing on the bottom isn’t really ideal when you first get started. Vessels with scraps or scratches from silverware also aren’t ideal in the very beginning. They can be distracting.

Of course, once you get more adept, you may find that those scratches or writing may help.

You don’t need to have a dedicated vessel. I often use my morning cup of tea or the water in my water bottles. But I also have a dedicated black tea cup saucer and a copper bowl I use for more dedicated readings.

Choose your water source

I often use filtered water, either from a filtering pitcher or some other means. I often use tap water / well water as well, because that’s easiest. It’s totally fine to use tap.

I may also pour out some sort of enchanted water, like moon water. Or I might infuse herbs to make a tisane and use that.

Coffee, tea, juice, oil, blood, soda, and any other liquid you can think of can be used in the exact same manner as water. Or you can drip some of these liquids into a vessel filled with water and see what patterns form. (Oil scrying is often done in this manner.)

This means that yes, you can totally scry in your morning cup of coffee.

I do find there’s some variation on the results depending on the water source. Purified water tends to give me clearer results for most questions, but if I’m doing shadow work or some sort of soul-searching, I use ocean water or blood because that’s best for me. Juices and teas tend to edge the results in certain directions. The same results, but from a slightly different perspective.

Again, none of that is bad. Experimenting may give you different results, but I will tailor what I’m working with depending on the results I want. If I’m doing a reading regarding a business decision, I’ll use a cup of coffee for the divination, but if I want to know if I should date someone, then I might use a tea made with herbs related to love.

Bodies of water

You can also use bodies of water for divination. The water source should be calm or have a little movement in it. A river, lake, ocean, swimming pool, koi pond, or even a fish tank can be used in the above described manner.

You can use an active source of water, even a waterfall, but it’s the churning of the water or the sound that water source makes that will be used for the divination. It’s a somewhat different form of divination.

Divining in your water

Whatever mediums you’re using, the actual divination method is simple enough.

Look into the water, but do it in a way that doesn’t reflect your face or head. I find being able to stare into your own face can be very distracting.

Stare until your eyes become unfocused and your mind starts to drift. Pay attention to what you’re seeing in your mind’s eye and thinking. What thoughts appear? What mental images?

It can be completely random. Maybe a song pops into your head. Or you hear multiple conversation snippets. Or there’s a total Hollywood style vision playing out in the surface of the water.

While doing this, pay attention to what’s happening around you. Are there ripples in the water? Did something fall in it or move in it? Did the wind change direction or did a passerby’s conversation suddenly become clear? Did you cat change position or your dog suddenly start to whine.

All of those things need to be gathered together to form an entire reading. At first, it’s not going to make a lot of sense. With practice and time, you’ll start to see how the water scrying can give you results and information.

I find that have a voice recorder going helps me describe what I’m seeing as I’m seeing it. Later, I’ll transcribe the recorded session onto paper. Paper is also ideal as you can sketch out what you’re seeing or describe it.

And that’s it. It really is that easy. Divination with water may be easy to do, but since it’s a form of scrying, it can be difficult to master. Give it a try and see if you like it.


Charmed Meeting Attention Spell

This spell is intended to introduce you to someone or at least meet someone new. It can be used when you want to make a good impression or it can be used just so you meet someone during the day. It’s not a love spell, exactly, more of a “hey, pay attention to me” kind of spell.

The results may lead to a date or future friendship, but it may also mean that you have an uplifting conversation with a co-worker or you meet someone inspiring at the coffee shop. It may mean someone talks to you on the bus or your neighbor says that you look cute today. The results vary and what you get may not be what you’re looking for. Still, it’s useful if you’re feeling a bit lonely or need help breaking out of your shell.

What you’ll need:

  • Full Moon Water
  • Sunshine Water
  • Mirror
  • Scented infused waters (optional) (see notes!)

Pour the sunshine and full moon water together in a bowl. Add the scented liquid, if you’re using one.

With your pointer finger, make an infinity sign (sideways 8), stirring the water. Envision or speak your intentions of meeting someone and making a great impression. Channel your favorite flirting style or picture that movie-perfect chance meeting.

As you do this, smile and look at yourself in the mirror. Touch the water to your lips and say,

My smile charms those who see it
My voice draws them closer to me
My words entice them to my side
Like the sun and moon shine
So will I.

Now dab the water behind your ears, on your eyelids, middle of your forehead, underside of your jaw, and anywhere else you might like someone to look at. An example would be along your collarbone, joints of your wrist, or anywhere else. Repeat the above verse as you go.

The spell works passively, but when you wish to invoke the spell specifically, catch your reflection in something and smile. You might be just smiling to yourself, but the spell should be working double time now.


  • Sunshine water is simple water left to sit in pure sunlight for a while, just like full moon water is water left to soak in full moonlight.
  • Infused scented water can be a difficult thing. Rose water or lavender water are ideal here, but they can be strong. You can make your own, if you prefer.
  • You can also use essential oils (but make sure you’re using a carrier oil too!) Perfume or cologne could also be subbed in, but make sure that you don’t get these things in your mouth.

Lucky Hands Soap Spell

A daily luck spell that keeps on giving.

This spell is pretty simple, but intended to be used daily. It requires some specific items, but once it’s set up, you’ll only need to do basic maintenance to keep it going.


  • A soap dispenser / soap dish (see notes)
  • Hand soap (see notes for tips)
  • Sharpie
  • A four-leaf clover
  • A coin
  • Super glue, clear nail polish, or modpodge

Purchase or adapt your bathroom soap dispenser. Ideally, this soap dispenser should be large enough to hide a coin under the base. Very ideally, the base should be designed so you can fit a coin underneath and not have the soap dispenser become unbalanced. This may take a little work to find what you’re looking for or you may need to pick a thinner or smaller coin. (An US dime instead of an US quarter, for example.)

Once you’ve found your soap dispenser, write on the bottom of the soap dispenser in sharpie a lucky symbol. This can be a four leaf clover, a key, your lucky numbers, a horseshoe, or whatever you find to be most lucky. Thinly coat the symbol in superglue, nail polish, or modpodge.

As you cover it, say the follow,

"Luck be with me every day,
Bad luck I wash away.
With each sunrise, my good luck grows.
With these lucky hands, abundance and luck flows."

When dry, place the four leaf clover over the symbol and coat it so it’s completely sealed to the base. Repeat the above verse. Let dry again and repeat again with the coin and verse.

Let dry completely, then fill the soap dispenser with soap. Make sure that you keep the soap dispenser filled.


  • For bar soap, do the same thing above with a soap dish.
  • A liquid soap dispenser is the most aesthetically pleasing solution to this spell. An alternative is to get a soap dish (or a ring dish) and place your liquid soap bottle on top of the dish. The result is the same.
  • You can use any kind of soap here. Bars of soap or liquid soap. That being said, any nut, berry, and flower related scents are associated with luck and growing abundance. So you can totally use your jasmine-ginger-pineapple-coconut hand soap.

Warm Welcome to 2020!

May your year be filled with glorious growth, spectacular successes, brilliant energies, great loves, few losses, and overflowing abundance!

Welcome to 2020! It’s great to be in a new year where you can give yourself a calendar-centric new page to your life.

As you can see above, my blessing for the year. Below, I’ll do a little introduction of myself (for new readers and old), a discussion of 2020’s goal and keywords, and then tackle my resolution. Not interested? That’s cool. Scroll to the end of this post for a spell to give your new year’s resolution a magical punch.


Me: I’m Samantha, also known as This Crooked Crown. You can call me Samantha, Sam, Crown, or any variation of that. Pronouns are she/her/hers or they/their/them. I’m a professional witch, tarot card reader, seer, spirit walker, and writer. I’m a published author with my novel Spirit Walker and I’ve been practicing witchcraft for twenty five years this year. I started when I was nine!

My magical practice: I am a non-traditional secular polytheist animist witch. My witchcraft is largely folk magic, drawing from folklore, superstitions, and Anglo-Saxon and New England coastline traditions. Spirits are my forte, especially the non-human kinds, but I’ve been a seer for as long as I can remember.

Where I’m from: I hail from Rhode Island in the New England East Coast of the USA and live in a quirky house between two crossroads and alongside a nicknamed The Crossroads House. I live with my mother, my uncle, my brother The Necromancer, my 12 year old Siamese cat named Kiki, and a 14 year old grumpy box turtle named Tama.

Fun facts & details: I’m a Gemini Sun, Gemini Moon, and Tiger. I’m aligned with water first and foremost. I’m a hermit, a major introvert, and have a few chronic and mental illnesses that are often debilitating. I love water, the ocean, reading, libraries, learning, writing, folklore, stories, and curling up in something soft and warm. Autumn is my favorite time of year, but I live for summers where I can swim and be on the water every day. I will always stop to pet any cat willing to approach me.

What I do & where to find me: Etsy, Storenvy, patreon, tumblr, instagram, twitter, pinterest, facebook, and here, of course. I blog about witchcraft and magic. I sell my books, spells, readings, and crafted witchy goods, plus I also teach witchcraft lessons. I try to be open-minded, willing to help, and approachable to all.

That’s me! How many of you older readers learned something new?

2020’s Goal & Keywords

It is beyond weird to type the year “2020”. When I was a kid, I never would have imagined that I’d reach such an age. It seemed so far away! So Jetsons. But then again, I’m terrible when it comes to numbers and time is something that makes sense to other people, not me. I kind of exist in a “time is irrelevant” sort of lifestyle. Which is very liberating and very confusing at the same time. I have to have a calendar notification for things like putting out the trash, so maybe this is just a side effect of working from home? Who knows!

This year’s goal is growth.

Let’s grow and change as people. Let’s grow our minds, our hearts, our spirits. Let’s grow compassion for ourselves and others. Let’s grow positive changes for the future. Let’s grow opportunities for ourselves. Let’s grow abundance and wealth and power. Let’s look back in a year and go ‘we got somewhere’.

2020’s keywords are Sanctuary and Luck.

This year, there should be a major focus on making somewhere in your life a sanctuary. Your home, your bedroom, the local library, your office at work, your favorite coffee shop, the beach. Make that place yours, as much as you’re able. Own it. Take responsibility for it.

If it’s a public space, like the beach or library, join community groups or clean the beach drives to make it the best it can be. If it’s a space you share with others, like the office or a coffee shop, make it yours by greeting people, talking to those who work there, setting up your table or desk just so. If a coffee shop is your place, maybe invest in a travel mug, so you can mentally align with the whole “I am here so often, I even have my own mug for here”. If it’s work, deck out your space as much as possible, with things that make you feel warm and safe and secure enough to do your job 100% every day.

At home should be your sanctuary, but it might not be for a variety of reasons. If possible, make sure your place reflects who you are exactly. You’re a person who changes each and every day so your home will change too! Maybe the paint on the walls isn’t working for you. Maybe it’s time to take down those band posters since you’re not really into them anymore. Maybe you got that leather couch because you have dogs, but you never sit in them because the couches are so cold to the touch. Invest in those warm blankets and throw pillows. Put a new color on the walls. Change the curtains or make a quilt. This place should reflect you, as much as you’re able to make it reflect you. It should feel like home.

Sanctuary is more than just “I am safe in this place”. It should also be a feeling of security. Secure enough to be yourself. Secure enough to be happy. Secure enough to be and fill the space. Banish that unwanted shit from your life. It’s time to let it go.

Some things are outside of your direct control. Money, for example, has a way of making people feel very insecure. If this is you, then maybe this year is the year to try and make yourself more secure financially. Start a savings account or talk to your college loans and see if they’re willing to smaller payments so you can have more financial breathing space.

Family and friends too, has a way of making people feel insecure. Some families and friends just aren’t good and some people are just plain toxic for you. We all have them. This may be the time to finally go through your contact lists and delete some people. Unfriend that obnoxious aunt on facebook and block uncle bigotry from your lift. Chances are you can live without contact them and any news they or you need to share can probably be passed through other members of the family. Dump the friend who only comes around when they need something. You’re not a doormat. Don’t make things difficult on yourself just because etiquette or peer pressures says you should. You should be able to cultivate a space space – a sanctuary – in your own personal network of people.

You may also want to take this year to make somewhere safe for someone else. There’s lot of hatred right now in the world. A lot of fear. Let’s make this year the year of open hearts and minds. A place where religion, gender, skin color, race, and sexual orientation is accepted and normalized. It’s not an easy road, but it’s one that needs to be walked.

Luck is also a keyword this year. To me, this screams that you just need to turn your magic all the way the fuck up. Just be that witch 100% of the time.

You don’t need to have a reason to cast a luck spell. Make it so when you wash your face, you’re washing away the bad luck. Brush your hair chanting good luck is coming your way. Cast luck spells for all the endeavors. Job interview? Luck spell. Date? Luck spell. Party? Luck spell. Going for a walk? Luck spell. Luck isn’t always about hitting the lottery. It can be lucky to find a pretty stone on a walk or catch up with an old friend at the grocery store.

More than that, it’s also a good time to consider doing spells to achieve your goals or at least a clear direction for what you want. Not all of us have big, splashy dreams. Some people feel lost because they don’t know what they want. When that happens, it can feel like everything you do has no purpose or isn’t going to lead you anywhere worthwhile. If you feel this way, then it may be time to do a spell to find your own way or a new dream or goal. Or get a divination reading. Or at least make some sort of goal, like exercising once a week or read five books a year. Those goals may seem tiny or insignificant compared to a goal of publishing a novel or getting a PhD or buying a house, but it’s still a goal. It can still be accomplished. And it may lead to a milestone goal, such as buying a house. When one is lost, even those small goals can be HUGE accomplishments. Take pride in the things you accomplish, no matter how small. Even teeny, tiny steps forward are still steps forward.

My 2020 Resolution: Finish It!

The goal of 2020 is growth and my resolution is similar. I want 2020 to be the year of growth, but I also want it to be the year of finishing stuff. I have so much in the works right now. SO MUCH. I have five finished books in various stages of editing or are just straight-up finished and sitting, forgotten on a virtual shelf. FIVE. I’m also working on an oracle deck, revamping my witchcraft courses, and more behind the scenes stuff.

This year is going to be the year that shit will be finished. That the projects already started are going to be finished. A lot of times, I start things and never finish them because of fear. Fear of imperfect. Fear of not including all the things that need to be said. Fear or mistakes or failure. ADHD, OCD, and anxiety play a lot into this, but mostly, it’s just the fear of not being good enough. I’ve gotten to a point in my life where I can routinely push past that (after some procrastination, so it’s a work in progress thing).

BTW, that’s my suggestion for overcoming things. Spite and understanding in equal measures. Like, I understand why I leave things hanging and I also want to drop-kick that fear in the face. How dare it stop me? I’m going to prove that fear and myself wrong by… doing exactly what I need to do to spite it. My brain’s a fun place sometimes.

So year’s goals are all about growing and becoming, but it’s also about finishing and achieving. It’s going somewhere, it’s doing something, it’s getting shit done, but finishing what I’ve started.

I imagine some of you are in the same boat, so I invite you to join me on this little adventure. Let’s arm ourselves with a shield of spite and a sword of determination. Let’s wield the magics of getting shit done and I’ve got this. Let’s shout our war-cry of “fuck this shit!” Let’s defeat the hoards of haters and journey through the lands of self-doubt and fear, following the road paved with good intentions, to defeat the final boss known as the dreaded To Do List.

(Everything sounds more epic when you make it an adventure. Try it next time you go grocery shopping or to the gym. It can be a wild ride and shake up even the worst days. It’s like trying to say ‘bubbles’ in an angry voice. Impossible to stay in a bad mood and yet weirdly satisfying.)

The Spell

Okay, if you skipped to the end, hi! If you read the whole post, then wow and thanks for reading my rambling! Either way, here’s your spell.

New Year’s Resolution Self-Dedication Spell

This spell’s intended goal is to turn your regular ol’ new year’s resolution into a magical dedication to yourself. A magical promise. Here’s what you’ll need.


  • An item you touch every single day (your phone, hair brush, keys, the fridge)
  • Citrus (an orange, for example)
  • Your new year’s resolution written on paper
  • Water

Write down your new year’s resolution on a slip of paper.

Fill a jar or cup with water. Ideally, it should be solar water (water infused with a full day of sunshine), but it can be moon water or even just regular tap water.

Zest the orange into the water. If you have no idea what zesting is, I’ll explain. Essentially, you take your orange (or whatever citrus you’re using) and you take a knife or vegetable peeler, and you peel a sliver of the rind or skin of the citrus fruit. It doesn’t need to be a big or deep sliver. You’re aiming for the peel rather than the fruit or the membrane around the fruit (the white stuff in an orange), but if you get some of the fruit or membrane, that’s ok. I’d add seven pieces of zest to the water, but you can do as much or as little as you’d like. Alternatively, you can use a citrus extract, a citrus essence, or a citrus essential oil.

Now add the paper with your resolution into the water. Allow to sit, at least twenty minutes (for the year 2020). If you’re using this spell at any other time, I’d recommend seven hours, for luck. But you can leave it for any period of time that feels magically important to you.

While you wait, it’s time to consider a magical symbol. You can make a sigil from the new year’s resolution with any method you like. Or you can pick a magical symbol that holds importance to you (like a pentacle, arrow, cross, etc). You can also draw any symbol that represents your resolution, like a graduation cap for graduating college, a dumbbell for the gym, or a book for reading more. You could also just write out your new year’s resolution in words or even abbreviate it. Or you can mix and match the aforementioned ideas to come up with your own little symbol.

You may also want to take this time to lightly cleanse the object you’re enchanting. Not enough of a cleansing to wipe away any previous enchantment, but enough to serve as a refresh or breath of fresh air. I tend to use bell chimes for this, but to each their own. It’s a completely optional step though.

Once the time’s up, using your finger, a paintbrush, or a wand, draw or write your chosen phrase or image onto the surface of the chosen object with the orange water. Take your time and say the resolution aloud as you write or draw.

When done, say the following:

"Enchanted now you are,
Bespelled you will be,
You'll keep me to my promise
Of [your new year's resolution].
With my breath, I seal this spell
And set myself my goal.
One I will achieve,
As long as this spell you hold."

Now take a deep breath and exhale it over the drawn surface.

That’s it! You’re done. Every time you touch the object, you should feel a pull to achieve your resolution. You can add a line to the verse to give yourself a punishment if you don’t achieve your resolution, but I don’t like to punish myself for not doing something, because life happens. You do you though.

You can wipe down the object later or clean it as normal. Just wait at least 20 minutes (in 2020) or at least 7 minutes (any other time) to do so.

Does that spell look great but don’t want to cast it yourself? Contact me and I can cast the spell for you. Details here.

Also, there’s a bunch of spells ready to be cast for you in the Buy A Spell section, including a 2020 New Year Ritual that’s pretty extensive and one I’m pretty proud of.

That’s it! I hope your new year is absolutely wonderful!

How to Make Moon Water

Bringing things back to basics with a how to make moon water. I know this seems like a pretty obvious thing to some folks, but I often get messages asking me what this ingredient is or what that ingredient does. Ingredients many practitioners consider very basic, like full moon water.

First, let’s cover what full moon water is. Moon water is water that has absorbed the light of a moon. This can be any moon phase at all. Usually though, when people refer to moon water, they’re referring to full moon water.

As you might guess, full moon water is water that has absorbed the light of a full moon. New moon water is water that has absorbed the light (or lack thereof) of the new moon. Waning and waxing moon water can also be used.

Now there are some variations of names here and some additives to take into account. I’ve seen people refer to new moon water as starlight water because without the moon, it’s really water just gaining starlight. it’s also called dark moon water, because the new moon is sometimes called the dark moon.

People also will divide the moon water up further by including and calculating out the astrological and planetary positions. I don’t have much to do with astrology, not my field of expertise, so I tend to mark the data down, but I rarely do anything with it beyond grabbing a jar marked “full moon water”.

There’s also some variation on how to actually make full moon water. what you actually need is water. But the type of water matters to some people. Others add intent to the water. Other people add crystals, herbs, salt, and so on.

Truth be told, adding these things tends to make it no longer just moon water. Adding a crystal in the water really makes it a moon water gem elixir and adding herbs in the water is just a herbal infusion. But if that’s how you want to make your moon water, then go for it! Just know that most spells aren’t referring to anything other than water that has absorbed the moon.

Ready for the recipe?


  • Water, any kind. Purified, spring, bottled, filtered, or tap.
  • A clear jar with sealing lid
  • A paint marker, any color or label
  • A clear, cloudless night during the full moon

First, make sure your jar and lid are clean.

Next, pour your water into the jar and cap it. You can enchant the water, put some intent in there (such as matching the intents to what the moon phase tends to represent), or you can say nothing at all.

Place the jar in a window or outside where it will be in clear sight of the moon. This should be done after moon rise (so, pretty much as soon as you can see the moon and after the sun has set).

You can leave the jar out there as long as you’d like, but try to take it back inside before sunrise.

Label the jar by writing on the jar with the paint marker or using a pre-made label. The label should at least read “full moon water” (or whatever phase the moon is at), but you might also want to add a location, date, weather, and so on to your label.

Place the jar somewhere dark without sunlight, like a closet or cupboard. use the full moon water in spells, to anoint items for more power, abundance, happiness, to bless something with lunar energy, or to charge an item.

If you’re making any other type of moon water, this above also applies, just do it on a clear night where the moon is in the right phase.

I even made you a little pinterest how to for you all. Easier to reference, for sure. Hope this helps!

Foundation Stone Spell

This is a spell designed to help protect them home in an active manner. When done, this spell will automatically absorb negative energy without you having to touch a thing. There is some spell maintenance, but otherwise, this spell will work on its own.

The idea behind this spell is the concept of cornerstones within the foundation of a house. Historically, these stones were carefully chosen and often had folkloric or even magical implications. You’ll probably need to dive a bit into gem and crystal lore to find the right stone or stones for you.

There’s two ways to do this spell and both are outlined below. The spell works the nearly the same for both, so pick whichever fits your style best.

Method One – One Stone


  • A stone selected from your property
  • A quiet yet obvious place to put it
  • Purified or blessed water (see notes)

First, select your stone. This should be a fairly large size stone (fist sized) and dug up from your property. You can also use a loose brick or hunk of cement that comes from your house itself.

Wash the stone with purified water and make sure as you do, you think soft, loving thoughts. You can think of how safe you want your home to be, how protected, how prosperous, or how full of love. But the energy you put into that stone should be soft and loving. So instead of thinking “I want to be debt-free” instead focus on “my home is full of abundance”. It may be a good idea to write down these softer thoughts ahead of time, if you aren’t good at thinking on your feet.

Once the stone is washed, carry it throughout the house, like you would a guest you’re showing your home to. Take it to each room and space, announce what that room is, and move on. Go to every space, even the ones you wouldn’t show a guest, like a boiler room, the attic, or garage. Remember to keep those thoughts and energy soft and loving. This stone is a close friend you’re happy to show your home so keep that in mind as you move.

If the stone isn’t dry by the time you finish your tour, let it dry somewhere prominent in your home. The kitchen counter or table is a good choice, but you can select wherever. It should be a relatively busy area, where people in your home pass through the space and live their lives.

After the stone is dry, go ahead and find a nice place for the stone to live. Ideally, this should be a bookshelf or somewhere similar. You can put it somewhere quieter, but I find that if you pass the stone more often and see it, the spell’s maintenance stays on track. It tends to get forgotten otherwise.

To maintain the spell, make sure to dust and wash the stone regularly in purified water. If you do any remodeling or changes in the house (such as changing the purpose of a room or repainting it) take the stone through the walk-through tour again.

Method Two – Many Stones


  • Four stones of grounding
  • As many stones of protection as you have doors and windows (see notes)
  • As many stones of healing and health as members of your household (include pets)
  • As many stones of love as members of your household (including pets), plus one
  • A stone for prosperity and/or abundance
  • A stone for wealth
  • A stone for peace and harmony
  • Any other stones for purposes you’d like to have in your home

This is going to entirely depend on what stones you’d like best. Folklore for stones, gems, and crystals can vary greatly, so you might not select something that someone else would. Doubling up meanings of your stone selections is also a good idea, so the stones work together harmoniously.

The nice part about this method is that you can add new stones as needed. However, these stones have to work in concert to get the same power as the singular stone method – and it can be a little noisy or confusing when you’re trying to work with all the stones at once.

My tip here is to pick small stones. In fact, I’d recommend getting a small glass vase or something similar and filling the container with the stones. The stones would all be safe in one space, working together, plus they can look rather beautiful in this fashion.

For this spell, I might choose salt, obsidian, or black tourmaline for grounding. Banded agate, malachite, or quartz crystal for protection. I’d probably pick bloodstone, amethyst, and jade for health and healing. For love I might pick rose quartz, moonstone, or pink and/or watermelon. tourmaline. For prosperity and wealth, I’d select peridot, topaz, and aventurine. Aquamarine, sardonyx, selenite for peace and harmony. Other stones might be onyx for defensive reasons or carnelian for courage. Those are just examples. You’ll probably have other choices for your own needs.

Once you’ve collected your stones, purify your stones with water. Here you have to be careful, because some of the stones you have may not react well with water, especially if the water is infused in some way. Spend a little time googling to see what may damage your stones.

Once you’ve cleaned and purified the stones, follow the steps outlined in method one. Here the spell remains the same, just keep all the stones together and work slowly to make sure the energies in the stones get along. Not unlike how you might manage a group of friends at a get-together, really. Once you’ve done your tour with the stones, put them in the same place together.

Spell maintenance is also the same. Clean and dust them as needed, making sure to not forget about the stones themselves.


  • Here purified or blessed water is whatever kind of water that feels purified or blessed to you. It can be tap water you’ve dedicated to a deity or it can be water you’ve sought out at a sparkling spring and filtered yourself. It can be moon water or holy water. This is where your particular brand of magic can come into play, so adapt at will.
  • When it comes to selecting the number of protection stones, what you’re doing is selecting stones to protect against particular doorways, pathways, and so on. You can just protect the doorways and skip the windows, you can protect against doors, windows, drains, chimneys, and mirrors. How many or how few you select to protect is up to you. Your house may have two doors and twelve windows, so you might have fourteen stones. If that seems like a lot (and it is) then consider dropping the amount of pathways you’re protecting.

The Full Moon’s Invitation

Full Moon's Invitation by This Crooked Crown


This is a very adaptable spell. It’s used to increase the things you want more of in your life. So if you want love, you’ll add that component. If you want money, you add that. It’s used for what you want. Unlike the full moon or sun variations of this spell, this one can be used to invite things you do not currently possess into your life.

That being said, this can be a tricky spell to pull off in some people’s home environments. You need complete darkness on a new moon night.



  • Items you want to increase in your life
  • Full Moon Water

Collect together items that represents the things you want in your life. You might have a handful of cash, a picture of a college diploma, a love letter written to a dream lover, or anything else. Think creatively and simply. If you want to travel to Aruba, put in a picture of Aruba. Don’t make things hard for yourself.

Once you have together your items, take them and place them on a table next to a window where no light will shine from outside on it. You can also leave it on the windowsill itself. Be smart about this. don’t leave a wad of cash on your windowsill and expect it to not get stolen if you live on the ground floor and leave the window open. Be as discreet as possible with your items but don’t cover them up.

Place a drop of full moon water on each item then leave them overnight. You can leave the items there until the full moon or you can take the items away immediately. You may wish to avoid spending any money used in this spell until after the full moon.

You can repeat this spell as often as you like.



  • If you’re charging water, crystals, or anything else by the new moon’s light, do this in a separate location than this spell.
  • We avoid putting the items in a bag or container so the lack of moonlight can touch them. A good middle ground is a big glass mason jar.

Happy casting!

The Stars’ Invitation

This is a very adaptable spell. It’s used to increase the things you want more of in your life. So if you want love, you’ll add that component. If you want money, you add that. It’s used for what you want. Unlike the full moon or sun variations of this spell, this one can be used to invite things you do not currently possess into your life.

That being said, this can be a tricky spell to pull off in some people’s home environments. You need complete darkness on a new moon night.

Stars' Invitation by This Crooked Crown

What you’ll need:

  • Items you want to increase in your life
  • Full Moon Water
  • A starry night
  • Quartz crystal charged by a new moon.


Charge a quartz crystal on a new moon. Before you go to bed (or before the sun rises) , take the crystal away and wrap it up in a cloth until the next new moon.

On a starry night of the new moon, collect together items that represents the things you want in your life. You might have a handful of cash, a picture of a college diploma, a love letter written to a dream lover, or anything else. Think creatively and simply. If you want to travel to Aruba, put in a picture of Aruba. Don’t make things hard for yourself.

Once you have together your items, take them and place them on a table next to a window where no light will shine from outside on it. You can also leave it on the windowsill itself. Be smart about this. Don’t leave a wad of cash on your windowsill and expect it to not get stolen if you live on the ground floor and leave the window open. Be as discreet as possible with your items but don’t cover them up.

Unwrap your charged quartz crystal and wave it over the items slowly, making circular passes from east to west. Make as many passes as you’d like, using a sacred, magical, or favorite number, if you like. When done, place the crystal in the middle of the collected items.

Place a drop of full moon water on each item then leave them overnight. You can leave the items there until the full moon or you can take the items away immediately. You may wish to avoid spending any money used in this spell until after the full moon.

You can repeat this spell as often as you like.



  • If you’re charging water, crystals, or anything else by the new moon’s light, do this in a separate location than this spell.
  • We avoid putting the items in a bag or container so the lack of moonlight can touch them. A good middle ground is a big glass mason jar.
  • Quartz crystal is selected because it’s a good neutral stone. If you have a moon related stone you’d prefer to use, use that.

Happy casting!

Solar Ritual to Bring Hope

Everyone has moments where they are staggered and lose hope. It happens to everyone. Some people bounce back easier from such blows and others have more difficulty. This spell is designed to give you a sense of hope once again. To lighten the load spiritually, so to speak.

Since this ritual is based on the sunrise, you’ll have to get up rather early (or stay up), so make sure that you plan accordingly.

Solar Ritual to Bring Hope by This Crooked Crown

What you’ll need:

Clear bottle or glass of water

A drink of something you consider soothing and comforting

A jacket, shawl, shirt, or something that you love to wear and you feel comforted by, bonus if it has a hood.

A bell (optional)

Meditation, affirmations, prayers, or something that provides you strength and hope (optional)


First, google when the sunrise is on the day you want to cast the spell. I usually type “sunrise is at” and google provides the exact time of the sunrise for my location. Keep in mind this time is for the sunrise. The lightening of the sky and dawn itself lasts longer and starts earlier so set your alarm about fifteen or more minutes before so you can get up and watch the whole sunrise.

You’ll also need a location so you can watch the sunrise. A convenient parking lot, for example, a roof, beach, or a garden are good. A window that gets lots of sunlight will probably have a view of the sunrise (and possible even the sunset) as well. Make sure you can get to this space in time for the sunrise.

Once you’ve determined your location and time, you can prep the spell ahead of time so you don’t have to scramble in the morning.  You may need to prep your drink ahead of time or grab other essentials like a chair or shoes and set them out so you can go right away.

To cast the ritual, stand or sit in the pre-dawn light. Bow your head once to the sun as it rises. Now thank the sun for rising.

The sun is a constant source for us. We know that it will rise. We know this. That’s why people use the sun as a sense of renewal and hope. The sun is here, unimpressed by our turmoil. It rises, despite us cursing it for sunburns or being too bright on tired eyes. It’s time to pay respect for the sun’s existence and it’s strength.

Raise your water glass to the sun as it rises, trying to angle the growing light so it shines through the cup and water and finally onto you. Once you manage this angle, raise it higher to salute the sun and drink the glass.

Put the empty cup aside and bow your head once more to the sun, a subtle thanks for giving you her strength in a cup.

Now pray or petition the sun to give you strength, hope, guidance, or whatever else you may need. This is the time to pour out your heart to the sun. Once you feel empty or ready to move on, wrap yourself up in the jacket or whatever you brought with you for comfort. Drink your drink and take a moment to gather your internal strength. When ready, move onto the next part.

Stand up and/or straighten up as best you can and square your shoulders like you’re about to enter a room and own that space or prepare yourself for battle. Take a deep breath and release it, at your own pace. Bow your head to the sun again, in thanks for listening.

Now gather up any energy or magical strength you can currently muster. Don’t worry if you don’t feel like you have a good grasp on it or you feel like you’re not getting anything at all. You’re aiming to remove any remaining traces of hopelessness at this time. Again, don’t worry if you don’t feel like you managed this or can sense this energy. Just going through the motions with this ritual is enough.

Place your hand on your heart and then fling your arm out, as if ripping something away from you.  Make a grabbing motion with that flung out hand, as if snatching something out of the air. Press the close fist to your heart. Ideally, this should be a smooth motion and done while saying something like the following,


I cast aside this hopelessness, this fear, this uselessness.

I am myself. I am enough. I will always be enough. 

I will take my power into my hands and conquer what I put myself to.


Now, you can go about your way if you feel like you’re ready to get shit done.

If you still  aren’t ready, that’s OK. Try out the rest of the ritual. Break out your meditation, affirmations, or prayers. Go through a session with these things to provide additional guidance. Take as long as you need. When you’re finally ready to start your day, clear the space by ringing the bell.

This ritual can be repeated as often as you like, with whatever personal variations you need to make so it feels right to you.



  • The bell does not have to be a physical bell. It can be a bell phone app, the ringing of a singing bowl, or some other ringing cleansing sound.
  • You don’t have to fill the glass of water completely. Just fill it enough so you can comfortably drink it in one go. If all you can manage is an ounce of water, than use that.
  • If you plan well ahead, you can even use solar water as the drinking water for a double charge of solar energy.

Fire Protection Spell

Fir e protection and fire safety is huge for me during this season. There’s tons of forest fires right now and there’s increased household fires due to people cooking more and Christmas light issues. Heaters can go wrong, fireplaces can be blocked, and people can put items too close to fire and heat sources. Essentially, fire safety and protection is really impotant during the winter months because we rely on it so much.

This spell is not about preventing fires. It’s not about fire safety. It is about protecting items from being on fire. So this spell is ideal for the rug that’s nearby the fireplace or the chair closest to the room heater. Use this spell in conjunction with fire safety and fire prevention spells to really shine.

What you’ll need:

  • Paper
  • Paintbrush
  • Ash or lampblack
  • Water
  • Colorants (optional)

First cut a piece of paper down to five inches by five inches or less. You cna make the shape or size whatever you want by five by five is a good size.

Next, lightly brush water over the paper on both sides and let air dry. The paper shouldn’t be soaked or sopping by rather lightly damp. Make sure it is dry completely before moving onto the next step.

Take your ash or lampblack and mix it with a little water so it’s a paste with paint-like thickness. Do a little at a time so you can control the consistency.

With the paintbrush, paint the following sigil or your own sigil style for fire protection. Let the sigil dry in between if there’s multiple layers to the sigil (like the X over the fire, for example).

My sigil is based loosely the Gylph of Warding from Dragon Age: Origins. I do many different styles of sigils so feel free to alternate to a sigil design that you prefer. Your sigil will not have color unless you add colorants like paint, mica, dried herbs, or other coloring ingredients.

Once the sigil is drawn, let it dry completely. When dry, place the sigil under, on, or near the item you want to protect. If you want to protect the rug from the fireplace, for example, then place this sigil under the rug.


  • You can use a fixant spray, if you like, or put the sigil in a plastic bag to keep the sigil from damage.