Fiery Fertility Ritual [Spell Saturday #19]

A fertility ritual for a romantic night of fun, happy sex. This ritual is intended for adults only, could take several hours, and has the purpose of impregnation.

This ritual is NOT intended to replace medical procedures and should only be performed with your partner’s permission, consent, and enthusiasm.

You’ll need:

  • A fire
  • Red wine or beverage enjoyed by all parties
  • Fruits, fruit, nuts, and fresh cheese.
  • With a consenting partner, set up a little date night in. Craft your fire out of fruit-bearing wood, like apple wood.

Before a fire, set up your ritual area. Ideally, this should be a place where sex will be comfortable for everyone. This is a spell of partnership so all participants should be involved in the crafting of this area. The food should be placed in a communal and easily reached place but not in between the lovers. You should pour your partner(s) drinks for them – don’t pour for yourself – and likewise, they should pour for you.

You and your partner(s) should take your drinks in hand, take a sip, raise the glass, and say:

“Together, we’ll craft a fire between us,

Passion that will not be diminished soon,

Happiness will follow us, flow around us, and into us

It is life, we create here tonight

And now we’ll begin.”

Then proceed into whatever romantic or sexy plans you have in mind.

Later, when everyone has been made satisfied and you’re ready to clean up, collect the ashes from the fire (or wax from the candle, or what-have-you) and put it in a little pouch and stick this under your bed(s). Any uneaten food or drink can be saved for later but only the people who were involved in the spell should eat it. If you don’t or can’t save the food/drink, bury or pour it in a garden. If that’s not possible (due to expense, not safe for the environment, whatever) then wrap the food in a paper towel before throwing away in the garbage.



  • The fire can be a bon fire, a fire pit, or even in the fireplace. If none of these are available or you’re not using firewood to create your fire, a scented candle will work suitably as well. Recommended scents would be fruits, vanilla, chocolate, or florals. Make sure the scent is pleasing to both partners. You can mix it up with some coffee or forest scents too, if necessary. Want to double up on the spell? Write the verbal verse on paper and put it in the fire.
  • While this spell is simple, there are a lot of additions that could be added. The beverages and food can be enchanted, for example.
  • You don’t need to speak in harmony together. You can just repeat the lines to one another.
  • This spell is designed for fertility but isn’t required. You can easily use the spell to encourage a happy relationship rather than conceiving a child.
  • Keep fire safety in mind!

Happy casting!