Fire Guardian (Spell Saturday #21)

This is one method of creating a magical guardian construct from fire. This is a permanent spell with a secondary activation for the construct summoning. Essentially, you can the spell now and you’ll cast a second spell to summon them to your side.

A magical construct is a somewhat sentient being created through your magic and energy. You forge it, pouring your energy into a clear image in your mind, creating it from yourself. You can read more about magical constructs and servitors here.

You can use this for any kind of fire construct but we’re aiming for a guardian and protection construct here.

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You’ll need:

  • Fire
  • A comfortable place to sit

Ahead of time, you’ll want to think of what kind of guardian you want. Do you want a lion made of lion that will guard you and keep you warm at night? A fire wolf? A phoenix? Even a simple ball of fire works well. Use your imagination or look up pictures online for inspiration. Even if you’re unsure of what you want them to appear like, that’s OK. You can still cast the spell. Be sure to read the whole spell through. There’s more questions you’ll need to answer during the spell.

Get yourself a fire. A fire pit or fire place is a great option but a large candle will work just as well. Sit somewhere comfortable  with the fire within reach. You should be close enough to feel the heat but not so close you’ll burn yourself.

Now stare at the fire until you focus only on that. Let your mind go blank and only start at the fire. Now, with the fire solely in your mind and burned (metaphorically) in your vision, close your eyes.

Very clearly think of the physical form you want the construct to take. If you haven’t decided, then let some images come to you. Push your energy out to the fire (not the candle or wood the fire is on but the fire itself) and pull the fire’s energy towards you. Use that fire, in your mind, to make the construct.

If you’re not much for envisioning, you can speak out loud what you want your guardian to look like. Tell the fire to come to you and try to push towards the fire without moving.

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Once you have the construct’s image very clear in your mind and you’re happy with it’s appearance, now tell it what it’s job is. Tell the construct that it’s job is to protect you, to come when you call. Tell it to guard you home, to watch over you when you sleep, to keep you safe from spirits and other practitioners. You may want to tell it that it will serve only you or protect your loved ones. What you tell it is up to you. This is your formation process so be sure to tell it firmly, in detail, what you want of it.

Now tell it how it powers itself. Is the power derived from you? Does its power from from fire itself? This decision matters when considering the activation spell. If fire it the power source, the construct will be more self-aware and independent but will need fire to surge into being and be able to use it’s abilities. If it’s derived from you, you’ll have more control but you’ll be exhausted after summoning them. You can do a mesh of both, if you like. The construct lives in fire though so don’t be surprised if they appear at random when working with fire.

Be sure to include the activation spell. The secondary spell should be something that you create yourself. Maybe you need to light a candle or flick on a lighter to give the entity power to manifest. A couplet is usually easier and more on the go but probably will only be useful if you’re construct derives power from you. A combination is also possible. It’s up to you to decide. Make sure that the activation spell is something that you can remember. A couplet like “[Name], being forged of fire, come to my side and protect me” is a good basic couplet.

Now that you’ve told the construct it’s job, how it feeds itself (powers itself), and how you’ll summon it, you’ll need to give it a name. This is something that’s private, personal, between the two of you. I give my constructs two names – their true one which only I know of and a nickname which I use when speaking to them around others. Their true name is the one to focus on. You can use their true name to force them to do something, which is especially useful to avoid rampancy or them attacking the wrong people.

That’s it! You’ve created a fire guardian. I highly recommend you write down or drawn you fire guardian so you can always refer to the impressions and images you have of them. Constructs are largely mutable, especially when they don’t have a physical host like the fire guardian, so don’t be surprised if they appear somewhat different every time you summon them.


Alternative version:

This spell can also be used, with slight variations as a spirit guide meeting spell. A spirit guide has many definitions but, largely, is a spirit who want to help you in some capacity, whether to offer advice, hope, or education. A spirit guide is a useful spirit friend to have.

If you’re looking to meet a spirit guide, think or say clearly “I want to meet a spirit of fire willing to help and guide me”. Repeat this every few minutes until you get an impression or sense that someone else is with you. In all likelihoods, this is a spirit of fire willing to help you. Ask it questions and see if you can strike up a partnership.


  • This spell is slightly dangerous. Not just because of the magical construct and spirit contact but because of the proximity of the fire. Be safe and give this a miss if you’re unsure you can pull it off. Don’t hurt yourself.
  • Use fire-safety. Keep fire-killing items around you during this spell in case things go wild.
  • Do NOT do this spell when you’re tired. Do it only when you’re awake and have a lot of energy. You don’t want to fall asleep with the fire going.

Happy casting!