Support This Crooked Crown via Patreon

Today I’m launching This Crooked Crown over on Patreon. I’ve been tinkering with this for a few months and I’m happy to be able to share this with you all.

What is Patreon?

It’s a website that allows followers to supports artists and creative peoples. You become a patron of the artist in question and in return, you’re granted access to exclusive information and items.


I love writing about witchcraft and offering items though my shops. But my love of witchcraft often wars with my love of writing in general. I’ve already achieved my goal of being a pro witch so now I’m trying to achieve my goal of being a published novelist. Being a novelist is something I’ve always wanted to do, just as much as I wanted to be a witch.

Having support from dedicated followers allows me to focus less on money and mundane concerns and more on creating words. It’ll allow me to provide more posts on magic and bring new items into the shop. I’ll be able to provide more knowledge and help more people. It’ll allow me  to craft stories and publish them.

So what kind of rewards to patrons get?

There’s multiple rewards offered, depending on how much you pledge. Pledges are monthly but you can pledge as little as $1.

Some of the rewards available right now are:

Monthly Inspiration & Encouragement Card Draw
Monthly General Positive Energy Spell Casting
Get $5 reward
Monthly Short Story
Monthly one card general reading
Get $10 reward
Monthly Periodical Novella or Novelette
Monthly Positive Energy Spell Casting Exclusively for You
Get $20 reward
Dedication to Novella & Access to Monthly Short Story & Novella
Get $25 reward
Monthly Spell Exclusively Cast for You

In addition to the above reward associated with the pledges, exclusive spells, stories, recipes, and sneak peaks will be offered for every Patreon supporter.

What kind of stories do you write?

Mostly fantasy based, heavily concentrating on magic. Write what you know, right? Science fiction and modern fantasy are also common genres.

Almost all of the reward stories shared will be distantly linked to one another. Essentially, they share a related universe which means you may see reoccurring cameo characters and concepts but different stories and characters.

Stories available for everyone may not have this thread of continuity and may vary in length to a few hundred words to short story length. I’ll try to display content warnings for each update to avoid triggers and squicks for stories.



If you have questions, you can always email me at

It’s my hope that there’s enough support to focus entirely on writing and creating more for everyone to enjoy. I want to continue offering one-on-one services, such as tarot readings, but I want to share more magical stories and secrets with the world.

Thank you everyone!