Welcome 2023! Happy New Year!

Welcome to the new year!

I hope your year is full of love. I hope your year is full of joy, friendship, family (or your chosen family), and even romantic love (if that’s what you want).

I hope your year is full of passion. Passion for your hobbies, your work, things that bring you joy. I hope it’s full of magic and delightful spiritual fulfillment.

I hope you exceed your goals, plans, and dream.

Happy new year!


Goodbye Crossroads House!

We sold our house!

Around late August of 2015  I started mentioning “Secret Future Plan” (SFP) on my personal twitter. SFP actually started a month earlier when, while kayaking with my mother, she mentioned that we could probably sell our house and get something more suitable to us.

When we moved into the Crossroads House 17 years ago, we had a lot of requirements (school districts, handicapped accessibility for my grandmother, spaces for everyone to keep out of each other’s way with our very busy lives). It’s a great house, but it no longer suited us so we decided to sell.

In order for us to sell the Crossroads House, we had to do some patch up. You know that to-do list of stuff you’ve been meaning to get to but never do? We had to actually go through that list and do it, plus have all of our financial ducks in a row. We took two years to get the house ready to sell. Painting and updating and so on takes both time and money, so we didn’t rush it.

Over the last three years, the Crossroad House has been on the market. We’ve gotten lots of offers, but usually they weren’t the right kinds of offers. We even had the house sold at one point, but something fell through in the final weeks of the sale. We took it off during the holidays too, since we didn’t want to fuss with that. Why it took so long to sell is easy – it’s a weird house. It has four bedrooms, but they’re all in different parts of the house. One bedroom is the whole second floor, what was once an attic. My bedroom and a second kitchen is in the basement. The other two bedrooms are on the main (first) floor, but are on opposite ends of the house, connected by the double parlor. The doors to the basement, that floor’s bathroom, the attic bedroom, and the backyard all connected in the small main level’s kitchen. All within walking distance to an elementary school, middle school, and the town’s high school. It’s a great house and way more spacious that it looked from the outside, but it’s not great for a family with little kids. It’s definitely more suited to teenagers or adults.

In 2019, as mentioned, we had the house sold. Then two weeks from closing, the sale fell through. We were absolutely crushed. We had already rented a new house to move into and had started packing. Literally the only thing that cheered us up was that Halloween was around the corner and I could go all out with decorating like I usually do.

We knew the next year, this year, was going to be it. Tons of little signs, included the tragic death of one of our Halloween decoration dragons, told us as much.

Then spring 2020 hit. We put it back on the market in early February, but the COVID-19 pandemic started soon after. About a week and a half after everything started to shut down in my area, we get a call. The buyer had been watching for a while and wanted to see the house. We had stipulations, of course. Masks, gloves, don’t touch anything, etc. Then the state shut own and no one could travel in from another state. We had several other buyers after that, some even with offers, but none were really serious.

Then the new owners came in. They saw the newly uploaded 3D model of the house and wanted it before they even saw it in person. They love it that much! The closing was the end of July and we’re all so happy that the couple that bought it love the house and are looking forward to putting their own spin on the house.

Of course, moving isn’t just signing over a house. We had to pack 17 years worth of stuff – including thousands of books. We were already partially packed, honestly. We had decluttered for house showings. But there was still a ton of stuff to do. The week before closing my Mom and I WORKED. We put in fourteen hour days for an entire week during a heat wave carting out box after box after tote after boxe. We got rid of a lot of stuff and threw a spur-of-the-moment yard sale on two separate days. The day before last it was a hundred degrees with nearly matching humidity and we ran around donating various things and making an unplanned trip across the state to Connecticut where someone was willing to host our ladder and kayaks for a while. We’d carry boxes over to fill our condo’s living room only to come home and put it all away after a long day of working in the heat and sun, so the landscape of the condo was constantly changing. My brother and uncle were amazed. My cat Kiki was angry and spent much of the time I was home ignoring me. (She likes the new place, she just didn’t like that I wasn’t there.)

I’ll certainly miss the old house. It was spiritually quite wonderful and it had a ton of room for everybody to spread out in. There’s a lot of memories and a lot of things we’ll miss.

So what’s next?

Well, we’re taking a month or so off to just relax and unpack. We still have some boxes that need putting away or to be put into storage, Tetris style. After that, we’re onto new horizons. Our condo is a temporary location only. We have plans for after this, but I don’t want to talk too much about that right now.

How does this affect This Crooked Crown? Well, I think it’ll actually help. Having to be constantly cleaning or having my work routine interrupted to do house showings was a pain in the ass. I can mark, to the day, where my beautiful and productive work routine crashed into the house selling nonsense and shattered. I’ve spent three years working with half the energy I’d normally have. Now I don’t have to worry about that. I can go back to doing my own thing without needing to make the house look like a magazine shoot.

I’m going to take it slow and build up This Crooked Crown again. We were doing well and helping people before. I’d like to do so again. I have a lot of projects that I can get back to now and now I’ve the mental space and emotional energy to dedicate to thoughtful posts once again.

If you’d like to support the cause, you can drop a coin in the tip jar or become a patron. I’m slowly by surely moving my Etsy and Storenvy shops here, so if you bought something in those places and want to see it here, shoot me a message (form below) and I’ll see what I can do. Otherwise, wander around the shop section and see what I’ve got for sale. Readings, spells, and more. Physical items, like charms, will be added as I make them since I had to cut back on my creating while we were selling.

Anyway, it’s good to be back! Thanks for your patience and let’s try and make 2020 a little bit better, hm?


January 2020 Round Up

Things that are still endlessly weird: Writing 2020.

This month we kicked off with a post greeting 2020 into the world. It also covers this year’s wishes and goals plus an introduction. It also also includes a self-dedication spell for your new year’s resolutions at the bottom of the post. (Anyone fall off the wagon on those yet? It’s okay if you do! Just keep trying!)

We also reviewed The Witch’s Book of Self-Care by Arin Murphy-Hiscock which earned a 5/5 stars. (Also, a weird world intersect happened on twitter when a twitch streamer I follow (Kesselruns) apparently tattooed this author. Small world.)

We dove into some magical theory with handwriting as sympathetic magic. The post talks about how your handwriting and signature is as good as a poppet or hair in a spell. Also gives tips on how to disguise your handwriting / signature from this very thing.

Then there were the spells:

A self-dedication new year’s resolution spell (located at the bottom of the post)

Prosperity Bowl – a long term spell for prosperity and abundance

“I Want to Go There” – a travel spell

Just Peachy Health Spell – a health and longevity boosting spell, especially useful for the chronically ill.

Lucky Hands Soap Spell – a daily spell for boosting your general luck

Finally, I’ve decided to extend my 2020 New Year’s Ritual until mid February.

What is it? A series of spells and rituals cast in your name by me (a professional witch) for 2020. It’s designed to be relatively secular and integrate with your own magic and spells. The spells are meant to clear out the old from 2019 and bring in new energy. If you’ve done your 2020 prep and think you need a bit more of a push, this is a good choice.

The package includes the following:

  • Sigil made just for you
  • Energy cleansing of the home and body
  • Invoking purifying elements and energy
  • Banish negative elements, such as bad luck and negativity
  • Invoking protection, abundance, prosperity, good health, and good luck.
  • Blessings of the sun, moon, stars, and elements (earth, air, fire, water).
  • Handmade cleansing and protection herbal salt.
  • Handmade herbal charm to encourage abundance, protection, luck, and health.
  • Handmade blessed and enchanted unscented jar candle with light herbal elements.
  • Written detailed account of how the spells went when casting and what you might expect to see as a result.

If interested, snap up your spot today. There’s a limited number of slots available for this package.

Also, if you’re looking to find someone special for Valentine’s next month, consider the Beckon Me A Lover spell. A combo love attracting spell and ego-boosting confidence spell, the spell’s intended to draw a lover towards you.

To buy, you’ll need to drop me an email here. You can read more about the spells available for purchase or request a custom made spell here.


If you haven’t popped over to the Patreon recently, you might want to. I’ve launched the first chapter of my Patreon exclusive novel Artifice. It’s a LGBTQA+ fantasy novel about magic, alchemy, court political games, and love. You can read a bit of it here.

Patreon members get access to short stories, novels, and the inner workings of This Crooked Crown. You’ll also get monthly exclusive spells, articles, energy castings, and divination readings.

Your support means I can spend days researching new topics and spells to give all of my wonderful followers and it’s always very appreciated.

That’s it for this month! I hope the start of your 2020 was wonderful. Don’t give up if things haven’t worked perfectly throughout the month. You can always start again! Best wishes and safe journeys! See you in February!

Warm Welcome to 2020!

May your year be filled with glorious growth, spectacular successes, brilliant energies, great loves, few losses, and overflowing abundance!

Welcome to 2020! It’s great to be in a new year where you can give yourself a calendar-centric new page to your life.

As you can see above, my blessing for the year. Below, I’ll do a little introduction of myself (for new readers and old), a discussion of 2020’s goal and keywords, and then tackle my resolution. Not interested? That’s cool. Scroll to the end of this post for a spell to give your new year’s resolution a magical punch.


Me: I’m Samantha, also known as This Crooked Crown. You can call me Samantha, Sam, Crown, or any variation of that. Pronouns are she/her/hers or they/their/them. I’m a professional witch, tarot card reader, seer, spirit walker, and writer. I’m a published author with my novel Spirit Walker and I’ve been practicing witchcraft for twenty five years this year. I started when I was nine!

My magical practice: I am a non-traditional secular polytheist animist witch. My witchcraft is largely folk magic, drawing from folklore, superstitions, and Anglo-Saxon and New England coastline traditions. Spirits are my forte, especially the non-human kinds, but I’ve been a seer for as long as I can remember.

Where I’m from: I hail from Rhode Island in the New England East Coast of the USA and live in a quirky house between two crossroads and alongside a nicknamed The Crossroads House. I live with my mother, my uncle, my brother The Necromancer, my 12 year old Siamese cat named Kiki, and a 14 year old grumpy box turtle named Tama.

Fun facts & details: I’m a Gemini Sun, Gemini Moon, and Tiger. I’m aligned with water first and foremost. I’m a hermit, a major introvert, and have a few chronic and mental illnesses that are often debilitating. I love water, the ocean, reading, libraries, learning, writing, folklore, stories, and curling up in something soft and warm. Autumn is my favorite time of year, but I live for summers where I can swim and be on the water every day. I will always stop to pet any cat willing to approach me.

What I do & where to find me: Etsy, Storenvy, patreon, tumblr, instagram, twitter, pinterest, facebook, and here, of course. I blog about witchcraft and magic. I sell my books, spells, readings, and crafted witchy goods, plus I also teach witchcraft lessons. I try to be open-minded, willing to help, and approachable to all.

That’s me! How many of you older readers learned something new?

2020’s Goal & Keywords

It is beyond weird to type the year “2020”. When I was a kid, I never would have imagined that I’d reach such an age. It seemed so far away! So Jetsons. But then again, I’m terrible when it comes to numbers and time is something that makes sense to other people, not me. I kind of exist in a “time is irrelevant” sort of lifestyle. Which is very liberating and very confusing at the same time. I have to have a calendar notification for things like putting out the trash, so maybe this is just a side effect of working from home? Who knows!

This year’s goal is growth.

Let’s grow and change as people. Let’s grow our minds, our hearts, our spirits. Let’s grow compassion for ourselves and others. Let’s grow positive changes for the future. Let’s grow opportunities for ourselves. Let’s grow abundance and wealth and power. Let’s look back in a year and go ‘we got somewhere’.

2020’s keywords are Sanctuary and Luck.

This year, there should be a major focus on making somewhere in your life a sanctuary. Your home, your bedroom, the local library, your office at work, your favorite coffee shop, the beach. Make that place yours, as much as you’re able. Own it. Take responsibility for it.

If it’s a public space, like the beach or library, join community groups or clean the beach drives to make it the best it can be. If it’s a space you share with others, like the office or a coffee shop, make it yours by greeting people, talking to those who work there, setting up your table or desk just so. If a coffee shop is your place, maybe invest in a travel mug, so you can mentally align with the whole “I am here so often, I even have my own mug for here”. If it’s work, deck out your space as much as possible, with things that make you feel warm and safe and secure enough to do your job 100% every day.

At home should be your sanctuary, but it might not be for a variety of reasons. If possible, make sure your place reflects who you are exactly. You’re a person who changes each and every day so your home will change too! Maybe the paint on the walls isn’t working for you. Maybe it’s time to take down those band posters since you’re not really into them anymore. Maybe you got that leather couch because you have dogs, but you never sit in them because the couches are so cold to the touch. Invest in those warm blankets and throw pillows. Put a new color on the walls. Change the curtains or make a quilt. This place should reflect you, as much as you’re able to make it reflect you. It should feel like home.

Sanctuary is more than just “I am safe in this place”. It should also be a feeling of security. Secure enough to be yourself. Secure enough to be happy. Secure enough to be and fill the space. Banish that unwanted shit from your life. It’s time to let it go.

Some things are outside of your direct control. Money, for example, has a way of making people feel very insecure. If this is you, then maybe this year is the year to try and make yourself more secure financially. Start a savings account or talk to your college loans and see if they’re willing to smaller payments so you can have more financial breathing space.

Family and friends too, has a way of making people feel insecure. Some families and friends just aren’t good and some people are just plain toxic for you. We all have them. This may be the time to finally go through your contact lists and delete some people. Unfriend that obnoxious aunt on facebook and block uncle bigotry from your lift. Chances are you can live without contact them and any news they or you need to share can probably be passed through other members of the family. Dump the friend who only comes around when they need something. You’re not a doormat. Don’t make things difficult on yourself just because etiquette or peer pressures says you should. You should be able to cultivate a space space – a sanctuary – in your own personal network of people.

You may also want to take this year to make somewhere safe for someone else. There’s lot of hatred right now in the world. A lot of fear. Let’s make this year the year of open hearts and minds. A place where religion, gender, skin color, race, and sexual orientation is accepted and normalized. It’s not an easy road, but it’s one that needs to be walked.

Luck is also a keyword this year. To me, this screams that you just need to turn your magic all the way the fuck up. Just be that witch 100% of the time.

You don’t need to have a reason to cast a luck spell. Make it so when you wash your face, you’re washing away the bad luck. Brush your hair chanting good luck is coming your way. Cast luck spells for all the endeavors. Job interview? Luck spell. Date? Luck spell. Party? Luck spell. Going for a walk? Luck spell. Luck isn’t always about hitting the lottery. It can be lucky to find a pretty stone on a walk or catch up with an old friend at the grocery store.

More than that, it’s also a good time to consider doing spells to achieve your goals or at least a clear direction for what you want. Not all of us have big, splashy dreams. Some people feel lost because they don’t know what they want. When that happens, it can feel like everything you do has no purpose or isn’t going to lead you anywhere worthwhile. If you feel this way, then it may be time to do a spell to find your own way or a new dream or goal. Or get a divination reading. Or at least make some sort of goal, like exercising once a week or read five books a year. Those goals may seem tiny or insignificant compared to a goal of publishing a novel or getting a PhD or buying a house, but it’s still a goal. It can still be accomplished. And it may lead to a milestone goal, such as buying a house. When one is lost, even those small goals can be HUGE accomplishments. Take pride in the things you accomplish, no matter how small. Even teeny, tiny steps forward are still steps forward.

My 2020 Resolution: Finish It!

The goal of 2020 is growth and my resolution is similar. I want 2020 to be the year of growth, but I also want it to be the year of finishing stuff. I have so much in the works right now. SO MUCH. I have five finished books in various stages of editing or are just straight-up finished and sitting, forgotten on a virtual shelf. FIVE. I’m also working on an oracle deck, revamping my witchcraft courses, and more behind the scenes stuff.

This year is going to be the year that shit will be finished. That the projects already started are going to be finished. A lot of times, I start things and never finish them because of fear. Fear of imperfect. Fear of not including all the things that need to be said. Fear or mistakes or failure. ADHD, OCD, and anxiety play a lot into this, but mostly, it’s just the fear of not being good enough. I’ve gotten to a point in my life where I can routinely push past that (after some procrastination, so it’s a work in progress thing).

BTW, that’s my suggestion for overcoming things. Spite and understanding in equal measures. Like, I understand why I leave things hanging and I also want to drop-kick that fear in the face. How dare it stop me? I’m going to prove that fear and myself wrong by… doing exactly what I need to do to spite it. My brain’s a fun place sometimes.

So year’s goals are all about growing and becoming, but it’s also about finishing and achieving. It’s going somewhere, it’s doing something, it’s getting shit done, but finishing what I’ve started.

I imagine some of you are in the same boat, so I invite you to join me on this little adventure. Let’s arm ourselves with a shield of spite and a sword of determination. Let’s wield the magics of getting shit done and I’ve got this. Let’s shout our war-cry of “fuck this shit!” Let’s defeat the hoards of haters and journey through the lands of self-doubt and fear, following the road paved with good intentions, to defeat the final boss known as the dreaded To Do List.

(Everything sounds more epic when you make it an adventure. Try it next time you go grocery shopping or to the gym. It can be a wild ride and shake up even the worst days. It’s like trying to say ‘bubbles’ in an angry voice. Impossible to stay in a bad mood and yet weirdly satisfying.)

The Spell

Okay, if you skipped to the end, hi! If you read the whole post, then wow and thanks for reading my rambling! Either way, here’s your spell.

New Year’s Resolution Self-Dedication Spell

This spell’s intended goal is to turn your regular ol’ new year’s resolution into a magical dedication to yourself. A magical promise. Here’s what you’ll need.


  • An item you touch every single day (your phone, hair brush, keys, the fridge)
  • Citrus (an orange, for example)
  • Your new year’s resolution written on paper
  • Water

Write down your new year’s resolution on a slip of paper.

Fill a jar or cup with water. Ideally, it should be solar water (water infused with a full day of sunshine), but it can be moon water or even just regular tap water.

Zest the orange into the water. If you have no idea what zesting is, I’ll explain. Essentially, you take your orange (or whatever citrus you’re using) and you take a knife or vegetable peeler, and you peel a sliver of the rind or skin of the citrus fruit. It doesn’t need to be a big or deep sliver. You’re aiming for the peel rather than the fruit or the membrane around the fruit (the white stuff in an orange), but if you get some of the fruit or membrane, that’s ok. I’d add seven pieces of zest to the water, but you can do as much or as little as you’d like. Alternatively, you can use a citrus extract, a citrus essence, or a citrus essential oil.

Now add the paper with your resolution into the water. Allow to sit, at least twenty minutes (for the year 2020). If you’re using this spell at any other time, I’d recommend seven hours, for luck. But you can leave it for any period of time that feels magically important to you.

While you wait, it’s time to consider a magical symbol. You can make a sigil from the new year’s resolution with any method you like. Or you can pick a magical symbol that holds importance to you (like a pentacle, arrow, cross, etc). You can also draw any symbol that represents your resolution, like a graduation cap for graduating college, a dumbbell for the gym, or a book for reading more. You could also just write out your new year’s resolution in words or even abbreviate it. Or you can mix and match the aforementioned ideas to come up with your own little symbol.

You may also want to take this time to lightly cleanse the object you’re enchanting. Not enough of a cleansing to wipe away any previous enchantment, but enough to serve as a refresh or breath of fresh air. I tend to use bell chimes for this, but to each their own. It’s a completely optional step though.

Once the time’s up, using your finger, a paintbrush, or a wand, draw or write your chosen phrase or image onto the surface of the chosen object with the orange water. Take your time and say the resolution aloud as you write or draw.

When done, say the following:

"Enchanted now you are,
Bespelled you will be,
You'll keep me to my promise
Of [your new year's resolution].
With my breath, I seal this spell
And set myself my goal.
One I will achieve,
As long as this spell you hold."

Now take a deep breath and exhale it over the drawn surface.

That’s it! You’re done. Every time you touch the object, you should feel a pull to achieve your resolution. You can add a line to the verse to give yourself a punishment if you don’t achieve your resolution, but I don’t like to punish myself for not doing something, because life happens. You do you though.

You can wipe down the object later or clean it as normal. Just wait at least 20 minutes (in 2020) or at least 7 minutes (any other time) to do so.

Does that spell look great but don’t want to cast it yourself? Contact me and I can cast the spell for you. Details here.

Also, there’s a bunch of spells ready to be cast for you in the Buy A Spell section, including a 2020 New Year Ritual that’s pretty extensive and one I’m pretty proud of.

That’s it! I hope your new year is absolutely wonderful!

Welcome to 2019!

Welcome to 2019! I hope your year is completely fantastic and full of bright blessings. I hope for a waning or even removal of all unwanted things for you. I hope for a brilliant start and a better finish with a good, solid middle. I hope and wish for your story to be amazing this year.

I know I’m not alone in being extremely glad to see the back of 2018. It was, in short, a horrific fucking year for me. And a fallow year on top of that where most ambitions didn’t pan out. In fact, it was only around Halloween where I could see the light at the end of the tunnel. Extremely frustrating and I know many others felt the same way.

But it’s over now! Which is the best thing ever and that means that it’s time to get the new year off to a great start.

I have this ritual I do. A friend of mine brought the idea to my attention years and years ago and I’ve since expanded it and made it my own. The idea is this: make the first day of January, the first day of the year, how you want to spent the rest of the year.

I take this even farther. I spend the whole first week, the first seven days of the new year, doing things I want to do for the rest of the year. I also avoid doing things I don’t want to do for the year during those seven days.

The first day of the year (today) is spent largely on things I consider really important to me. So I usually do some reading, writing, work, and things I enjoy. I also add whatever I want or need to do this year to my to do list. Usually that includes typically less fun things like editing, exercise, and so on. Even if I only do it for a few hours, I try to fit it all in. It depends on what I need in my life for the future, but I like to keep it to a handful of things each year.

That does mean that the days before the new year are spent scrambling to make sure that I don’t need to wash dishes, do laundry, or any other onerous tasks during that first day. The prep is worth it, to be honest, because I’ve skipped the prep before and did laundry on the first and the new year had SO. MUCH. LAUNDRY. SO MUCH. Now I take the prep seriously.

Anyway, I do find that how I spend that first day and week reflects strongly with the rest of the year. Years I do very little during that time, the year has little happening. The days I spend focusing on bringing the best of my life forward, the better the year I have.

Speaking of years, what will 2019 be like? I, like every other practitioner, drew some cards to find out.

2019 New Year Reading by This Crooked Crown | thiscrookedcrown.com | Decks featured: Girls Underground: A Story Oracle by Sarah Kate Istra Winter © (left and right top), Witchlings by Paulina Cassidy by © US Games Systems (middle top), Sacred Creators Oracle by Chris-Anne Donnelly © Chris-Anne.com (left bottom), Rebel Deck © Shannon Gomez (right bottom)

What 2019 will be like? She gains a boon + She opens a door

Expect great opportunities and change in the future. 2019 is your chance to make things happen. It’s your chance to take and create opportunities for yourself.

It’s time to stop planning for the future and actually DO something. Action is not only required, but it’s happening. The wheel has started turning and there’s nothing you can do to stop it. Any hesitation you have in 2019 will only be stagnation. It will be a pause or halting. No forward progress will occur. Instead, take some chances. Embrace the opportunities set before you. There’s going to be quite a few, including a major boon of some kind. This good thing might be a new job opportunity, new housing becoming available to you, a new lover, or something else that’s really exciting. Once you see this opportunity, seize it. It’s time to set the past aside and give yourself a chance to shine.

What should be encouraged for 2019? Euphoria: Euphoria is a cosmic connection to the magick within and around you.

Fall in love with your magic once again. You have a power inside of you. Your magic, your passion, your life. At some point, that spark full of love for those things waned, like a sky full of stars hidden by dark rain clouds. Those rain clouds have passed.

This is a new year. this is the best time fall back in love with your special brand of magic and passion. Maybe you’ll return to basics, reliving some of those original inspirations that urged you onto the path you once loved. Or maybe you’ll just let the flow take you back to what feels safe, comfortable, and beloved.

Allow yourself to love things. Allow yourself to love people and situations. It’s so easy to become apathetic. It’s so easy to become jaded and worn when the world seems to want to tear you apart. Add more love to your life any way you can, reconnect with your inner magic and inner self, and see what you can accomplish when you motivate yourself with your internal, inner power rather than wage war against the external world.

What will bring success for 2019? The now

This is your wake up call. You’ve been sitting on plans for a while now. You’ve been sleeping and waiting for something to change. This is that change. This is exactly the sign you’ve been looking for. Yes, really, it is.

There will never be enough money, enough time, enough love, enough done that will let you accomplish your goals. That’s the lie about life. It is never done until death comes. So why are you putting off living because some previous goals or thresholds haven’t been met?

This is your chance. This is your time to take a risk. Trust yourself and do it.

What needs to be known for 2019? You got a feeling you just. can’t. shake. + That little voice inside you? Listen to that shit

Your instincts, intuition, and gut feelings are going to be your guides this year. This is all about following that base instinct that says, “do this, run here, fight this, sacrifice this, sleep now, you’ve done enough, rest, rise and seize the day”.

That’s what you need to focus on for 2019. Plans are all well and good, but you need to spend a good chunk of this year just winging it (as safely as possible. I mean, don’t ruin yourself on a whim unless you’ve got some semblance of a backup plan. There’s risk and there’s recklessness. Take the risk, but skip the recklessness.)

Still. This year, 2019, is about closing your eyes, taking a deep breath, and listening to what your heart, spirit, and soul wants. It’s about releasing your held breath and taking the plunge. Try this year. Do something that makes you happy. It’s time to stop punishing yourself and fighting against the tide. Instead, try swimming out to sea. You might find a wondrous adventure there instead.

I hope your 2019 is magnificent!

Thank You! + Poll: What do you want to see in 2017?

spells and herbs


In a few days, 2017 will be here. I’m taking the time today to say thank you to every single one of you who have been following my blog and social media outlets. An especially big thank you to those of you who support my storenvy or etsy shops and eternal thanks for my patrons. Without you, this blog would probably exist but certainly wouldn’t be as much fun or as consistent.

I’ve learned so much this year about running a blog and business and I’ve learned even more about myself. I can’t wait to see what opportunities 2017 brings. It’s definitely been a rough year at times but I always hope for the next year to be better. I do worry about the future, given the state of things in the world right now, but if we all stick together and keep fighting what what we believe is right, for our freedoms and our friends, we can do amazing things together.


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I write tons of different posts, as you all well know but what I don’t know is what you actually want to read about. I need your input to make this blog more interesting to you. So what brought you all here? Why did you stay? And what post are the most interesting to you? What keeps you coming back?



You’ve got until Jan. 20th to complete the poll before it closes. You should be able to input your own answers into the poll but if not, drop me an email to let me know if you have specific thoughts. And, of course, as much as I love input and you all, I’m still going to do what I want (I wouldn’t be me otherwise!). But your input definitely matters and helps me create better posts.


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I love this fortune! ❤

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Again, thank you so much for such a great 2016. I hope 2017 brings you peace, joy, safety, and security. Much love and many thanks.


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Support This Crooked Crown via Patreon

Today I’m launching This Crooked Crown over on Patreon. I’ve been tinkering with this for a few months and I’m happy to be able to share this with you all.

What is Patreon?

It’s a website that allows followers to supports artists and creative peoples. You become a patron of the artist in question and in return, you’re granted access to exclusive information and items.


I love writing about witchcraft and offering items though my shops. But my love of witchcraft often wars with my love of writing in general. I’ve already achieved my goal of being a pro witch so now I’m trying to achieve my goal of being a published novelist. Being a novelist is something I’ve always wanted to do, just as much as I wanted to be a witch.

Having support from dedicated followers allows me to focus less on money and mundane concerns and more on creating words. It’ll allow me to provide more posts on magic and bring new items into the shop. I’ll be able to provide more knowledge and help more people. It’ll allow me  to craft stories and publish them.

So what kind of rewards to patrons get?

There’s multiple rewards offered, depending on how much you pledge. Pledges are monthly but you can pledge as little as $1.

Some of the rewards available right now are:

Monthly Inspiration & Encouragement Card Draw
Monthly General Positive Energy Spell Casting
Get $5 reward
Monthly Short Story
Monthly one card general reading
Get $10 reward
Monthly Periodical Novella or Novelette
Monthly Positive Energy Spell Casting Exclusively for You
Get $20 reward
Dedication to Novella & Access to Monthly Short Story & Novella
Get $25 reward
Monthly Spell Exclusively Cast for You

In addition to the above reward associated with the pledges, exclusive spells, stories, recipes, and sneak peaks will be offered for every Patreon supporter.

What kind of stories do you write?

Mostly fantasy based, heavily concentrating on magic. Write what you know, right? Science fiction and modern fantasy are also common genres.

Almost all of the reward stories shared will be distantly linked to one another. Essentially, they share a related universe which means you may see reoccurring cameo characters and concepts but different stories and characters.

Stories available for everyone may not have this thread of continuity and may vary in length to a few hundred words to short story length. I’ll try to display content warnings for each update to avoid triggers and squicks for stories.



If you have questions, you can always email me at contact@thiscrookedcrown.com.

It’s my hope that there’s enough support to focus entirely on writing and creating more for everyone to enjoy. I want to continue offering one-on-one services, such as tarot readings, but I want to share more magical stories and secrets with the world.

Thank you everyone!

Social Media Galore!

Did you know that This Crooked Crown is kind of everywhere online? It’s true!

On facebook, This Crooked Crown published a “daily tip” which is shared with the twitter account.

On twitter, commentary is often shared and discussions had with fellow practitioners with occasional veering into original content.

On instagram, there’s daily life pictures of readings, selfies, and cats. Sometimes other stuff.

On tumblr, a lot of blogging with commentary and plus word of the day and art of the day. Reblogging and original content mixed. There’s also a huge page of resources.

On pinterest, there’s a series of boards with products from This Crooked Crown as well as inspiration for altars, gardens, and witchcraft. There’s also boards to discover a new spread, deck, or spell to use. A shout out to This Crooked Crown’s homeland exist in Rhode Island Local.

Plus don’t forget about our shops This Crooked Crown on Etsy and Storenvy.

Come follow us and enjoy the fun!