Goodbye Crossroads House!

We sold our house! Around late August of 2015  I started mentioning "Secret Future Plan" (SFP) on my personal twitter. SFP actually started a month earlier when, while kayaking with my mother, she mentioned that we could probably sell our house and get something more suitable to us. When we moved into the Crossroads House 17 … Continue reading Goodbye Crossroads House!

Warm Welcome to 2020!

May your year be filled with glorious growth, spectacular successes, brilliant energies, great loves, few losses, and overflowing abundance! Welcome to 2020! It's great to be in a new year where you can give yourself a calendar-centric new page to your life. As you can see above, my blessing for the year. Below, I'll do … Continue reading Warm Welcome to 2020!

Thank You! + Poll: What do you want to see in 2017?

  In a few days, 2017 will be here. I'm taking the time today to say thank you to every single one of you who have been following my blog and social media outlets. An especially big thank you to those of you who support my storenvy or etsy shops and eternal thanks for my patrons. Without … Continue reading Thank You! + Poll: What do you want to see in 2017?

Support This Crooked Crown via Patreon

Today I'm launching This Crooked Crown over on Patreon. I've been tinkering with this for a few months and I'm happy to be able to share this with you all. What is Patreon? It's a website that allows followers to supports artists and creative peoples. You become a patron of the artist in question and … Continue reading Support This Crooked Crown via Patreon

Social Media Galore!

Did you know that This Crooked Crown is kind of everywhere online? It's true! On facebook, This Crooked Crown published a "daily tip" which is shared with the twitter account. On twitter, commentary is often shared and discussions had with fellow practitioners with occasional veering into original content. On instagram, there's daily life pictures of readings, … Continue reading Social Media Galore!