Spell to Study Harder (Spell Saturday #25)

We all have times when our concentration splits or we simple do not want to put in the time needed for studying or work. It happens to all of us.

This spell encourages you to buckle down and concentrate on what needs to get done.


What you’ll need:

  • Scents that inspire or energize you (see below)
  • Yellow candle or LED light

Get a yellow candle or LED light. Ideally the scent should be something that isn’t comforting. It should be something invigorating. For me, that’s usually a spicy or citrus scents but it’s up to you. If you can’t find a yellow candle that has the right scent or you’re using an LED light, you’ll want to pick up either incense or aromatherapy oils that’ll work for you.

Holding the candle or LED light in your hand, close your eyes and take deep, even breaths. Empty your mind and push away any intrusive thoughts. Once you’re as calm as possible and have your mind as blank as possible, say the following,

With this light

I inspire my mind

With this light

My intelligence shines

With this light

My focus narrows

With this light

I will strive

Keep the candle or LED light on or near your desk so it’s in your peripheral vision while you work.

Every time you light the candle or turn on the LED light, you should find that you’re ready to work harder. If the candle or LED burns out, simply repeat the spell on the replacement candle or light.

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  • As mentioned above, I prefer spicy or bright scents for this spell. Citrus often works very well. But some people prefer the smell of mowed grass and meadow flowers or other scents given their personal preferences or personal associations. It’s entirely up to you.
  • You can use a white candle or LED light in a pinch but it does work better with the yellow color I’ve found.
  • You can skip the scents, if you like, but the spell works better with it.
  • I highly recommend combining this with some white noise. I use mynoise.net daily and rotate out my sound schemes based on my mood, the weather, and what I want to accomplish.

Happy casting!