Why you might want to skip reading for yourself

Most diviners read for themselves. It’s a great way of learning, testing new spreads, and practicing various divination methods because who knows you better than you?

But there’s a small group of diviners out there that don’t read for themselves. Reasons vary but the most common one you’ll hear is that it’s hard to read for yourself.

How many times have you pulled some cards for yourself only for the cards to tell you exactly what you already know? (And let’s be totally honest here: the cards will probably tell you that information in the rudest or snarkiest manner possible.)

And I am entirely guilty of pulling a spread for myself only to not do a full in-depth reading. Usually, it’s like “Oh, the Four of Coins, Star, an Chariot. Awesome. It’s nap time then!” (I have totally done this.)

It’s hard to give yourself advice on being you. it’s hard to seriously take the advice the divination tool is giving you because you know what to expect. It’s already telling you what you know.

But is it? I mean, think about this logically. If you already know something, then why would you look beyond that? You’re seeing what you’re expecting to see, not the other possibilities. We’re somewhat blind to our own futures. We’re emotionally invested in our own futures, after all, and hope is a strong motivator to avoid unpleasantness.

It’s even somewhat hazardous. You could miss important info because you see what you want to see and not what’s actually there.  I’ve done it and it totally sucks. Afterwards you kind of just kick yourself.

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Personally, I do read for myself. I’ll do serious readings because I’m self-aware enough to know I’m a hot mess at times. (Hey, we all are, right?) I’ll definitely read for myself when situations come up and I need answers, stat. But if I want a serious general reading or checkup reading, I’ll go to a trusted friend or reader. If I’m scared to read for myself because I’m so emotionally invested in whatever is going on, I tap a fellow reader to give me a good push.

Let’s be honest: Sometimes we all just need someone to lay out the hard truth on you so you can sit back and go, “Well, shit.”