7 Ways to Conquer Tiredness of the Soul

We’ve all felt it. A draining of the spirit. An exhaustion that never leaves no matter how much sleep you get. A tiredness of the soul.


Let’s be clear right off the bat. I’m not talking about depression. Although soul tiredness can definitely be a combination or symptom of soul tiredness, it’s not what we’re discussing here.

Soul tiredness is when your very spirit and soul is just tired. Your spirit needs a nap. It needs to recharge, reset, and reboot. Here’s seven ways you can do it.

1: Meditate

Meditation is definitely one of those things that either you love or you’re ambivalent towards. Honestly, I’m rather ambivalent towards meditation as a whole. I don’t do it everyday but I find it a great source of comfort when I’m just so fuzzy brained that making coffee seems like a complicated task.

I use meditation as a exercise in escapism. I put on an ocean soundscape, bundle up in fuzzy blankets, and escape to a mental image of the beach with the Atlantic lapping on the shore. It’s a good way of allowing the body and mind to settle and relax.

It’s far more common for me to use meditation as a moment where I will do nothing else but sit and contemplate any and all thoughts that cross my mind. Sometimes I’ll have a specific goal in mind, such as sorting through a situation emotionally, sometimes not. That kind of introspection can really help you narrow down some of the internal struggles you may be having.

2: Quench Your Wanderlust

90% of the time, my soul tiredness is because I’m restless. I’m a wanderer. I like to travel and I like to travel alone. I like to be able to stop whenever I want or go as fast as I want in order to reach whatever destination I have in mind.

If I haven’t traveled anywhere in over a year, I get restless, lethargic, and simply unwilling to deal with the day-to-day monotony. (And I don’t even have a day-to-day monotony!)

I combat this by taking trips with friends and family. Usually it’s a road trip somewhere or maybe even a day trip somewhere. Sometimes I take the train up to Boston and spend the day meandering libraries and museums. Other times I pack a bag and head off to a campground to unplug and recharge.

Travel can be really expensive but once I start noticing the restlessness, I squirrel away some pocket change. I can usually pull off a day trip for less than $50 if I plan accordingly, take advantage of discounts, pack food, and take public transport.

3: Monotony Begone!

Soul tiredness often comes along when your life is so much part of the daily doldrums that everything kind of slides together. The best way to shake this is to literally shake up your routine.

Grabbing coffee with an old friend, trying a new restaurant, repainting your walls a fresh color, buying new bedding, or rearranging furniture.are great ways to change up your life in little ways that have a huge impact on your life.

Don’t forget the details when you’re shaking up the monotony. It’s the details that matter the most. Try a new candle scent for your bedroom or a new scent for your body wash. Spend a few minutes dressing nicely for an outing, even if you’re only running to the grocery store and stick some fresh fruit on your counter or table. It’s tiny things but it helps swap out boring habits with new, fun ones.

4: Divination

Divination is useful for seeing the future but it’s just as useful when determining what’s happening now.

There are so many spreads out there to figure out what’s going on with you internally. You can pretty much pick your favorite reader and they’ll almost certainly have something in their repertoire to take a deep look inside of your spirit.

Focus on what things you can change to shake the tiredness and start bringing those new elements and changes in your life.

I usually recommend Heal Your Heartache, Elemental Shift, and Explorer as good readings to overcome soul tiredness.

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5: Cleansing & Cleaning

Cleansing yourself, your home, your car, your work, and your favorite places to go can really help you shake any weirdness.

I’m of a mind that one should always combine cleaning with cleansing. You can spiritually cleanse a place but if there’s a week full of dishes in the sink, you’re still going to have this thing in your way and in your sight.

So, spend an afternoon or even twenty minutes clearing off surfaces and doing some dishes or laundry. Then go about and cleanse the place. It’ll feel much better and tackling those annoying chores will take a few things off the mental checklist.

Definitely make sure that you wash all of your bedding and sweep under the bed. It will be a momentous chore with a lot of laundry. Rotate your mattress and reassemble your bed with a single simple change – a new pillow, a different set of sheets, swapping out a throw blanket, etc. We spend a lot of time in our bedrooms and in our beds. Making sure that your bed is a relaxing, inviting, and clean place is important. There’s nothing like settling down into a freshly made bed to make you say ahh.

6: Unplug Your Life

This is probably the most commonly found tip right next to meditation. It is absolutely the hardest one to accomplish on the entire list.

I’ll be honest. I’m never far from my phone. I live on social media (but is oddly ironic because I’m a recluse). As a writer, I an probably never more than five inches from a keyboard. I adore gadgets and I’m exactly the kind of person who wishes wifi dead spots on people when they annoy me.

But once a year I take three days to completely remove myself from communication. I don’t use social media, I don’t email, I don’t call, and I don’t text. I won’t even talk unless asked a direct question. I call it the Silence Festival and it is glorious. I do allow use of technology during the Silence Festival but it has to be something like writing, playing a single-player video game, etc. But that’s me.

You can bring that kind of electronic rest into your life right now. It’s simple. Turn off technology ten minutes before going to bed. Or don’t use technology within the first five minutes of waking up. Either one works and it can make a big difference. Instead, read for ten minutes before going to sleep or wake up and do some simple stretches.

It’s one of those things that you think “that’ll never make a difference” but it really does.

7: Crystal & Element Recharge

If you’re into crystal healing, then this won’t be new information. It’s akin to meditation but not quite the same thing.

Sometimes we need to forcibly reset yourself, this is one of the ways to do it. A simple quartz crystal can allow you to cycle through your energy but you can also use an element. For example, if you best association with air, maybe sitting in front of an open window, windy park bench, or even a fan will work. Amethyst, citrine, or any other stone you’re preferable to will also work. It’s really about personal resonance more than anything else.

Close your eyes and allow yourself to sit. Try to keep your mind empty and push away any intrusive thoughts. Eventually, you’ll acclimate to the crystal or element. Once this happens and you feel completely comfortable and aware at the same time, you can start the recharge.

Pull the energy from the element or crystal into yourself. This might require some energy manipulation, affirmations, or visualization. You might feel oddly cooled or warmed, depending on what you’re working with.

You can do this as long as you want but I usually do it until I feel a lightness of the spirit and want to sigh in happiness or relief. Then I open up my eyes, thank whatever I was working with, and set it aside to recharge by the sun or moon, depending on the element.

Remember to make sure your tiredness doesn’t have some other source. It could be hiding a medical symptom so make sure that you’re covering your bases.

And, sometimes, you really do just need a nap and some self-care. Cater to yourself and you’ll find yourself needing a full restore less often.

Soul tiredness is definitely an issue for mystics and practitioners so it’s always good to know a few ways to overcome it. Shake off those doldrums and get back to your center once again.