Doll Spell for Employment (Spell Saturday #26)

This is for when you have a specific place in mind that you want to work at.

What you’ll need:

  • A tiny poppet (see below)

Make a tiny poppet. We’re talking smaller than hand-held. Thumb size even. Stuff that bad boy with all the money drawing ingredients you can get your hands on (need help? look at my list here.) Draw/paint/embroider it to look like you as much as you can. Doodle money in one hand and something like a paycheck (or more money) in the other. If the place has a uniform or a name tag, make sure you draw yourself in said uniform or name tag.

If you’re into this sort of thing, add something personal to it (hair, nail clippings, blood, a sock, etc). Your poppet may be too small for this but you can always rub your fingers over it meaningfully or spit on it.

Now say something over the poppet. You can use whatever you want, getting as details as you want, or you can use the following:

“Where this doll goes will be the place from which my money flows.”

Now go to the place and discreetly drop the dolls somewhere. In a potted plant, in the drop ceiling of the bathroom, behind a shelf, etc. Somewhere inaccessible. Bonus points if you get it in the manager’s office. Ideally this will be when you pick up the application, drop it off, go in for an interview, or talk to the manager.


The easiest poppet to make, especially for this spell, is to simply draw a person on a piece of paper, fold it up as small as possible, and go from there. Poppets made of tissues, a glove, cloth, or clay also work. Use whatever’s the easiest to work with.

This spell requires some serious ninja witch stealth moves. Leaving the poppet in the bathroom or outside the building but in the parking lot is probably the easiest way to go about this.

Originally posted over on my tumblr.