Begin Again [Spell Saturday #28]

Sometimes, we just need to hit the refresh button on our lives. This spell won’t do precisely that but it’s pretty close. It’ll help you make a fresh, new start.


What you’ll need: 

  • Flower, flowering plant, or petals from a flower
  • Water
  • Piece of quartz crystal
  • Candle

First, make sure you’ve cleansed your home, car, work, and self. For this, perhaps a light personal cleansing followed by cleansing whatever spaces and stuff you need to cleanse, followed by a deeper cleansing might be ideal. This spell should be done immediately after your self cleansing.

Light the candle and put the flower, candle, and water in front of you.

Hold the quartz crystal in your hand and just sit with it, meshing your energy with yours. If you’re into programming stones, you’ll want to program it to hold the energy you’re about to give it. (More on programming stones in the notes.)

When you’re comfortable and ready, say the following,

“I am beginning again.”

Blow your breath across the quartz.

“I breathe newness, energy, and light.”

Pass the quartz through or over the fire.

“I have fire, passion, and glory at my side.”

Touch the quartz to the petals of the flower.

“I am blooming, growing, achieving. I am beautiful even in the worst storms.”

Dunk the quartz in the water and pull it back out.

“I have healed, I have surpassed, I will never be broken.”

Now hold the quartz to your heart and say,

“I have begun again and will live my life as I wish, happy, and free.”

Carry the stone with you and/or keep it by your bedside. Hold it when things get rough or you’re beginning to fall into old habits.

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  • You can use any candle color here. I prefer white but yellow, red, or blue might be appropriate too.
  • Any flowering plant will work, especially if they’re your favorite flower. Roses are a good choice.
  • I like to use purified water for this spell.
  • This might be a great choice for a spell to cast on a quartz crystal piece of jewelry.
  • If you’re into programming your crystals, your crystal should be programmed to give you energy, light, and remind you of the spell you’re casting. It should serve as a gentle reminder of the life you want to live and the promise you’ve made to yourself to start again.

Happy casting!


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