Foundations of a Happy Home Bottle Spell (Spell Saturday #37)


This spell’s intent is to bring happiness to your home and house all year round. It’s what I call a cornerstone witch bottle. My definition of this is a witch bottle can be temporary – like to draw new friends or lovers –  but a cornerstone witch bottle has the intent to permanent work it’s magic. You’ll touch it up and return it to it’s place, like the cornerstone of a house. If you move, you will leave the bottle there.


You’ll need:

  • Dirt or dust from the four corners of your property or home.
  • Bottle or jar (any kind)
  • Calendar of some kind
  • Dried citrus rinds
  • Dried flower petals, preferably in yellow, orange, light pink, or other bright cheerful colors
  • Sand
  • Rice (any kind)
  • Flour (any kind)
  • Quartz crystal small enough to fit into the bottle
  • Wishes for happiness (optional)


First, gather dust or dirt from the four corners of your property. If you home has wonky corners or edges, go ahead and collect some dirt or dust from there too. It doesn’t have to be much.

Fill a small to medium sized jar halfway with sand, rice, and flour. I’d recommend using less flour than rice or sand. Now add in your dirt or dust. Then the quartz crystal, citrus rings, and flower petals.

If you have something specific that you want to brig happiness to your household that year, write it on a piece of paper and include it in the jar as well. This wish could be something like “I want us to be safe and secure” or it could be “I wish for more joyful laughter in our house”.


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Seal up the jar. You can just twist the cap tightly or use a wax or tape seal. Up to you. Remember that you will need to open this jar again so don’t be too aggressive with it.

Bury the bottle somewhere memorable but as close to the foundations as possible. Under the steps, in a flower pot, under the third zinnia. Whatever. You get the idea. Somewhere close to the base of the house. If you live in an apartment, you can totally do this too. Leave the jar in the back of a bookcase or shoe rack near the front door. Whatever you select, it should be as close to the ground as possible.

Mark the date. Make it a reoccurring google date on the computer, set it up on your phone, circle it in red on your calendar.

In a year, dig it up, pull everything out, and bury all of it except the quartz crystal. Was and cleanse the quartz crystal. Let it dry completely and repeat the spell, using the same bottle and same quartz crystal. Repeat annually for best results.


  • You can absolutely use plastic jars or bottles for this spell.


Happy casting!