Motivation Stone Spell

The purpose of this spell is to create a gentle push to motivate you. It’s like a like a friend reminding you to do something you promised to do. This is excellent for helping keep New Year’s resolutions, promises, or just regular motivation for tasks that you keep dropping the ball on.

Acquire any of these stones for motivation:

  • Carnelian
  • Garnet
  • Tiger’s Eye
  • Black Onyx
  • Labradorite
  • Natural Citrine
  • Red Jasper

Get one of these stones and ensure that you connect well to the stone. This stone doesn’t have to be a polished stone – it can be a piece of jewelry, beads, or anything else. 

Sit and hold the stone, breathing deeply and evenly while allowing your energy to flow into the stone and the stone’s energy to flow into you. 

If you can’t feel the energy moving, that’s okay. Just keep holding the stone and breathing even, calm breaths. 

While you do this, think about what you want to motivate. Visualize or speak aloud or think clearly in your head what your want to motivate and what that person or object looks once it has been motivated successfully. 

Here’s some examples:

Regular exercise routine – Imagine yourself regularly exercising while looking the way you wish to look. Imagine yourself doing an exercise that you currently consider difficult with ease. Picture yourself months down the road, still exercising and enjoying it.

Doing schoolwork – Imagine yourself enjoying the schoolwork you’re doing, being interested in what you’re learning. Imagine getting the grades you want. Imagine your friends, classmates, and loved ones being impressed by your knowledge. You may eve imagine asking for tutoring or getting rewarded for good grades.

Cleaning the house – Imagine your home as you dream it could be. Maybe you have different furniture or live in a different place. I bet it’s clean though. Focus on the details – the counters are likely clear, the floor shine from being washed, and so forth. Focus on how much you would like that.

Take some time to really detail what you want to motivate in yourself. If your thoughts wander, don’t worry. Just bring your thoughts back to the stone and what you’re trying to motivate in yourself.

When you’ve got the imagine very clear, say the following,

“With the power I grant to you, inspire and motivate me to succeed.

Push me forward to my goals, dreams, and desires.

With the power you grant me, I am motivated to achieve my goals, dreams, and desires.

The power flows through you into me.

I am motivated to do all I need to do.”

Keep the stone with you, near your bed, or in the bathroom where you see it first thing in the morning. Or you can keep it with whatever stuff you bring with you to do what you need motivation for (gym bag, school bag, etc).

Recharge the stone on the full moon by sitting with it in your hands.


Pocket Crystal Glamour Spell

This glamour spell can be for any intention but it’s set into a crystal that you store in your purse or pocket. This allows you to simply recharge the crystal to get the spell going rather than reset the spell every time you want to use it.

It’s very easy to do and can make a difference in your day to day life.

What you’ll need:

  • A crystal or gemstone of some kind

Select a crystal or gemstone to use. This could be a stone that helps your confidence like aventurine or a stone that enhances beauty like rose quartz . You could also use quartz crystal or a stone that feels uplifting to get your spell across. If you’re trying to avoid being seen or noticed, a clear stone like quartz crystal or even a simple garden stone may do the trick. Put a little thought into what stone would be best for you and your glamour.

If you have a piece of jewelry with a stone you’d like to do, you can absolutely cast the glamour on that jewelry instead.

Sit with your chosen stone in your hand and think or speak what you want the glamour to do. Focus until the image in your head is as clear as possible or you’ve described the scenario you want to happen. Take your time.

Push that idea into the stone, letting your energy flow over and into the stone. Awaken the wanted characteristics of the stone you want that match what you’re trying to achieve with the glamour.

This may take a while or it may take just a few seconds. Feel free to come back and set the intention with the stone again if you need a break.

Once you’re satisfied with the stone’s glamour intention, you’re done. Carry it with you and the stone will passively emit the glamour. If you feel like the stone isn’t working as well or you need an extra boost of the glamour, touch the stone and pass a little extra energy onto the stone. You can even repeat your glamour’s purpose to remind the stone what it’s suppose to be doing.


  • Recharging the stone monthly with a full moon (or new moon, if the stone is intended to camoflague you) can keep the stone’s glamour running for a long time.
  • If you’re using a camoflague intended glamour, make sure you add a second spell to the stone so you both remember the stone’s existence (so you can recharge it) and so that you can find the stone when you want to.


Thrown Stones Divination Spell

If you’re looking to make some changes in your life, this spell can help. It’s ideal if you think you know about the changes you want to make, but you’re still not wholly certain. It’s especially good for when you have a few options that would be nice, but you’re not sure which path is best for you.

This is partially a divination spell, so pay attention to any additional signs, weirdness, or feelings you get along the way.

Make sure to scroll to the bottom for spell variations!!!

What you’ll need:

  • Stones
  • A crossroad with low or no traffic
  • Marker or paint (optional)
  • Notebook and pen (optional)

First gather up some stones. Pick a stone for each path or change you want to make. This stone can be something you select because it reminds you or inspires you of the change you want to make. It could just feel “right”.

Optional: You can charge each stone with the change or choice you’d like to make. You can also name each stone instead or even write the change you want on the stone in marker or paint. This is optional, but it can make the spell feel more “set”. If you’re doing the spell on a whim or spur of the moment, don’t worry about the writing or energy charging bit.

Once you’ve gotten your stones, go somewhere where the crossroads aren’t used often. This might be a street corner late at night in a quiet neighborhood or it might be a path that splits in your local park. You don’t need long, but you don’t want someone to walk by when doing this.

Stand slightly on the path you’ve come from and face the different directions the crossroad takes.

Put the stones in both hands, hold them to your heart, and speak about the change or path that you now want to make. Depending on what the exact circumstances of the spell is, you may need to work out your phrasing. Speak from the heart. A good example is:

"Change is needed
And I am changing
But what direction should I turn in?
What should I focus on?
Where do I go?"

When done speak, throw the stones out away from you towards the paths before you. Path attention to your feelings here. Is there something that you thought of as you threw the stones? Some choice or decision that you hoped would happen? If so, that’s probably the change you really want and should you keep that in mind, no matter what this spell divination says.

Now take the time to go and look at what stone landed where. Your notebook and pen will be useful for this. Pay attention to where the stone landed. Is it directly on the path or off to the side? Did you lose it? Which ones drew your attention first. Did they land writing side up or down, if applicable. What plants are they surrounded in? Did it take damage or break? Where do those paths lead? Are there people in that direction or just trees and sky?

Generally speaking, if a stone is broken then assume that the change or choice isn’t a good one. If a stone lands directly on the path, then that’s probably a clearer, better, or easier change to make. Look to see what the plants around it might mean. If the rock lands writing side down, then you might need to go through some drama to achieve that change.

This is largely going to depend on your personal interpretation and symbolism. This is where skill in divination may be helpful, but trust your instincts.

That being said, if you’ve marked the stones, you don’t need to dig super deep if you don’t want to. Just pick whatever one landed on the path at all or the path you’d like to see and go.

Now that you have your answers, you can make those changes or choices.

Spell variations:

Variation 1 – Gemstones: This spell uses common garden stones or rocks in the spell. But you can use polished stones, gemstones, or crystals if you’d prefer. This gives you a wider option to pick something that’s more suitable magically, energetically, or in some other sort of meaningful way.

Variation 2 – Small Objects: You could instead pick small objects that represent the change or choice you’d like to make. This could be a small toy, a pen, or decorative object.

Variation 3 – Spell Objects: For each change or choice you’d like to make, you can create an object from herbs and other magical ingredients to represent this. You can simply put the ingredients in a coffee filter and tie that off or you could do something a bit more elaborate and use a homemade salt clay or similar and roll it in herbs.

The benefit of any of these variations is that you can tailor the energy and power of the spell even more. This will largely depend on your personal practice, but it’s something to think about.

The risk is that you may damage or lose the stone, crystal, or whatever in the process of casting this spell, so make your choices with that in mind.


  • If you have many stones, write down how many stones you have and what they represent before you throw them. This way you can track which ones you’ve lost or need to find.
  • Hiking or walking trails are pretty much perfect for this spell. Not only will be outside with your thoughts, but you also can collect the rocks on your walk there.
  • Go as organic or nature-friendly as possible here. You may not be able to recover the object you’ve thrown and having something bio-degradable is important, if you’re using something other than a rock.


A Charm Spell to Gain Attention

A simple but effective charm to gain attention. This can be used when you want to be flattered, charm someone at a bar or club, show well at an audition or interview, or stand out in a crowd.

I wouldn’t particularly consider this a kind spell. It gains attention, but it doesn’t necessarily gain good attention. You may gain the attention of someone you’d rather not deal with. You may get yelled at by your parents instead of spend time with them. It gives you attention – it doesn’t say what kind of attention. It’s up to you to use the attention you gain to your advantage.

That being said, it’s good when you want to stand out while at the club, auditions, or interviews.


  • Yellow or red candle
  • Floral fabric
  • Clover
  • Apple or apple blossom
  • Thyme
  • Jasmine
  • Oak leaf or acorn
  • Almond or almond blossom
  • Cinnamon
  • Nutmeg
  • St. John’s wort
  • Eyebright
  • Rosemary
  • Hydrangea
  • Rose
  • Peony
  • Sugar
  • Rose quartz
  • Carnelian
  • Quartz crystal
  • Citrine
  • Bloodstone
  • Goldstone
  • Fire agate
  • Aventurine
  • Garnet
  • Magnet or magnetic sand

Make a charm bag that closes using the fabric. It can be as large or small as you’d like. A good sized charm bag for this specific charm should fit in the palm of your hand.

Carve into the candle “I shine. I glow. I am like fire.” Use a knife, toothpick, or even just write it with a sharpie.

Gather together at least seven ingredients from the list (excluding the candle and fabric) and spread them before the candle.

Light the candle and say the following:

I shine and glow

I rise above others

Others will see and know me

I am like fire

I draw people like moths to a flame

Blow out the candle. Fill the charm bag with your chosen items and carry it with you when you wish to gain attention.


  • Yellow is a good color choice for this charm. Yellow roses, yellow peonies, yellow fabric, antiqued hydrangeas, and so on. Anything that’s yellow or gold works well.
  • Sewing’s the best option for creating the fabric bag, as you can using knot magic in your stitches as a boost. But you can glue, staple, or create the charm bag any way you’d like.
  • You can repeat the spell as often as you like, reusing the candle and stone ingredients again. You’ll need new dried herb though.

Foundation Stone Spell

This is a spell designed to help protect them home in an active manner. When done, this spell will automatically absorb negative energy without you having to touch a thing. There is some spell maintenance, but otherwise, this spell will work on its own.

The idea behind this spell is the concept of cornerstones within the foundation of a house. Historically, these stones were carefully chosen and often had folkloric or even magical implications. You’ll probably need to dive a bit into gem and crystal lore to find the right stone or stones for you.

There’s two ways to do this spell and both are outlined below. The spell works the nearly the same for both, so pick whichever fits your style best.

Method One – One Stone


  • A stone selected from your property
  • A quiet yet obvious place to put it
  • Purified or blessed water (see notes)

First, select your stone. This should be a fairly large size stone (fist sized) and dug up from your property. You can also use a loose brick or hunk of cement that comes from your house itself.

Wash the stone with purified water and make sure as you do, you think soft, loving thoughts. You can think of how safe you want your home to be, how protected, how prosperous, or how full of love. But the energy you put into that stone should be soft and loving. So instead of thinking “I want to be debt-free” instead focus on “my home is full of abundance”. It may be a good idea to write down these softer thoughts ahead of time, if you aren’t good at thinking on your feet.

Once the stone is washed, carry it throughout the house, like you would a guest you’re showing your home to. Take it to each room and space, announce what that room is, and move on. Go to every space, even the ones you wouldn’t show a guest, like a boiler room, the attic, or garage. Remember to keep those thoughts and energy soft and loving. This stone is a close friend you’re happy to show your home so keep that in mind as you move.

If the stone isn’t dry by the time you finish your tour, let it dry somewhere prominent in your home. The kitchen counter or table is a good choice, but you can select wherever. It should be a relatively busy area, where people in your home pass through the space and live their lives.

After the stone is dry, go ahead and find a nice place for the stone to live. Ideally, this should be a bookshelf or somewhere similar. You can put it somewhere quieter, but I find that if you pass the stone more often and see it, the spell’s maintenance stays on track. It tends to get forgotten otherwise.

To maintain the spell, make sure to dust and wash the stone regularly in purified water. If you do any remodeling or changes in the house (such as changing the purpose of a room or repainting it) take the stone through the walk-through tour again.

Method Two – Many Stones


  • Four stones of grounding
  • As many stones of protection as you have doors and windows (see notes)
  • As many stones of healing and health as members of your household (include pets)
  • As many stones of love as members of your household (including pets), plus one
  • A stone for prosperity and/or abundance
  • A stone for wealth
  • A stone for peace and harmony
  • Any other stones for purposes you’d like to have in your home

This is going to entirely depend on what stones you’d like best. Folklore for stones, gems, and crystals can vary greatly, so you might not select something that someone else would. Doubling up meanings of your stone selections is also a good idea, so the stones work together harmoniously.

The nice part about this method is that you can add new stones as needed. However, these stones have to work in concert to get the same power as the singular stone method – and it can be a little noisy or confusing when you’re trying to work with all the stones at once.

My tip here is to pick small stones. In fact, I’d recommend getting a small glass vase or something similar and filling the container with the stones. The stones would all be safe in one space, working together, plus they can look rather beautiful in this fashion.

For this spell, I might choose salt, obsidian, or black tourmaline for grounding. Banded agate, malachite, or quartz crystal for protection. I’d probably pick bloodstone, amethyst, and jade for health and healing. For love I might pick rose quartz, moonstone, or pink and/or watermelon. tourmaline. For prosperity and wealth, I’d select peridot, topaz, and aventurine. Aquamarine, sardonyx, selenite for peace and harmony. Other stones might be onyx for defensive reasons or carnelian for courage. Those are just examples. You’ll probably have other choices for your own needs.

Once you’ve collected your stones, purify your stones with water. Here you have to be careful, because some of the stones you have may not react well with water, especially if the water is infused in some way. Spend a little time googling to see what may damage your stones.

Once you’ve cleaned and purified the stones, follow the steps outlined in method one. Here the spell remains the same, just keep all the stones together and work slowly to make sure the energies in the stones get along. Not unlike how you might manage a group of friends at a get-together, really. Once you’ve done your tour with the stones, put them in the same place together.

Spell maintenance is also the same. Clean and dust them as needed, making sure to not forget about the stones themselves.


  • Here purified or blessed water is whatever kind of water that feels purified or blessed to you. It can be tap water you’ve dedicated to a deity or it can be water you’ve sought out at a sparkling spring and filtered yourself. It can be moon water or holy water. This is where your particular brand of magic can come into play, so adapt at will.
  • When it comes to selecting the number of protection stones, what you’re doing is selecting stones to protect against particular doorways, pathways, and so on. You can just protect the doorways and skip the windows, you can protect against doors, windows, drains, chimneys, and mirrors. How many or how few you select to protect is up to you. Your house may have two doors and twelve windows, so you might have fourteen stones. If that seems like a lot (and it is) then consider dropping the amount of pathways you’re protecting.

The Stars’ Invitation

This is a very adaptable spell. It’s used to increase the things you want more of in your life. So if you want love, you’ll add that component. If you want money, you add that. It’s used for what you want. Unlike the full moon or sun variations of this spell, this one can be used to invite things you do not currently possess into your life.

That being said, this can be a tricky spell to pull off in some people’s home environments. You need complete darkness on a new moon night.

Stars' Invitation by This Crooked Crown

What you’ll need:

  • Items you want to increase in your life
  • Full Moon Water
  • A starry night
  • Quartz crystal charged by a new moon.


Charge a quartz crystal on a new moon. Before you go to bed (or before the sun rises) , take the crystal away and wrap it up in a cloth until the next new moon.

On a starry night of the new moon, collect together items that represents the things you want in your life. You might have a handful of cash, a picture of a college diploma, a love letter written to a dream lover, or anything else. Think creatively and simply. If you want to travel to Aruba, put in a picture of Aruba. Don’t make things hard for yourself.

Once you have together your items, take them and place them on a table next to a window where no light will shine from outside on it. You can also leave it on the windowsill itself. Be smart about this. Don’t leave a wad of cash on your windowsill and expect it to not get stolen if you live on the ground floor and leave the window open. Be as discreet as possible with your items but don’t cover them up.

Unwrap your charged quartz crystal and wave it over the items slowly, making circular passes from east to west. Make as many passes as you’d like, using a sacred, magical, or favorite number, if you like. When done, place the crystal in the middle of the collected items.

Place a drop of full moon water on each item then leave them overnight. You can leave the items there until the full moon or you can take the items away immediately. You may wish to avoid spending any money used in this spell until after the full moon.

You can repeat this spell as often as you like.



  • If you’re charging water, crystals, or anything else by the new moon’s light, do this in a separate location than this spell.
  • We avoid putting the items in a bag or container so the lack of moonlight can touch them. A good middle ground is a big glass mason jar.
  • Quartz crystal is selected because it’s a good neutral stone. If you have a moon related stone you’d prefer to use, use that.

Happy casting!

Protection During Storms [Spell Saturday #70]

This spell will not guarantee your safety but it should help provide opportunities to keep you safe. This spell is ideal for situations where you may be evacuated due to weather. Remember to heed safety and rescue instructions when you’re dealing with severe weather conditions. And please, be safe.

What you’ll need:

  • Nettle
  • Mugwort
  • Mullein
  • Thyme
  • Chalcedony
  • Coins
  • Red bag


Gather all the ingredients together. You only need a pinch of each of the herbs. They can be dried or fresh. This spell is best made up ahead of time, especially if you fear you may need to move quickly or be evacuated.

Once you have everything, lay it out in front of you and prepare the small bag you’ll need to store and carry these items with. Red is used to create energy, protect, and to help you be seen. Draw, cast, or place protective sigils and symbols on the bag. You can even wash the bag in protective or sacred water.

Focus on feeling safe, powerful, and capable. Hold each ingredient in front of you, in turn, and say the following,

Hold the mugwort in front of you, concentrating on it.

“Mugwort, I call upon you to lessen fatigue,

I carry you to protect me

From storms and enemies, at home or away.

Protect me while I travel,

Let me weather the storms around me.”

Place the mugwort in your bag. Pick up the nettle, place it in front of you and say,

“Nettle,  I call upon you to calm the storm,

I carry you to give me courage

From fear and pain, brought by others and myself.

Protect me from what will harm me,

Guide me to where I can weather this storm.”

Place the nettle in the bag. Pick up the mullein, hold it in front of you and say,

“Mullein, I call upon you to ease my weariness

I carry you to keep my lungs clear, 

From pain and cowardice, allowing my voice to be heard.

Protect me from what will ail me,

Guard my health and body as I weather this storm.”

Place the mullein in the bag. Pick up the thyme, holding it in front of you as you say,

“Thyme, I call upon you protect me

I carry you to strength me 

From the depths of my heart and soul, protecting and encouraging.

Protect me from all which will bring misery,

Bring me what I need to survive and thrive.”

Place the thyme in the bag.

Pick up the chalcedony and hold it to your heart. Concentrate on you and your loved ones being safe and healthy through the storms. Place it in the bag. Chalcedony is good for traveling and protecting yourself during political upheaval.

Gather the coins in your hands. Rub the coins between your hands, like you’re lathering soap. The coins are meant to figuratively allow you to pay your way past trouble and malicious spirits. Say or think as you rub your hands.

“These coins pay my way on the road ahead.”

Place the coins in the bag. When and if you feel like you’re being hunted by spirits or bad luck, take out a coin and leave it somewhere. After you place the coin, leave that place and don’t look back.

After everything’s in the bag, close the bag up and keep it on you until fair skies return.


  • If you’re in a pinch, items can be stored in a sock or envelope or even shoved into the pocket of a coat or bag.
  • Red is used to create energy, protect, and to help you be seen. Blue can be used to protect, if you prefer.

Stone Energy Spell [Spell Saturday #57]

A spell to program a stone to give you extra energy on low days.


Stone Energy Spell by This Crooked Crown


What you’ll need:

  • Dried coffee grounds or yerba mate leaves
  • Sugar
  • Ginger, ginseng, or dandelion roots
  • Dried orange zest/peel
  • Tiger’s eye stone, sunstone, selenite, amber, ruby, and/or quartz crystal
  • A bowl
  • A bright, sunny day and cloudless, moonlit night where you have a lot of energy

Select your stone knowing that this is, in part, a dedication spell. While the stone can be part of jewelry or another object, it needs to be use only for this purpose.

On your chosen day, gentle wash or wipe clean the chosen stone and set aside.

Mix together half a teaspoon of your coffee or yerba leaves with half a teaspoon of ginger, ginseng, or dandelion roots. Sprinkle sugar an orange zest until it’s mixed throughout and spotted through. (You’ll probably only need a pinch at most)

Place the stone in the herbal mixture and set time to meditate with the bowl in your hands. This meditation should not be tiring but rather energy boosting and uplifting. If meditation doesn’t do this for you, you can pass energy into the stone or simply tell the stone what you want it to do.

When ready, raise up your herbal mixture to your heart and gather your energy around you then breath out over the herbs. Touch the stone and think happy, loving thoughts.

Place your stone in the herbs and leave the herbs and stone in a sunny window for a full day and night. The next morning remove the stone and dispose of the herbal mixture by compost, fire, burying, or any other means you deem worthy.

Carry or hold the stone when you’re in need of a boost. If the stone feels tired, allow it to sit in sunlight or moonlight for a while to cleanse and restore it’s powers.


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Contrary to popular belief, not everyone handles caffeine the same way. If you’re one of the people who don’t do well with caffeine, then try another energy booster than isn’t caffeine based. Same goes with the sugar.

The stones were selected because they have physical energy boosting properties. If you can think of or own another stone that does the same, use that as well or instead. If you don’t have access to any of these stones, quartz is always a fine alternative.

The best way to adapt this spell is to think about stones or herbs that give you energy without draining you. They’re going to make you feel good, not tired in a few hours. If you have access to an herb or stone that offers this, then use it instead.

Some stones do not do well in sunlight. Double check before attempting this spell. If you want to use a stone that doesn’t like sunlight, you can bury it in the herbal mixture instead.


Sand Healing Spell [Spell Saturday #51]

This is healing spell designed specifically for chronic or long-term illnesses. Will it heal you and solve your illness? Probably not. Will it alleviate those troublesome symptoms so you can actual feel like yourself again. Hopefully.

Sand Healing Spell by This Crooked Crown

What you’ll need: 

  • A open bowl or jar (no lid)
  • Safe place to put your jar near your bed (the floor totally counts)
  • Sand
  • Healing crystals (optional)

Find yourself a jar, bowl, or other clear container without a lid. Clean and cleanse it on a day where you have lots of good energy. Let it dry completely.

Fill it full of sand. Where this sand comes from is up to you. You can buy it at a craft store or pick it up off a beach. Up to you.

Add in crystals and stones devoted to healing. You should completely connect to the stones you’re putting in the jar. Don’t pick something that feels weird to you but is suppose to be good for your illness. Put only good things in this jar.

Stand over the jar and say the following:

“Precious sand, you are like time,

Alone you are small like seconds, 

But together you are great and are eternity.

Do not allow my time to be wasted,

Take my pain, my fear, my exhaustion.

Bind it to a single piece of you,

And sink it to the bottom.

Take it away and lift me up,

Let me rise.”

Keep the jar next to your bed or where you hang out the most when feeling ill. If you need a boost, touch the sand. If the sand starts feeling gross, just bury it outside or toss it in a water. Clean and cleanse the jar and repeat the spell. Remember to give yourself time to deal with your illness and recover!

Happy casting!

Wishing Stone [Spell Saturday #40]

This is a super simple spell that works great any time of the year but is particularly effective during life changes, the new year, or newly gained resolves. Pretty much any time you want to start some new goals, this spell is great. It takes time to set up but it’s worth it.


What you’ll need: 

  • A stone (see notes)

Get your stone and cleanse it. Then place it in under or directly next to your bed. Sleep beside it for a week. During this time you can meditate with it to align your energy and the stone’s together.

When the week has passed, hold the stone to your heart or lips and tell it your goals, dreams, and wishes. Now let the stone sit in the sunlight for a full day and moonlight for a full night and then one more night in or next to your bed.

Carry the stone with you everywhere to help achieve your goals, dreams, and wishes. Do not let anyone else touch this stone.


  • The choice for a stone is up to you. I prefer quartz crystal for this sort of spell but if you have a necklace, bracelet, or other piece of jewelry with a stone, you can use that. the stone can be any size or any type so feel free to  make a personal decision with what stone feel best for you.
  • Be careful with your stone choice and sunlight. Some stones are affected by sunlight. In these cases, indirect sunlight is a better option. If that cannot be done, try simply placing the stone on a white cloth in a sunny room but out of the sunlight entirely.
  • Keeping people from touching the stone may be very difficult. This is easier if you keep the stone in a coat pocket or handbag. If you’re wearing it, picking a stone that is not the centerpiece of the jewelry might be a good idea. If not, consider placing a protection spell against unwanted energy around the stone.

Happy casting!