Strengthening Love (Spell Saturday #42)

A spell for strengthening love between two consenting partners. Ideally, both parties are already in a committed relationship together.

It’s a simple knot spell that can be done simply or can be done in an incredibly complicated and research intensive way. Up to you. Be sure to read the spell entirely before starting.

I mean to share this spell with a specific person who emailed me but their emails disappeared from my inbox. I hope they see this!



What you’ll need:

  • Red or pink dye
  • White rope or fabric


First, find yourself white cotton rope or fabric. It must be capable of absorbing dye and should be about two feet long and at least a finger’s width in diameter. The thicker your rope is, the longer it should be. White fabric such as silk or wool can be used instead of cotton.

Pick something that either fits your bedroom decor or can be hidden on/under/above/around the bed. Pillow cases for decorative pillows are a great choice but even a scrap of cloth can work. A piece of rope could easily be twisted into a decorative shape or macrame object. A white blanket would be incredibly ideal for this spell but could be very difficult to dye. If trying a large item such as a blanket, you’ll need to either spread the dye by hand, risk the bathtub (not recommended), or buy a huge plastic tub and dye your material in that.



Next, select a dye. A standard fabric dye can be purchased at a craft store and is by far the easiest way to go. Make sure to read the instructions included with the dye and ready whatever you need to set the dye like a heated iron.

If you want to complicate things for yourself, try a plant based dyes. Raspberries, cherries, beets, strawberries, avocado seeds & skins, madder, chochineal, radishes, coreopsis, hibiscus, or pomegranates give some good results in the color range we’re shooting for. There are other materials you can use (hydrangea gives a pretty light pink color) but remember to combine your materials with plant symbolism.

Mordants will be needed to set a natural plant dye. You can skip a mordant but the color will fade quickly and you’ll have to re-cast and re-dye the spell again, risking the spell fading. Different mordants can affect the colors differently so be sure to do your research.

You’ll also need to work out how long the fabric or rope needs to sit in the dye. Overnight is probably a good bet but if you’re aiming for a specific shade, you’ll have to play with the times and watch it closely.

Test your dye choices with a scrap of the same rope or fabric. You’ll want to know that these are the right color choices and that the color is what you want it to be after it sets.


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Pretty pink roses!

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Once you’ve worked out the logistics of what you’re dying and how you’re dying it, you can start the spell. Cleanse your material. Cleansing water is a good choice but may mess with your dye. Letting the fabric sit in the sunlight or moonlight is another good choice but the cleansing method is entirely up to you.

Dye your fabric or rope. Let it dry completely. You can add a chant or intention in while you’re dying the material if you like. It’s wholly up to you.

Once completely dry, you and your partner should stand together in your bedroom and make vows and promises to each other while knotting the materials or rope. It’s ideal that you set the mood for this stage. Make it a romantic night of it. If you’re using something like a blanket, dye thread along with the blanket and stitch something small together. Running the thread through the blanket, making a knot, then running it through the blanket again is also good. Be sure that both of you touch the material while working this spell.



Re-dye the material if it fades. You may need to do this periodically, depending on your dye choice. Make sure to do this if it does fade as it risks the spell fading as well.

If you want to end the spell, either un-knot the material. Re-dye the material to white before dying it another color. (Even if you’re selecting a color like black, re-dye it back to white first).

Remember to wash the dyed rope or whatever you’re using in cold water by itself. You’ll entirely regret washing it in warm water with other things unless you want to ruin your laundry.


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Drying thread that soaked under the new moon's light.

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  • You can do this without your partner’s assistance but it should be done with their informed consent. Ideally, you both should have a hand in this spell.
  • If you’re not crafty, then aim for the store-bought dye. It’s far easier to use without messing with the plants.
  • The stitching for large items like a blanket can be on the inside, underside, or along a seam, hiding the stitching from the naked eye.
  • Picking flowers or the plants together to create the dye is another good step to empower this spell with love.
  • You can rehearse what you want to say to one another or you can wing it. It’s up to you.

Happy casting!