Burn Those Winter Blues (Spell Saturday #48)

Feeling down in the dumps? Has the winter blues got you? Here’s a quick renewal candle spell to energize your life once more.

What you’ll need:

  • A candle that is the opposite of how you’re feeling
  • A piece of paper


The candle will be a personal choice in this spell. For example, if you’re feeling very shut in, you might want a candle that gives a lot of energy so maybe an orange colored candle that smells like honey and clementines might be a good option. Or a yellow lavender-lemon scented candle could be very good when you feel like time is slipping away from you. You can skip the scented candle and just go for color symbolism or you might want to double up and used some aromatherapy or herbs.

Next, write out all the things that have got you down, no matter how minor they may be. It could be something like “man, I hate how all my friends are sick right now” or “I wish my heating bill wasn’t so expensive” or something more vague like “I’m always so tired in the winter”. Be as specific or as vague as you like. Be sure that the things you’re writing down are connected specifically to your current slump and not just a general concern. If you’re not sure how you feel right now, just write or symbolism the “the current me” instead.

Set your candle up and dress it any way you like. Lit the candle and say

“Fire, I create you and summon you to life

Hear my plea and take these concerns away from me”

Burn the piece of paper and let the candle burn out. It’s a good idea to meditate to sort out internal problems or plan the rest of your week/month out while the candle is burning. You can do whatever you like to the candle remains, even reuse it in another (but similar) spell or to repeat this spell at a later date.


  • A votive sized candle is the perfect size for this spell because it gives you several hours to meditate or get work done in plus they’re often available in scents whereas it’s more rare to run into scented tealight candles. Larger candles can be used for this spell, especially if you wish to repeat it.
  • Practice fire safety! Don’t leave candles unattended and don’t burn things in an unsafe container.

Happy casting!