Stone Energy Spell [Spell Saturday #57]

A spell to program a stone to give you extra energy on low days.


Stone Energy Spell by This Crooked Crown


What you’ll need:

  • Dried coffee grounds or yerba mate leaves
  • Sugar
  • Ginger, ginseng, or dandelion roots
  • Dried orange zest/peel
  • Tiger’s eye stone, sunstone, selenite, amber, ruby, and/or quartz crystal
  • A bowl
  • A bright, sunny day and cloudless, moonlit night where you have a lot of energy

Select your stone knowing that this is, in part, a dedication spell. While the stone can be part of jewelry or another object, it needs to be use only for this purpose.

On your chosen day, gentle wash or wipe clean the chosen stone and set aside.

Mix together half a teaspoon of your coffee or yerba leaves with half a teaspoon of ginger, ginseng, or dandelion roots. Sprinkle sugar an orange zest until it’s mixed throughout and spotted through. (You’ll probably only need a pinch at most)

Place the stone in the herbal mixture and set time to meditate with the bowl in your hands. This meditation should not be tiring but rather energy boosting and uplifting. If meditation doesn’t do this for you, you can pass energy into the stone or simply tell the stone what you want it to do.

When ready, raise up your herbal mixture to your heart and gather your energy around you then breath out over the herbs. Touch the stone and think happy, loving thoughts.

Place your stone in the herbs and leave the herbs and stone in a sunny window for a full day and night. The next morning remove the stone and dispose of the herbal mixture by compost, fire, burying, or any other means you deem worthy.

Carry or hold the stone when you’re in need of a boost. If the stone feels tired, allow it to sit in sunlight or moonlight for a while to cleanse and restore it’s powers.


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Contrary to popular belief, not everyone handles caffeine the same way. If you’re one of the people who don’t do well with caffeine, then try another energy booster than isn’t caffeine based. Same goes with the sugar.

The stones were selected because they have physical energy boosting properties. If you can think of or own another stone that does the same, use that as well or instead. If you don’t have access to any of these stones, quartz is always a fine alternative.

The best way to adapt this spell is to think about stones or herbs that give you energy without draining you. They’re going to make you feel good, not tired in a few hours. If you have access to an herb or stone that offers this, then use it instead.

Some stones do not do well in sunlight. Double check before attempting this spell. If you want to use a stone that doesn’t like sunlight, you can bury it in the herbal mixture instead.