By the Luck of the Moon [Spell Saturday #65]

The Moon is often associated with love, death, and other things. It isn’t often associate with money. The Sun tends to take that claim. This is especially true when it comes to gambling and games of chance.

Here is a spell that is designed to grant you a boost of luck using the moon’s power. It’s a spell that’s useful only when the moon is visible and will work better when the moon is waxing or full. Avoid this spell during the waning or new moon.


What you’ll need:

  • Moonwater

Before you go out or attempt a game of chance, wash your hands in moonwater made during a full moon’s night. Allow to air dry.

Now step outside where you can see the moon and hold out your hands. Say the following,

Moon above,

Shining star’s reflection

Grant to me your blessing

My hands will on this night,

Bring luck to my side.”

The spell will last until sunrise.


  • This spell is ideal for when you’re playing games of chance with your hands, such as cards, dice, or slot machines. It’s less useful for gambling such as the lottery or racing.
  • Washing your hands may disable the spell. It’s been hit or miss with it working as soon as you wash your hands. You can reapply the moonwater and recast the spell but I find that it’s kind of a one hit wonder in this regard. I try to avoid washing my hands while using this spell unless sanitation is required.