Witchy Shopping Gift Guide

Wondering what to get your witchy pals for Yule? Need to grab some gifts for your coven or are clueless about what to place under the tree for that crazy new age boho hippie aunt? Or maybe you have a little spare cash to get yourself a gift from Santa. Almost all of these gifts are perfect year round so refer back to this list and these shops for Beltane or your bestie’s birthday.

I’ll be honest, many of these items are customized or made to order. They’re all indie artists or small businesses from around the world, including shops in New England.

Under $10

Bunny and Bird Tarot Deck Bag

Tumblrite Cracked Amethyst is known for their decks and art but they also make deck bags. I highly recommend grabbing the Amethyst Oracle deck while you’re there because it’s amazing.

Skull and Succulent Enamel Pin

If you haven’t seen Evil Supply Co. I don’t know what to tell you but you’re missing out. They started as a stationary company and have expanded to mugs, pins, and shirts. They’re also responsible for an incredibly popular tumblr blog. If you read my tumblr blog, you’ve seen Evil Supply Co’s work. I recommend them entirely and I actually had a hard time to find something that wasn’t under $10.

Winter Court Tea

Dryad Tea sells loose tea blends by the ounce. Inspired by fairies, books, and musicians (such as pagan musician S.J. Tucker and Jim Butcher’s Dresden series), these teas are great for fans and practitioners alike. Be sure to check out the shop fo the whole selection.

Horn Hair Comb

Hair is often considered sacred within various religions and practices. Horn combs help distribute your hair’s natural oils an can help reduce static in your hair. This comb is handmade in Vietnam by local artisans there and sold by those same artisans. Plus, you can get this comb for under $10 – including shipping. Pick up some other horn jewelry as well. Remember, horn was a traditional crafting material so it can make a lovely offering or representive piece to the gods.

Brass Die

A solid brass die hand made in Poland and reconstructed from an actual historical find in Lowick, England. The rest of Sulik’s shop is full of treasures hand crafted after actual archaeological and historical finds. Perfect for your reconstructionist pagan friends, LARPers, or board game fans.

Under $15

Magician Tarot Card Necklace

Made of brass, this necklace is perfect for your card slingin’ buddies. It can be personalized. Check out the other shop items as there’s lots of other tarot card goodies, Soloman seals, and other pagan symbols to adorn yourself with.

Pastel Skull Candle

You totally read that right. Soy candle made in your choice of scent and color. You can grab a matte black or plain ivory white if you’re feeling less pastel. Grab a larger skull for your ancestor altar too.

Mandrake Enamel Pin or Krampus Holiday Enamel Pin

I couldn’t decide which one to showcase so you get both! The Krampus and the adorable mandrake come from New England neighbor The Bower Studio in Massachusetts. Check out the shop for beautiful plantable nature art prints and cards. There’s also scarves and other goodies. If you’re in Pulham, Mass. check out their store since they’re herbalists too!

Meditating Do Not Disturb Door Hanging Sign

Have you ever shared a house with someone and you’re trying to meditate and they either knock or just barge right in, completely ruining your mood? Yeah me too. Hang this sign up to let people know to come back later. Check out the shop for more signs like yoga, reiki, or praying in progress. Ther’s also “don’t let the cat out” which for anyone with indoor guests and lots of visitors. All perfect for shared spaces.

Under $20

Crystal Grid Board

Double sided birch cystal boards are perfect for your crystal loving friends. Also check out the shop’s large boards, altar pieces, and crystals.

Moon Phase Mortar & Pestle

Hand painted triple moon mortart and pestle. Ceramic mortars and pestles are great because they’re easy to clean. They’re also accessible and good for most grinding purposes.

Salem Witchcraft Trials Candle

Burke & Hare Co is a Rhode Island local like myself and makes fantastic occult inspired candes. Burned At the Stakes, oujia board, death tarot card, and other delightful candles. Definitely check them out if that’s your thing.

Petite Water Moon Lights

OK, these are actually $20 but they are waterproof, LED glowing lights. So tiny and cute and shaped like the moon. ALSO for all you Welcome to Night Vale fants, the same shop TheCloudLady has hanging glowing cloud lights so you can hail the Glow Cloud.

Divination Classroom candle

Frostbeard candle company specializes in creating soy candles to mimic book lovers’ favorite settings. Harry Potter fans will adore Divination Classroom, Headmaster’s Office, and Wizardy Buttery Drink among others. There’s many other lovely scents and they’re all made in small batches in Minnesota.

Under $30

Wooden Magic Wands

Gray Magic might be the next Ollivander’s. The wands here are so beautiful, each unique with such character. Oh, and they’re handmade and WOOD, making them absolutely perfect for magic. One of a kind too which makes them very special.

Tabletop glass fireplace

It’s pretty much a Sterno gel fuel but with a great wooden and glass base as well as sand and lava rocks. Great for when you want a fire but don’t have the space for a fire pit or firepace. Remember your fire safety!

Pressed Flower Pendant

This artisan makes really beautiful earth pressed glass, crystal, metal, and earth-based jewelry. It’s actually very fairy tale forest feeling. Delicate, refined work. Perfect for your green witches and crystal hoarders. But there’s something nature inspired for just about everyone.

Scrying Mirror Grimoire Bookmark

Lovely metal bookmarks that are perfect addition for your grimoire. Pewter, glass, brass, and onyx are combined to create something worty of touching your sacred grimoire.

Under $40


This is a tiny handheld device that allows you to create elaborate designs with powdered spices. It’s suppose to be used for making fancy lattes or baking but let’s be for real here – it is literally perfect for witchcraft. Make a sigil out of powdered cinnamon for money or draw a middle finger with cursing powder as a less-than-subtle fuck you curse.

They also have another device called the HocuSpoon on the same website that uses stencils to create images with powdered spices.

DIY Coffee Reading Kit

Tea leaf divination, or tasseomancy, is well-known but you can divine with coffee grounds too. This DIY kit allows you to do just that. Coffee not your thing? There’s lots of DIY kits from Arterno from DIY soap, lip balm, tea, mugs, and more.

Map Cuff Bracelet

Perfect for urban practitioners and witches who work with the local environment. I can definitely see using this bacelet to connect to your homeland or a sacred place where you’ve had amazing experiences in.

Clear Quartz Mini Skull Pipe

Smoking herbal blends is very common in new age practices. If that’s your thing, then you may want to pick up a crystal pipe. Rose quartz are the most popular but there’s a lot of choices of there to choose from.

Under $50

Corked Constellation Ceramic Jar

This is a beautifully created ceramic jar with zodiac constellations on it. Witches love jars so a jar is always a beloved gift. These jars, and the rest of the shop for that matter, are perfect for someone who is looking for a special altar plate or a jar to hold something treasured.

Persephone Pomegranate Seed Earrings

Sterling silver pomegranate seed earrings are absolutely beautiful way to honor Persephone, the dead, and the realm of spirits in general. This shop has fantastic fairy tale and elven inspired jewelry.

Deer Antler Hair Pins set

Hand made brass hair pins turn you into a wood nymph. Their shop had beautiful brass jewelry, hair pins, and spoons inspired by forests in the Ukraine.

Japanese Koi Statement Necklace

Painted and gold, this layered wood necklace is beautiful. The rest of Birch Please is gorgeous too. Seriously, I absolutely love this jewelry artisan. Check out the florals or the adorable Axolotl necklaces too.

Under $100

Moon Phase earrings

Shout out to local Rhode Island artistian jewelry maker AlmanacForJune, these sterling silver set has four adorable post earrings. Match your jewelry to the moon. Also check out the rest of the shop for more moon phase goodness and other new age-y preciouses.

Urin the Gingerbread Mandrake Root Plush

The Beast Peddler sells adorable stuffed mandrakes and other familiar friends. Some of these plushes are seasonally based like this mandrake root and there’s also clothing for your new companion. Each one of a kind, they go fast so be sure to check out their tumbr and social media for posting updates so you can acquire a new friend.

ASK the Cards leather tarot card holder

If cloth isn’t good enough for your cards, or you spend a lot of time travelling with your cards, a hevy duty pouch is a must. This leather tarot card holder has a locking clasp to keep your cards nice and safe and can be customized to add a belt loop or colors as desired. Check out the shop for other deck holders like this one or some unique belts, purses, or other oddities.

Irridescent Stain Glass Aura Quartz Crystal corner piece

Deck your halls with stain glass crystals for the corners of archways and we-never-close-this-door-why-do-we-even-have-a-door-here places. Check out the shop for different colors, spider webs, or moon phase garlands of glass. They’re absolutely beautiful.

$100 +

Moth Wing Cape

Costurero Real creates beautiful butterfly wing capes, velvet capes, skirts, deer antler headbands, and more. I actually selected one of the more expensive items in their shop. You can find some beautiful items here for under $40 but they’re well-known for their butterfly capes.

Folium Oak Wood Pendant

Hand-carved from wood. I can’t even with this artist. I’m convinced they’re actually some sort of tree spirit come to grace us with beauty. Definitely one of a kind.

Crystal Ball Necklace

Quartz crystal balls are lovely for scrying so this necklace not only doubles as a beautiful jewelry piece, it’s also a really low-key divination tool. Perfect for diviners on the go or witches still in the forest (not public or out with their practice).

Diarn Xaghnis

Beautiful hand made wire jewely made with unbeleivable skill. Lunarieen makes so many beautiful pieces worthy of queens.

Hobbit Hole

Ever watch or read Tolkein and think, “damn, I wish I lived in a hobbit hole”? Well, now you can. Kind of. With this kit, you can build your own playhouse, shed, workshop, or chicken coop shaped like a hobbit hole. For about the same cost of a regular shed (or slightly more), you can build your hobbit hold complete with round door and windows. I’ll be honest, I’m eyeing one of these for myself down the road.

Hope the list helps give you some inspiration for your gift giving! Oh, and don’t forget to pop into my own shop This Crooked Crown for one of a kind charm bottles among other magical goodies.