Introvert’s Love Spell

Meeting people when you’re an introvert is hard. Being introverted doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re socially awkward but rather than you have a limited amount of energy to use on social interactions. Even small interactions like answering an email or saying hi to the neighbor as you walk to your door can be tiring. Talking to clerks at the store or going out to run errands in general can be exhausting. When you run out of energy to socialize, you need to recuperate. Alone time, even if you’re not actually alone physically, to rest your mind and nerves.

Or, at least, that’s how it is for me. I’m a hermit and quite happily an introvert.

Anyway, being introverted means that you’re probably not visiting crowded places often so you’re not likely to meet new people as often. This makes it hard, especially as an adult, to make new friends or lovers.

This spell was designed to do two things: 1) gently offer energy and nudge you to meet new people. 2) To bring new people into your routine. This means that you don’t have to break out of your mold quite as much as you normally would to meet new people.

I highly recommend reading the notes as there’s a lot of tips about this spell in there.


Introvert's Love Spell by This Crooked Crown


What you’ll need:

  • Your favorite flower or plant
  • Caffeinated coffee grounds
  • Granulated honey or granulated sugar
  • Carnation petals, borage, nettle, rosemary, or yarrow
  • A largeish paper bag
  • A small bell on red ribbon
  • Your shoes
  • Your keys


First, gather up your flower and ingredients. This spell can be done at any time but a new moon may be the best for a more celestial connection.

Sprinkle the sugar or granulated honey, herbs and/or flowers, and coffee grounds in the paper bag. As you do this, you can say or think of the kind of love you want to experience. Don’t focus on the person. Focus on the feelings you want to feel.

Assemble the bell. If you’re using ribbon to attach it, then string it. If you’re not and plan on attaching it to your keys or bag in some other way, make sure you can do that. Ring the bell once, over the bag, then place it inside the bag and say,


“When the bell chimes and rings,

Love will come near me.

I see them and they see me.”


Next, place the shoes inside the bag. As you do this, say.


“Where I walk,

Love will walk beside me.

I will go where they may go and they will go where I may go. “


If you have any other items you’d like to add, such as a wallet or cellphone, put that in now. These should be items you love and use most often in public. Think carefully before selecting the items and what you say. For example, if you use your wallet in the spell, you may find that you’ll only meet new potential lovers when you’re spending money. If you only use your phone, you may only run into people you know in your contacts list, people you use your phone to contact (which might be a good thing), or you may only meet interesting people when they’re bothering you while you’re using your phone.

Finally, add in your keys, jingling them before you put them in, saying.


“What my keys open is also my heart,

Love will become open to me.

I am brave enough to love them and they are brave enough to love me.”


Close the bag up and shake it. You can shake it as many time as you want, such as a sacred or favorite number. While you do this, think about the kind of love that you want to experience. Remember to think of all facets of the relationship, not just the meeting of your potential new lovers but also any relationship that might take place. Be sure that you include your own power and thoughts in this – you want to be able to say no or choose the lover just as much as they choose you, for example. You want the potential love and attraction to be reciprocated by both of you.

When you’re ready, open the bag up and pull out your items. Start with non-essential items like a wallet, then pull out your keys, shoes, and finally the bell. When you pull the bell out, ring it again, over the items you’ve pulled out.

Clean off your items from the flower, coffee, and sugar. The remaining flowers, coffee, and sugar in the bag can be put in a charm bag or bottle to carry and give you an extra little boost.



  • Some flowers might not be in season for you right now or cannot be purchased at a local florist (or would be too expensive to do so). Try tea stores as they often have dried version of many plants in a mix of tea leaves.
  • You can pick something that is scented by your favorite flower, if you really can’t find any locally.
  • If you don’t have a favorite flower or plant. Use meadowsweet, lovage, or majoram. You can use rose petals as a last resort (assuming it isn’t your favorite flower). Also, maybe consider getting a favorite flower? Even the most macho men or anti-nature folks can have a favorite flower!
  • You can use any sweeter of choice but pick one that is dry. Honey, for example, is actually better for this sort of spell, but it’s a typically a wet ingredient.
  • Carnations, borage, nettle, yarrow, and rosemary are traditionally used to offer courage. If you have another courage-related plant you’d prefer, use that.
  • The bell can be any size or shape. It doesn’t have to be on a ribbon. You can just attach it to your keys through your key ring, if you prefer.
  • The paper bag can be a box or any kind of bag you have but it should be big enough to put your stuff in.
  • The shoesshould be the ones you use most commonly or are your absolute favorite.
  • You can use other items as well such as a favorite coat, hand bag, wallet, headphones you always wear, cellphone, etc.

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