Money Healing Spell

This is a spell to help alleviate medical bills and bring funds in for medicine and so forth. It’s specifically set for that.


  • Mint (any kind, but common mint is ideal)
  • Cinquefoil (aka five finger grass)
  • Apple (any kind, whatever feels most useful for the spell)
  • Rue
  • Rose petals (any kind, try color symbolism or floriography)
  • Water
  • A place to plant or bury something
  • A sunny day

Gather your ingredients and bring them outside on a sunny day.

Sitting in the sun, cut open the apple in half. Sprinkle the interior of the apple halves with the rest of the herbs. As you do this, imagine and/or speak how healthy and debt free you are and will continue to be.

Bury the apple halves in the ground or in a flower pot. As you bury them, say something like this:

I buried this apple

To bury my debts

As this apple decays, my debts are resolved

As this apple decays, my health grows ever stronger

As this apple decays, my finances grow ever stronger

Water the ground, slow and steady. Repeat the above verse as you water it. Keep watering the area once a month, ideally on the days you pay your health bills.


  • You don’t have to speak the spell loudly. You can even clearly speak the spell in your head.
  • You can do the spell again and again every spring, if you want to.