7 Things To Do When A Spread Isn’t Working For You

Ever see a spread on pinterest or tumblr and think “I wanna try that?” and yet it’s stupidly hard to get into? Like reading a book or a watching a movie that is dragging slowly. You want to finish it but it’s just not happening.

Let’s be honest: sometimes you’re distracted and that’s why nothing’s happening. Sometimes it’s the wrong time for that reading or that information for you. Or you’re using a deck that doesn’t like that spread or is feeling uncooperative.

But maybe it’s because some spreads don’t like you as much as others.

I believe that spreads, like any works of the mind and self can captured the energy of the creator. Not all people get along so why would you get along with their art?

For example, I create a lot of spreads. Not all of them reach the light of day. The easiest ones I’ve ever used are the ones that I created because they felt right. I created them because they didn’t need to fulfill a particular need, but because I wanted to make them.

When reading these spreads, I can complete the reading at least twice as fast and with less effort and energy than a smaller spread that doesn’t mesh as well with me.

Still, sometimes you need to work though a spread. Here’s my tips on how that.

Rephrase the spread

Sometimes the wording of a spread isn’t working for you. Rephrase the questions in the spread and see if that helps.

Try a different deck

This may mean you need to break out a different tarot card deck, an oracle deck rather than a tarot card deck, etc. If you don’t own another deck, try using an online app! Download your favorite tarot app (I use Galaxy Tarot) and draw a card for each position of the spread.

Tell a story with the spread

What is this spread suppose to do? Tell a story with it. “Once upon a time there was a girl who [first question in the spread or the purpose of the spread]. She wanted to know / change her life’s path, so she [next question/ position in the spread].” So on and so on.

Break time!

Get up and have a break. Take a walk, stretch your arms and legs. Have a snack, watch some TV, or play with your pet. Sometimes, you just need to stop banging your head against what you’re working on and do something different for a while.

Change the environment

Sometimes an environmental change can make all the difference. Try a different playlist, head to a local coffee shop, set up camp at a local park. It can make a world of difference to change your environment and your perspective along with it.

Lighten up

Sometimes we take ourselves WAY too seriously. Lighten up. Accept that the cards are snarking back or things are just being way too serious. You may not emotionally be on the same level as a playful spread at the time. You may be using a super serious deck for a silly reading. Sometimes, things just don’t mesh well. Try again later, in a different mood, or with a different tool.

Make your own spread

Maybe it’s the layout messing with you. Maybe the questions just don’t feel right. Summarize the spread’s questions and write up your own spread with that summary. I caution against using the newly created spread in professional readings, because it might qualify under plagiarism, but it’s a very useful tool in understanding a particular spread.

Mostly, it’s important to realize that sometimes, things just aren’t going to work the way you want them to, both in life and in card reading. Don’t worry about it overmuch. Try a different spread. Ask another question. Go back to it later. Its (probably) not the end of the world.