Increasing Luck Candle Spell

This is a simple candle spell, but perfect for people who like to do the same spell often. It’ll give you a boost of luck each time.


  • A candle (your choice of color).

Pick a color candle that feels energetic or lucky to you. Yellow or gold is popular, but red or orange is a good choice too.

Sit in the dark with the candle in front of you. Light it and say the following,

Fire before me,

Increase my luck in leap and bounds,

For long as this candle is around.

Burn the candle for seven minutes, sitting with it the whole time. You can repeat the spell again if you want, or just simply sit and think about the kind of things good luck can bring.

After the seven minutes are over, blow out the candle and keep it. Next time you want to shift your luck, light the candle again, repeat the verbal spell, and burn the candle for seven minutes.


  • When you burn the candle anymore, save the wax to make into a new candle.
  • You can dress the candle, if you like.