Shop Update August ’19

August’s shop update brings a lot of stuff, including new custom made spells and oracular style readings, so let’s get started.

The readings

The Explorer, Seasons in Mini, The Journey, and What Do You Really Want readings are now back in stock.

I’ve also added to the divination page here on the site. You could always order a custom reading, but I’ve changed the menu and wording around to make it even easier to order.

New divination methods are now available. This includes scrying via salt, water, and crystal. Book divination (bibliomancy or stichomancy) can also be requested.

The King and Queen Divinations are This Crooked Crown exclusives. I created these divination methods. The King’s Divination is a lot or ‘throw the bones’ style reading using crystals. The Queen’s Divination takes the King’s stones and adds a spinning board to the mix. Or head over to Etsy for a reading.

Oracular style readings are also now available. This reading requires me to channel a spirit or deity and answer questions or offer whatever the entity wishes to say. It’s an intensive reading and only some entities will allow themselves to be invoked by me. I’m offering these as a trial right now, but I’d like to offer them full time. They’re also on sale right now for $50 for the trial period.

Poppets – Witchcraft tools

Rope poppets, hand-made by a witch from a single piece of rope are available. These poppets are unique and one of a kind, due to their nature.

They’re perfect for spell crafting. They’re made with organic materials so they can be buried in an environmentally sound way. They can also be easily burned.

They are NOT enchanted. You must enchant them yourself. I can enchant them to your general purpose, for an additional fee. Additional poppets can be made.

Buy them here.

Magic Cords

Simple magic cords are knot spells. They can be worn as a bracelet, tucked in a pocket, tied to your keys or bag, or hidden among your sheets.

This month’s magic cord is Serene Lake. Washed in midnight Full Moon Water gathered by a lake, this cord was created on a sunny full moon morning, right as the moon became full.

It’s meant to help reduce anxiety and focuses on calmness and peace.

Buy the cord here.

The spells – spell casting services

I’ve always offered spell casting. Etsy changed their policies a few years back requiring me to move the service off their website, but I’ve offered it still. I recently revamped the “buy a spell” section of the website.

Right now, knot spells and specific candle spells are available, but I’m open to casting most spells. All requests will be considered, but I hold the right to refuse service.

Request a spell here.

General updates

In other news, I’ve update several pages and the menu to the website. Hopefully, it’s a bit easier to navigate, especially on mobile.

I’ve got a few other things in the works too, which you’ve seen bits of through social media and my patreon.

That’s it for now folks!