Teacher’s Good Graces Apple Spell

Anyone who’s taken a class with a large amount of students knows that sometimes you’re just a pile of things to grade to that teacher and not actually a person or face attached to that name/grade. I doubt that’s as much of an issue right now since the education systems had to adapt to current (pandemic) times.

I was recently going through a massive shoebox-thick stack of papers and discovered some notes I made about this spell during college. (I was deciding if certain apple types were better than others – the answer is maybe yes, a sweeter apple gives ever-so-slightly better results.) I mentally named it “Apple Teacher Friendship Spell” but that’s not what it is.

This spell’s purpose is to make you known to your teacher or professor in a positive way. It means that you’re starting off with a bit of a boost because they’ll think kindly of you. Will it give you a better grade? Maybe. I suppose it depends on how your teacher grades and how much their emotional states play into the grading itself.

It’s a pretty simple spell, so most broke college students can scrape together the coin to make this spell happen.

What you’ll need:

  • An apple (sweeter varieties are slightly better, but just get an apple you’ll eat. Bonus: if you can get one from your school’s cafeteria, even better.)
  • Your teacher’s names, spelled correctly.
  • A knife or something to carve with
  • Honey, caramel, or other sweet fruit dip
  • A bag you’ll carry to class (see below)
  • Plate, bowl, small cup (optional)

This spell ideally should be cast before you start class. However, sometimes that’s not possible or you’re on the fence about taking the course at all. You can cast the spell after you’ve met the teacher, but try to do it within the first few times you’ve met them.

Acquire an apple. Sweeter varieties have tested slightly better than sour or tart varieties, but just get an apple you’ll eat. (The eating part is important for this spell). If you can get an apple from your school’s cafeteria, then that’s even better.

Get some sort of sweet fruit dip. Caramel is a classic choice, honey, sweet or chocolate hummus, or just a sprinkle of cinnamon and sugar are also good. The dip itself isn’t important so much the process of coating the apple’s flesh with something sweet then eating it. Pick what’ll taste good, so long as it has a bit of sugar in it.

Buff the apple’s skin while thinking or speaking aloud of how you want to be treated in general by these teachers. Do they know your name? Do they ask you to speak in front of the class or do they ask favors from you? Do they grade you well? Do they ask how you are and genuinely care about the answer? Do they notice if you’re missing from class or if you’ve been acting out of sorts? Think on how you want to be treated and express that.

Once ready, slice the apple into as many slices as you have teachers. If you have six teachers, then you’ll need six slices. Ideally, they should be the same size, but don’t worry if they’re not.

Save the apple seeds! Set them aside on a plate or dish of some kind and let them dry out completely. Turn them over occasionally to make sure they dry on both sides.

Now on one side of the slice, carve into the apple your teacher’s name including any title they have. If the name is too long, you can use initials, but it’s better if you can carve the whole name out. Each apple slice should have the name of a different teacher.

Once you’ve gotten your apple slices carved, dip the apple as much as you can into your apple dip and eat the slices.

When the apple seeds have fully dried, put them in a little charm bag. This charm bag should be carried every time you go to class or school. You can also put the seeds in your pencil case or in a pocket of your school bag if you don’t want to make a charm bag.


  • Buffing an apple is done by using a piece of cloth (kitchen towel, shirt, etc) and rubbing the apple’s skin to promote a shininess to the skin. Don’t press too hard as you might bruise softer apple varieties. Some apples don’t buff to a shine well and that’s okay. It’s just the act of buffing the apple that’s more important than the shiny factor.
  • Making a charm bag for classes is a really good idea for students. Add the seeds to dried herbs and crystals that promote your studies, concentration, and serenity.
  • This spell can be done even if you’ve never met your teacher and you’re doing classes online. The only change I’d suggest is that you keep the apple seeds in a glass jar next to your computer or studying area.