Lucky Hands Soap Spell

A daily luck spell that keeps on giving.

This spell is pretty simple, but intended to be used daily. It requires some specific items, but once it’s set up, you’ll only need to do basic maintenance to keep it going.


  • A soap dispenser / soap dish (see notes)
  • Hand soap (see notes for tips)
  • Sharpie
  • A four-leaf clover
  • A coin
  • Super glue, clear nail polish, or modpodge

Purchase or adapt your bathroom soap dispenser. Ideally, this soap dispenser should be large enough to hide a coin under the base. Very ideally, the base should be designed so you can fit a coin underneath and not have the soap dispenser become unbalanced. This may take a little work to find what you’re looking for or you may need to pick a thinner or smaller coin. (An US dime instead of an US quarter, for example.)

Once you’ve found your soap dispenser, write on the bottom of the soap dispenser in sharpie a lucky symbol. This can be a four leaf clover, a key, your lucky numbers, a horseshoe, or whatever you find to be most lucky. Thinly coat the symbol in superglue, nail polish, or modpodge.

As you cover it, say the follow,

"Luck be with me every day,
Bad luck I wash away.
With each sunrise, my good luck grows.
With these lucky hands, abundance and luck flows."

When dry, place the four leaf clover over the symbol and coat it so it’s completely sealed to the base. Repeat the above verse. Let dry again and repeat again with the coin and verse.

Let dry completely, then fill the soap dispenser with soap. Make sure that you keep the soap dispenser filled.


  • For bar soap, do the same thing above with a soap dish.
  • A liquid soap dispenser is the most aesthetically pleasing solution to this spell. An alternative is to get a soap dish (or a ring dish) and place your liquid soap bottle on top of the dish. The result is the same.
  • You can use any kind of soap here. Bars of soap or liquid soap. That being said, any nut, berry, and flower related scents are associated with luck and growing abundance. So you can totally use your jasmine-ginger-pineapple-coconut hand soap.