Thrown Stones Divination Spell

If you’re looking to make some changes in your life, this spell can help. It’s ideal if you think you know about the changes you want to make, but you’re still not wholly certain. It’s especially good for when you have a few options that would be nice, but you’re not sure which path is best for you.

This is partially a divination spell, so pay attention to any additional signs, weirdness, or feelings you get along the way.

Make sure to scroll to the bottom for spell variations!!!

What you’ll need:

  • Stones
  • A crossroad with low or no traffic
  • Marker or paint (optional)
  • Notebook and pen (optional)

First gather up some stones. Pick a stone for each path or change you want to make. This stone can be something you select because it reminds you or inspires you of the change you want to make. It could just feel “right”.

Optional: You can charge each stone with the change or choice you’d like to make. You can also name each stone instead or even write the change you want on the stone in marker or paint. This is optional, but it can make the spell feel more “set”. If you’re doing the spell on a whim or spur of the moment, don’t worry about the writing or energy charging bit.

Once you’ve gotten your stones, go somewhere where the crossroads aren’t used often. This might be a street corner late at night in a quiet neighborhood or it might be a path that splits in your local park. You don’t need long, but you don’t want someone to walk by when doing this.

Stand slightly on the path you’ve come from and face the different directions the crossroad takes.

Put the stones in both hands, hold them to your heart, and speak about the change or path that you now want to make. Depending on what the exact circumstances of the spell is, you may need to work out your phrasing. Speak from the heart. A good example is:

"Change is needed
And I am changing
But what direction should I turn in?
What should I focus on?
Where do I go?"

When done speak, throw the stones out away from you towards the paths before you. Path attention to your feelings here. Is there something that you thought of as you threw the stones? Some choice or decision that you hoped would happen? If so, that’s probably the change you really want and should you keep that in mind, no matter what this spell divination says.

Now take the time to go and look at what stone landed where. Your notebook and pen will be useful for this. Pay attention to where the stone landed. Is it directly on the path or off to the side? Did you lose it? Which ones drew your attention first. Did they land writing side up or down, if applicable. What plants are they surrounded in? Did it take damage or break? Where do those paths lead? Are there people in that direction or just trees and sky?

Generally speaking, if a stone is broken then assume that the change or choice isn’t a good one. If a stone lands directly on the path, then that’s probably a clearer, better, or easier change to make. Look to see what the plants around it might mean. If the rock lands writing side down, then you might need to go through some drama to achieve that change.

This is largely going to depend on your personal interpretation and symbolism. This is where skill in divination may be helpful, but trust your instincts.

That being said, if you’ve marked the stones, you don’t need to dig super deep if you don’t want to. Just pick whatever one landed on the path at all or the path you’d like to see and go.

Now that you have your answers, you can make those changes or choices.

Spell variations:

Variation 1 – Gemstones: This spell uses common garden stones or rocks in the spell. But you can use polished stones, gemstones, or crystals if you’d prefer. This gives you a wider option to pick something that’s more suitable magically, energetically, or in some other sort of meaningful way.

Variation 2 – Small Objects: You could instead pick small objects that represent the change or choice you’d like to make. This could be a small toy, a pen, or decorative object.

Variation 3 – Spell Objects: For each change or choice you’d like to make, you can create an object from herbs and other magical ingredients to represent this. You can simply put the ingredients in a coffee filter and tie that off or you could do something a bit more elaborate and use a homemade salt clay or similar and roll it in herbs.

The benefit of any of these variations is that you can tailor the energy and power of the spell even more. This will largely depend on your personal practice, but it’s something to think about.

The risk is that you may damage or lose the stone, crystal, or whatever in the process of casting this spell, so make your choices with that in mind.


  • If you have many stones, write down how many stones you have and what they represent before you throw them. This way you can track which ones you’ve lost or need to find.
  • Hiking or walking trails are pretty much perfect for this spell. Not only will be outside with your thoughts, but you also can collect the rocks on your walk there.
  • Go as organic or nature-friendly as possible here. You may not be able to recover the object you’ve thrown and having something bio-degradable is important, if you’re using something other than a rock.


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