A Rambling About Curses

As a witch who is (somewhat) active in the community, I’m always prepared to deal with being hexed or cursed. It’s inevitable that I say something that someone somewhere doesn’t like or just my mere existence annoys them. By and large, curses do nothing to me. I set up active protections against them with various … Continue reading A Rambling About Curses

Aggression cleansed at the crossroads

Yes, something was there, something new that hadn't been there this afternoon when I dealt with a different, friendly spirit that afternoon. This new thing was aggressive, tumultuous and dark, filled with a confusion of emotions. Not one of mine.

Snippet from the Demon Feast

I slip my arm through his and nudged him through the grand doors and into the moonlight balcony gardens. The roar of the sea under us was great and the wind whipped across my flesh, instantly cold and utterly satisfying. I sigh with contentment, abandon him, and step up to the very edge of the … Continue reading Snippet from the Demon Feast

The Spirits That Serve and Busy Times

Radio silence was brought about by the busyness of my schedule (which I've added to the right menu, I believe). For the moment, I have a reprieve as this is the week of my birthday (June 6th) so much of my time is visiting with friends and family as well as renewing personal protections and … Continue reading The Spirits That Serve and Busy Times

Closing and the Leaving Festivals

Last night was the closing festival for my Demon festivals. It was the final Court day. And today marks the start of the Leaving. Well, until next year. Last night began a mass exodus for the next two days while spirits leave my area and festivities to return from whence they came. Some will be … Continue reading Closing and the Leaving Festivals

Let’s talk servitors

I have a wide variety of spirits and beings that attend to me. I don't work with them or for them. They work for me. Some run messages and collect gossip, others protect various things, a few have specific roles, and others still run business for me on the Other Side while I'm away. I … Continue reading Let’s talk servitors

Spirit Kings

Spirit Kings [UPG Alert! My opinions and UPG] The other side has a hierarchy. Some places has courts as elaborate as you can imagine. Others are more territories where a being rules over their territory as they like. Quick terminology is this: when I say king, I’m drawing up mental images for you. I use the … Continue reading Spirit Kings