Astral Destinations: The Grief Place

There's a place somewhere between the realm of dreams and spirits that is for release of grief emotions. Perhaps you've been there. A place where sorrow is understood and, despite the beings moving around you living their lives, you feel comfortable to be in your grief. It starts at a sandy altar. A table-style of … Continue reading Astral Destinations: The Grief Place

Spirit Destinations: When Spirit Worlds Connect to the Physical World

The astral worlds are not a free-for-all. Not all of them at least. Anyone who has dealt with the fae are definitely aware of this but many other places outside of fairylands have rulers that hold territory.¬†Knowing you're in someone's territory can be tricky and knowing where those territories begin and end, especially because they … Continue reading Spirit Destinations: When Spirit Worlds Connect to the Physical World

Spirit Destinations: Valley of the Witch Seer

Valley of the Witch Seer is a massive valley filled with a vast forest surrounded by tall mountains and a wide ocean. It has a wide, white sand beach that's excellent for lounging on. Ruled by a well-known spirit seer, this area is largely peaceful and friendly. This is my go-to area when entering the … Continue reading Spirit Destinations: Valley of the Witch Seer

Snippet from the Demon Feast

I slip my arm through his and nudged him through the grand doors and into the moonlight balcony gardens. The roar of the sea under us was great and the wind whipped across my flesh, instantly cold and utterly satisfying. I sigh with contentment, abandon him, and step up to the very edge of the … Continue reading Snippet from the Demon Feast

The Spirits That Serve and Busy Times

Radio silence was brought about by the busyness of my schedule (which I've added to the right menu, I believe). For the moment, I have a reprieve as this is the week of my birthday (June 6th) so much of my time is visiting with friends and family as well as renewing personal protections and … Continue reading The Spirits That Serve and Busy Times

Closing and the Leaving Festivals

Last night was the closing festival for my Demon festivals. It was the final Court day. And today marks the start of the Leaving. Well, until next year. Last night began a mass exodus for the next two days while spirits leave my area and festivities to return from whence they came. Some will be … Continue reading Closing and the Leaving Festivals

Castle of Sea Glass and Sand

I live in a castle sculpted of sea glass and sand. Soft, it is not. The walls bite into your skin when you fall against it, the wet sand around the internal waterfalls works as quicksand, taking invaders into the depths and under workings of the castle. Beautiful it can be, breathtakingly so in fact, … Continue reading Castle of Sea Glass and Sand