Introducing Spell Saturdays!

With witches comes spells right? (Well, usually).

Spells are extremely commonplace in most witchcraft practices but finding the right spell for the job is one of the most difficult task a practitioner can have. Everyday I get spell requests from both practitioners and people looking just to dip their toe in magic. Some folks don’t know where to look for spells, don’t know how to write a spell, or just want another practitioner’s opinion on if a spell would work.

So I’m really excited to announce Spell Saturdays! Every Saturday This Crooked Crown will be publishing a spell. This spell might be on any topic from money spells to love to curses. The spells will be sourced so you can look them up later if you want but they may also be original works. Each spell will be tagged accordingly and added to appropriate pages so you can find them later.

Spells can be easily found but do they work? How to you adapt them? Where did they come from? Can you substitute X for Y? These questions may very easily crop up when looking at spells. So, I’ll only post spells that have been tried by myself or trusted colleagues. With these spells will includes notes we made while casting those spells as well as suggestions for each spell on how to adapt it for your needs!

I hope this will be a really fun experience for everyone. Finding spells can be really difficult and sometimes just knowing what to expect and how someone else has adapted a spell can make you feel so much more confident in casting the spell to begin with. Happy casting!