Sunshine Protection

This is a general all-purpose protection spell. It can be cast to keep spirits out, to lessen the chances of creeps talking to you, and other general helpful protection things. Quick verbal charms are some of my personal favorite spells. I use them pretty much daily in my own practice. This is one I wrote … Continue reading Sunshine Protection

Shop Update: Oracular Readings & Spells Available!

I hope 2020 has been treating you well! If not, I hope it gets better and better. And if it has been treating you well, then I hope it gets even better. Oracular Readings available! Oracular readings, as I'm defining them here, is when the diviner goes into a trance-like state and "speaks" to the … Continue reading Shop Update: Oracular Readings & Spells Available!

Hidden Altars & Supply Storage

I don't keep an altar. I don't need one in my practice.┬áBut I like the beauty of altars and shrines and most people do have them. But not everyone can leave things out, whether because they're not public with their craft or they have children, pets, or share space with other people. I do, however, … Continue reading Hidden Altars & Supply Storage