Sexy Sheets Magic Spray

This is an enchanted water that you spray on your sheets to help set the scene for a sexy night. As scent-based water sprays go, this might be on the lighter side, so don’t be afraid to add more essential oils as needed.

What you’ll need:

  • 5 ounce or greater spray bottle
  • 4 ounces distilled water
  • 6 drops rose essential oil
  • 5 drops lavender essential oil
  • 4 drops orange (sweet orange, wild orange, bergamot) essential oil
  • 3 drops ginger essential oil 
  • 3 drops sandalwood essential oil
  • sprinkle of pink Himalayan salt

Clean, cleanse, and dry your spray bottle. 

Pour the distilled water in and add the salt, shaking the bottle until the salt is dissolved. While you shake the bottle, set your intentions. Think of cleansing all negative energy, anxiety, and ill feelings from whoever touches this water or smells the scent this water will carry.

Add in your essential oils. Take your time to ensure you’ve measured it out properly. As you measure it out, speak or think sexy thoughts. Of being intimate with your partner and the kind of intimacy you’d like to share. 

Shake the bottle to blend, setting your final intentions of the night being consensual and enjoyable to all parties. 

To use, simply spray the water lightly over your sheets and pillows. Let dry a bit before getting into bed.


Mirror and Candle Love Spell

This is a love spell to draw romantic love to you. Someone who will love your heart and not your physical appearance.

What you’ll need:

  • A mirror you can move around
  • A red, yellow, pink, or white candle

Place the candle in front of you and shift the mirror so that the candle is reflected in the mirror but not you. Turn out the lights and make it as dark as possible without making yourself uncomfortable or creating a trip hazard.

Light the candle and say,

"I seek love. 
Someone who loves me for me
Someone who loves me for what they cannot physically see
Someone who loves me beyond what I look like.
Someone that sees my unseen heart, my unseen mind, and my unseen soul
And loves all of me for that.
I seek a love that comes to me now.
A love who will see me, know me, and love me.
I seek love."

Blow out the candle, making sure that you briefly appear in the mirror while doing this.


  • The candle really can be any color. I selected red and pink because they’re often the colors of romance. I assign yellow as  a “seeking” color – used to find things or seek them out. White was the color I originally had in mind, because this really is a seeking spell and the same method can be used with a different chant, you know?
  • A portable mirror or make up mirror works well for this kind of spell, but a medicine cabinet mirror could easily be used as well. 
  • The intention of the final glance of you as you blow out the candle is a physical connection is made at some point. This can be skipped if you’re not looking for any sort of physical connection.


Attract Affection & Romance Spell Jar

This jar spell is meant to attract affection and/or romance. It can be used to bring willing romantic partners to you or encourage new friends or better family relations. The best part of this jar spell? It can sit right out in the open and, depending on the ingredients, can be a long-term sustained spell.

What you’ll need:

  • A jar, bottle, or some other clear container that can seal (A mason jar, pickle jar, water bottle, etc.)
  • Herbs & ingredients for your purpose (see below)
  • Key items you associate with your purpose (A friendship bracelet to rekindle a friendship long past, a business card from a place you’d like to hang out in with your new friends, a rose for romance, photo of your family to boost happy home spells, quartz for more power, etc)
  • Key ingredients for what you want to happen (Coffee so you go out on coffee dates, coaster from a club you’d like to go to with new friends, etc.)
  • Filler such as sand, corn flour, ashes, saw dust, sugar, etc. (optional)
  • Funnel for pouring ingredients (optional)

Herbs and ingredients to use will depend largely on your personal practice and paradigm. Select items that has some sort of folkloric meaning akin to your purpose or that item reminds you of friendship or love.

Here’s a short list for romance:

  • chocolate or cocoa
  • roses
  • apples
  • carnations
  • aster
  • jasmine

A short list for friendship:

  • buttercups
  • lilacs
  • vanilla
  • oranges
  • tea
  • daisies

Filler ingredients are good for people who want a full-looking jar and don’t have enough ingredients to add to the jar or want to hide ingredients from view. I’d recommend picking a filler that means something to you. I’d pick sand, for example, but you might pick campfire ash so you can find camping buddies, or sugar to sweeten current friendships and find new non-toxic friends.

  1. Cleanse your jar and empower it with your purpose. This mean you can add energy to it, tell it your purpose in a couplet or verbally, or hold the jar and envision the future you want this jar to help you achieve happening now.
  2. Gather all your ingredients together and layer them in the jar however you wish. Be as artful or not as you like. As you add them, you can say either verbally or in your head what you’re adding them to the jar for.
  3. Once you’ve run out of ingredients or you’re happy with the jar, go ahead and close it up.


  • This spell will work best if you carefully think about your purpose before casting the spell and use care in picking your ingredients.
  • Many jar spells require shaking to “wake up” or empower the spell. This one doesn’t but you can shake it if you want.
  • You can add ingredients whenever you want but don’t take out an ingredient.
  • If you do, just scrap the whole jar and start again. If your ingredients start to get moldy, toss them, wash the jar out (boiling water, soap and water, salt water, or vinegar in any combination.)
  • When you want the spell to end, just toss the ingredients (don’t bury them) and wash the jar out.

That’s it! Happy casting!

Does this look familiar? This was originally posted here on May 7th, 2016.


Flower Self-Love Spell Jar

This jar is intended to sit out in the open on your altar, vanity, on top of a dresser, or in a dry area of your bathroom.

What you’ll need:

  • Clean, dry jar with a lid (lid should be waterproof if in a damp area like a bathroom)
  • Dried chamomile petals
  • Dried cherry blossoms
  • Dried meadowsweet petals
  • Dried rose petals
  • Dried jasmine petals

Clean, cleanse, and fully dry out your jar.

Layer your flower petals in the jar in whatever pattern pleases you. As you fill your jar, speak self-love affirmations to yourself. Or you can write up a personal chant to repeat to yourself daily.

Examples: “I am beautiful. I am loved. I am kind to myself. I am compassionate. I am strong. I am confident. I am a gift. I deserve respect. I deserve loyalty. I am successful. I am allowed to take up space. I am worthy of love. I am happy.”

Seal the jar and put it on a shelf where you’ll see it daily. Whenever you feel like you need a boost, hold the jar and take a moment to soak in the positive, loving energy.


  • If you aren’t storing this in a damp area like a bathroom, you don’t need a waterproof lid. If you are, you’ll need one to avoid molding of your ingredients. Your jar can have a water-tight lid but you can also swap it for an sort of lid so long as you have enough sealing wax to cover it.
  • You can substitute any of the flowers listed the following: yarrow, sunflower, plumeria (frangipangi), orange blossoms, apple blossoms, peach blossoms, lavender, pear blossoms, lovage, plum blossoms, poppy petals, gardenia petals, tulip petals, moonwort
  • Remember gravity: heavier flower petals will fall to the bottom of the jar.


Child Protection Spell

This is a spell for protecting children and it’s also a threshold spell.

Specifically, this spell has been designed and relying upon there being a physical threshold into the child’s domain (their bedroom or playroom, for example). This space can be shared by children, but ideally isn’t shared by an adult. An adult may enter the space, but they don’t spend a considerable amount of time there by themselves doing much more than chores or what-have-you.

For the purposes of this spell, the word “threshold” to mean the opening you use to enter the room. In actual architecture, the “threshold” is the bottom piece of the door that runs along the floor, hiding the gaps between flooring, adding stability to the door, and helping block out the elements. Usually, this is a door’s wooden framing or casement around it. It might be known to you as a doorway, door jamb, or lintel (which is actually a specific part of a door’s framing). But this spell doesn’t actually require the room to have a door frame or door, just an opening that separates the child’s room from the rest of the living space.

What you’ll need:

  • Cleansing water
  • Moon water
  • Sun water
  • Sea salt water (see notes)

First, wash down and clean the doorway and door of the child’s room with your preferred cleaning agent that’s safe for that surface.

You’ll also want to test in an inconspicuous area whether or not the waters we use in this spell can damage or stain the paint or varnish on the threshold.

Wipe down the threshold again with a cleansing water. You can also use smoke cleansing or sound cleansing, if you prefer or add to the cleansing procedure. Your choice here.

In a clean jar or bowl, mix together the sun and moon water. Stir the waters together and say,

"This child is protected by sunlight.
This child is protected by moonlight.
This child is blessed by the sun and moon,
This child is protected under their watchful eye,
Guarded and nurtured by their gentle, parental eye."

Now add in the salt water to the bowl.

"Protected by salt and water, this child is safe from all harm."

Now wash the threshold with the water. You can repeat the verbal clause of the spell again as you wash the threshold, if you like.

Every time the child goes through the threshold, they will receive protection. Renew annually or after cleaning or repainting the area.


  • “Child” can be swapped for “children”. It can also be used for anyone, regardless of age, so long as you consider updating the wording as needed.
  • Sea salt water can be water harvested from the ocean then purified to remove debris or you can dissolve sea salt in regular water and use that.
  • If you do use the ocean water, you can add a line of the child being protected by the ocean too.
  • For varnish cleansing water, 1 cup water and a drop or two or lemon essential oil. Enchant for cleansing while you mix the water. Dry completely after washing. Remember to test in a inconspicuous area first.
  • For painted walls or wood cleansing water, 3 cups water and half a spoonful of white vinegar. Let air until the vinegar scent has dissipated and add a drop or two of rosemary or sage infused water . Enchant for cleansing while you mix the water. Dry completely after washing. Remember to test in a inconspicuous area first.
  • Moon water is water that is infused by moonlight. Set a covered jar of water under the light of a full moon for at least an hour.
  • Sun water is water that is infused by sunlight. Set a covered jar of water in a sunny spot on a very bright, sunny day for at least an hour.
wash the doorway of the child's room with a surface safe cleaning agent and surface safe cleansing water. 

In a clean bowl, mix together sun water and moon water. Stir and say,

"This child is protected by sunlight.
This child is protected by moonlight.
This child is blessed by the sun and moon,
This child is protected under their watchful eye,
Guarded and nurtured by their gentle, parental eye."

Now add in sea salt water and stir.

"Protected by salt and water, this child is safe from all harm."

Now wash the doorway with the mixed water. Repeat the above phrases as you wash it.

Every time the child goes through the doorway, they're granted protection.


Break That Luck Candle Spell

Sometimes we just get some terrible bouts of luck that just needs to end and go away. This spell will help you do just that.

Why’s so much of this spell optional? Because of the structure of the spell, you have to breath, blow out, and relight the candle. That can be distressing if one has sensitivities to scents or smoke. So the scent aspect of this spell is optional but recommended.

What you’ll need:

  • Candle. A smaller red, white, gold, or black candle is suggested.
  • Incense or aromatherapy oils in cleansing or comforting scents (optional)
  • Powdered good luck herbs (optional)
  • Good Luck dressing/ anointing oil (optional)

Get your candle and charge it with intent or visualize you goal. Alternative, just tell the candle what you want to happen or carve it into the wax. Dress the candle in good luck oil and/or good luck herbs. This depends on your personal practice and if there’s enough space on the candle to even carve things into.

If you’re using aromatherapy or incense during this spell casting, it’s recommended that you start with a cleansing scent and during the break in the spell, start a comforting scent.

Light your candle and chant:

Trouble has come my way, 
Bad luck and bad times are bad friends 
I turn them away.  
Unwelcomed and unwanted, 
I break this cycle now.

Blow out the candle. Take a deep breath and release it. Switch to any any comforting scents you wish to use now. Take some time to reflect that the bad luck’s gone now. Once ready, light the candle again, saying the following:

With this new flame, I bring good luck into my life  
Good things, beneficial things, will and are happening 
And when this candle died, my good luck will live on

Let the candle burn out.


  • Cleansing scents might be mint, citrus, sage, etc but comforting scents might might pumpkin, vanilla, or apple.
  • Short list of good luck herbs: Cinquefoil (five finger grass), clover, good luck iron cross, basil, allspice, cloves, ginger, wintergreen berries, star anise, bay, cinnamon, chamomile, mint, peppermint, or spearmint.
  • Your good luck dressing / anointing oil could be any recipe. I make up my own. You can simply soak some good luck herbs in oil for a few weeks or simmer them on the stove for a few hours in oil.
  • Please use fire safety! Use small candles to shorten wait times when you’re waiting for candles to burn down. Don’t set yourself, your home, your loved ones, or a forest on fire.

Happy casting!

Does this spell look familiar? Originally posted on tumblr. Published April 2nd, 2016. Updated: January 22nd, 2022.


Protection Witch Bottle

A witch bottle is a jar spell. Simple, right? Typically, they’re protection spells, but sometimes they’re curses. There’s actually quite a history attached to them and many have been recovered during renovation and archaeological excavations. It’s a pretty neat topic to research, if you’re interested in such things.

This one is simple to make but will provide powerful protection to the property you live on. If you move, be sure to take it with you! This isn’t the kind of spell to be leaving around.

What you’ll need:

  • A jar or bottle with lid, ideally glass or ceramic (see notes)
  • Salt (your choice of what kind)
  • Three pins or needles
  • Three nails
  • Three screws
  • Three sticks or bark from one of the following: juniper, oak, rowan, hawthorn, hemlock, hazel, cedar, ash or birch (Alternatively, you can use one stick or piece of bark from three of the choices available)
  • Three flowers from one of the following: rose, gardenia, hellebore, oleander, jasmine, iris, hyssop, cornflower, or geranium. (Alternatively, you can use one flower from three of the choices available)
  • Three herb sprigs from one of the following: rosemary, rue, dill, nettle, angelica, vervain, lavender, garlic, or mugwort. (Alternatively, you can use one herb sprig from three of the choices available)
  • Three parts of you: A lock of your hair, drop of your blood, fingernail cuttings, piece of your skin, your urine, etc.
  • Sealing wax or candle (any color)

First, prep your jar and make sure it’s as clean and dry as possible.

Next, gather up your metal ingredients and plant ingredients and place them inside. While you do this, you should say, speak, or think about what you’re protecting and what you’re protecting it from.

Fill the jar the rest of the way with salt, leaving enough room for the last ingredients.

Place the chosen bits of yourself inside the jar and seal it with the sealing wax or drip enough wax to seal the jar entirely.

Now, bury next to your home, preferably the front door. You can alternatively store it in the basement, attic, or the back of a closet.


  • The jar or bottle is usually made with glass because that’s easy to acquire – just wash and air a pickle or jam jar. I personally prefer unglazed ceramic, but stone has also been used. Metal has been used but I don’t readily recommend it because it’s often painted with harmful chemicals. Plastic, silicon, or rubber is not recommended. People say this is because it’s a manmade material so it doesn’t possess the same energy or whatever. I don’t recommend it because it doesn’t break down easily or if it does, it released the innards of the jar to the world – which in this spell would be particularly harmful given the salt quantity.
  • You can absolutely choose other herbs, flowers, or trees here. Pick whatever protection based flora works for you.
  • When it comes to burying glass items or items with lots of salt in it, I can’t really recommend burying it in the ground. A good middle ground is to dig a large hole where you want to place the spell and bury a clay pot with a lid in that space. Place the witch bottle in that pot and you’ll have extra protection in case something goes wrong. You can also easily uncover the pot and replace or add additional protections down the road.


For Opportunities Candle Spell

This spell is to bring opportunities to you. If you’re looking to find a job or line up a new gig, this one’s for you. If you’re looking for a new place to live or the opportunity to meet someone special, this one’s also for you. It’s a general spell that lets you draw opportunities to you for whatever you’re hoping to achieve.

For this you need a simple candle. The best one for this sort of thing is one that you can light a number of times, so maybe a jar candle that smells nice. The scent doesn’t really matter, but it may be helpful to have something bright like citrus or something inviting like cinnamon. It’s really up to you and the kind of opportunities you’re looking for. 

Get comfortable in a chair with the candle. Make sure you’re in as dark as a room as you can comfortably be in. I prefer pitch blackness, but if that makes you nervous, then have a bit of light. For this spell, confidence is helpful, so you’ll want to be comfortable in near darkness versus uncomfortable in full darkness. 

Light the candle and say,

“This candle is a light in the dark. 

The opportunities I seek are draw to this light and to me.

When this candle burns, my wishes are heard,

When this candle dies, my wishes are satisfied.

This candle is a light in the dark,

I draw opportunities to me now.

[Detail the opportunities you want. Feel free to repeat things that are important or describe them. Repeat the timeframe you want them in.]

These are the opportunities I seek.

This candle is the light in the dark for these opportunities to find me.

They are coming to me now.

My wishes are will be satisfied.”

Blow out the candle.

Light the candle again and again each day until the candle runs out, repeating the first verse of the spell and / or concentrating on the opportunities you want while lighting the candle. 


Gifting Apple Spell for New Beginnings

Apples are often a traditional gift. Fresh fruit was, and still is, considered a good gift because your average person, historically, didn’t have regular access to fresh fruit often. And apples travel well and last much longer than most fresh fruit.

There’s a tradition of gifting (or bobbing for) apples on Halloween night to grant luck to each member of a house. Halloween is sometimes used as a the end of the year, so this spell sort of falls into a similar category, but isn’t really the same thing.

This spell can use any fruit you want. I’ve chosen apples because it’s a common gifting fruit, but oranges are popular too in some regions of the world. I tend to choose the fruit depending on the person I’m gifting it to. You can also gift many fruits at the same time with this spell. Just repeat the spell on each piece of fruit.

You can also do this spell outside of the calendar New Year. It’s intended for new beginnings, so it can be for any time – someone buying a house, moving in together, a baby, etc. I’ve used it for college students too, who could probably use a bit of fresh fruit in between the usual coffee-pizza-beer diet. It’s also a lovely way of marking your calendar year when it doesn’t match up with the standard Gregorian calendar year.

Of course, one should remember that you are gifting enchanted food – so make sure the party you’re gifting it to will appreciate it for what it is and knows what to expect. And don’t forget to check the notes after the spell!

What you’ll need:

  • Apples or fruit
  • Sun water
  • Moon water
  • Purified, clean drinking water (see notes)
  • Cloth or towel to dry the apple with

First, pick the best apples for your gift. This is purely personal choice, but you may wish to take into account the flavor of the apple, texture variations in the varieties of apples, and the apple color.

Make sure to wash the apple’s skin, prepping it for eating. You can use the purified drinking water for this step, if you like, but tap water is fine too.

Pour sun water over the fruit, saying “I douse this apple in the sun’s warmth, so it brings joy, abundance, and light to the one who eats it.”

Pour moon water over the apple and say, “I douse this apple in the moon’s light, so it brings power, strength, and courage to the one who eats it.”

Wash the apple with the purified drinking water and say, “I clean this apple in pure water, to bring health and clarity to the one who eats it.”

Dry the apple off with your cloth and say, “The one who eats this apple is gifted all the opportunities they want and need to take advantage of this new beginning.”

Then simply gift the apples to your intended recipient.


  • As said above, any fruit can be used, but fruit with skin like apples or oranges fair better than softer fruits that may be damaged by so much water.
  • Sun water is simply water that is has been infused by pure, bright sunlight.
  • Moon water here refers to full moon water, water that is infused under the light of a full moon
  • The purified drinking water here serves as an important step. Not only does it bring health as an additive to the spell, but it also cleans off the sun and moon water, which may be stagnate and not the healthiest water to drink/eat.


Sun’s Protection Spell

This is a very simple protection verbal spell and can even be cast on the go. Since this is a solar powered spell, it’ll work best on sunny, warm days.

What you’ll need:

  • A bright sunny day
  • Sun water

Collect your sun water and smear some on your forehead. You can also anoint your joints or even dab the water like perfume. You don’t need a lot. Just enough to feel it. 

Stand under a bright beam of sunlight and envision being bathed in the light. The light should seep into your skin, turning you fire-like, hot and shimmering so nothing can touch you.

Really take a few minutes to soak in that sunlight. Feel the warmth of it on your skin and so forth.

When you’re ready, say or think the following,

“Sunlight protect my heart,

Protect my flesh,

Guide my bones,

Illuminate my way. 

Burn all those who would cause me harm.”


  • You may be harnessing a sunbeam for protection, but don’t forget to wear sunscreen and so forth against the sun’s rays.