Ah look at this shiny new space~!

Okay, so this isn’t actually new. Or particularly shiny. It is, however, empty. Over the next few months I will be filtering in blog posts from my tumblr blog of worth or relevance. I’ll be going backwards, so the older posts will be put out first. I’ll keep them in categories and tags so you all can find them more easily.

Before anyone gets panicky, I’m not leaving tumblr. This website has always been intended to be used as a backup to tumblr and an archive for all the decent post I’ve written over there. Now I think I’ll also be publishing posts made exclusively here or expounded upon from a tumblr post I’ve made. If I do expand a tumblr post, I’ll link it so you can follow along.

Out of curiosity, is there any sort of posts you’d like to see or things done with this website that I don’t do on tumblr?