And his eyes fell upon me….

I’m godbothered. I don’t speak about it much because I’m really very serious when I say I do not work with gods or spirits. I sometimes work for them and they sometimes work for me. But being godbothered means that I am literally bothered by a god. I can say no (and do, often) but they always return. The attention is uncalled for and many times unwanted.

The god I’m speaking of in my case is Heimdallr. According to Heimdallr worshipers He’s rather hands-off and aloof. This was confirmed by my own dealings with Him. We played cat-and-mouse for years. I’ve felt drawn to Him but refuse to worship a being at all (for reasons). I don’t even have a place for offerings for Him (although I intend on in the future, an outdoor public thing; offerings would be rare on my part though). Over the last year He told me He wanted me to be His seer. I took a long time but eventually agreed when terms were finally hammered out. I still don’t work with Him or worship Him, but I will be His oracle, when necessary. Rarely do I hear from Him. But today as I did a reading for a client.

The client in question is a Lokean so it isn’t surprising that Heimdallr decided to listen in, so to speak. I drew the cards out and interrupted them and as I was doing so I felt that floating sensation I get when I know I’m being dragged to the other side. I’m being beckoned elsewhere and there isn’t much I can do to stop it.  (Not that I would. I don’t tend to get dragged over unless there’s some shenanigans happening in my territory that I need to handle or someone wants to talk to me and it’s easier to do it there than here.)

I finished up the reading, saved it all because the internet’s been wonky due to summer storms (and now I still can’t send the reading because Etsy’s down at the time of this writing) and went to sleep.

Dreamless sleep. Odd, considering I was being beckoned over but upon reflection, it’s better to sleep first then wake up and cross over. You’re less likely to fall asleep while traveling and scientists have stated that lucid dreaming occurs most often when you wake up and then go back to sleep again. Which means that it is also true that it is easier to cross over when you wake up and go back to sleep.

By the time I awoke, His eyes had passed me by. I have no idea what His intentions where or why but who can know the gods’ minds but themselves?