Class is in session! Essentia of Crown Witchcraft sign ups are now open!

Essentia of Crown Witchcraft, my 101 secular witchcraft online course, is now open for sign ups. Classes start March first and run until April 15th. This is a super cheap price for this course guys, no joke, so hop on it while you get the chance!


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I can’t even tell you how excited I am to share this with you all. This has been a work of love and labor for a very long time.


26 lessons.

6 weeks.

That’s all that stands between you and magic.

Essentia of Crown Witchcraft

  A secular witchcraft 101 course for witchlings & old hats alike.

March 2018 Intensive


This course is really set up for beginner witchlings and pro old hat witches alike. I wanted to create a course that anyone could join and learn something new from.

26 lessons, 3 a week for 6 weeks

50+ page workbook PDF

3+ videos

5+ audio files

25+ spells exclusively written for this course

100+ divination spreads

A 60 minute 1-on-1 guidance session after the course

Plus, access to me for support and guidance the whole way

Other spontaneous goodies


Notice all those plus signs. I’m always adding more to this course. Whatever I get done before each lesson launches is a surprise for both you and me. It could be more demo videos, it might be audio clips, it could be a schedule live call. It’ll be an adventure for both you and me.

My goals for the course is the following:

  • Create a magical practice & style that suits you
  • Know how to separate or combine your magical practice & religious or spiritual beliefs
  • Read, understand, adapt, & cast any spell you can find
  • Write spells to suit your purpose & style
  • Make a candle, magic circle, cleansing potion, & many other practical tools
  • Contact spirits & astral travel in a secular manner
  • Confidently engage in the magical community
  • Recognize problematic issues & avoid them
  • Know where to go & what you want to do with your magical practice


This is an intensive – meaning that this course throws a lot of information at once. Three different topics a week will be covered, probably requiring at least half an hour each on average.

I will be offering this course again in the future, but not at this price. (Trust me, this is a steal). I’ll also offer this course at a slower pace (6 months rather than 6 weeks) in the future as well, also not at this price.


Your syllabus:

Your lessons include everything you need to have a balanced magical practice. Your included workbook is your companion as you begin a magical journey to a new you.

This workbook. Let me tell you about this workbook. I originally wanted it to be something small you could download and print out if you wanted. And then it evolved. A lot. So now it’s this beefy monster PDF instead.

Here’s what’s covered in the course:

  • How magic works in my paradigm
  • What you’ll need
  • Spell theory
  • Tools of the trade
  • History does not equal reality
  • Understanding a spell
  • Powering spells
  • Energy manipulation
  • Morality & ethics in magic
  • Cultural appropriation
  • Meditation, centering, & grounding
  • Divination & dream journals
  • Spell conflicts & clauses
  • Sigils & symbols
  • Why spells fail
  • Spell writing & creation
  • Spirits, deities, familiars, & astral travel
  • Safety in the community


What’s NOT covered in this course:

  • Herbalism
  • Runes
  • Spirit walking and working
  • Deity work & worship
  • Astrology, numerology, etc.
  • Lots of other stuff not used in this system of magic

If you’ve a question on what’s being covered, shoot me an email. I’ll be happy to answer the questions I can.


FAQ (shortened)

What do I need to start this course?
  • Coursecraft account (allowing you to access the course)
  • PDF reader
  • Open mind
  • Audio & video player (like adobe or a cell phone with internet accessibility)


Will this course be offered again?

Yes. However, class sign ups are few and far between. Don’t wait to sign up for the class if you’re interested. It could be months before it’s offered again.

How much will it cost?

$350 for the entire course

This is a huge steal. More than 13% off. Regular price starts at $406. 

Payment plans are also available for as low as $59 a month!


 Sign ups end March 3rd so, make sure that you’re signed up before that! If there’s enough sign ups by March 1st, I’ll throw in a special surprise.


Crown Witchcraft 101 Sign Up Button

Elemental Combinations

I don’t really use elements in your traditional ritual set up. I do sometimes use them but it’s often in a more alchemical way than an earth-air-fire-water way.

One of my favorite ways to use elements is to combine them. A good example is an air plant. An air plant largely lives on air (with the occasional misting of water) but it’s still a plant so it’s an earth element. That’s three associations to deal with for one tiny little plant!

But elemental combinations are actually a really smart way to help set up an altar or a spell on the go. You can just roll with it. Instead of packing a ton of ritual items, you can just pack one or two herbs and that can suffice. It helps if you travel a lot, do a lot of on-the-go rituals, or need to be low-key.

Elemental combinations also have the benefit of being dual purpose so you can bring two different energies into a spell at the same time. Need both fire and water? A dried water plan may be the best way to go – just burn it with a candle.

Of course, the thing with element associations is that they are NOT universal. Every practitioner will need to rely on their cultural or traditional folklore in addition to their own personal associations.


However, correspondence charts are super helpful, especially when they’re well-researched. To that end, I’m happy to announce that I’m releasing online correspondence charts for free to you all.

These are heavily researched with sources. As in, you can look up where each correspondence comes from right down to the page. Right now, we’re starting with herbal correspondences because I have hundreds readily available but stones, metals, and other correspondences will come along in time.

I’m super happy to finally be sharing this with you. Keep an eye on the correspondence charts because they will constantly be updated. I will eventually create a downloadable PDF with all the correspondences but for now, it’s online only. Enjoy!

October Roundup

Happy Halloween! I’m so very excited for Halloween and the fun plans for the day (and night). I’m definitely one of those people who puts on their costume early in the morning and wears it throughout the day. No regrets.

If you aren’t already, check out my instagram to see fun photos throughout the day.

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Pumpkins! First pumpkins of the autumn.

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October is, sadly, coming to an end. In my neck of the woods, October is usually cool in the mornings and evenings but warm throughout the day. To me, that screams curl up in a knit blanket by a bonfire and tell stories. I’m sad to see it go.



Hydrangea Charm is one of a kind.

New products also made an appearance in the shop. Two of them are utterly unique, one of a kind spell bottle necklaces and are perfect for yuletide gifts. (It seems so weird to be talking about that already!) Check out Love Conquers All and Hydrangea Charm.

Bring Me the Money! aren’t one of a kind but each bottle is packed full of money drawing goodness.

Spell bottles are awesome little spells. They can be worn or left to hang near your bed or desk. I like to hang them in a pretty arrangement around my window to give that witchy aesthetic feel and have spell casting power.

Look for more witchy goodies for the upcoming holidays and winter season over the next few weeks.

This month featured a lot of spirit-related posts in honor of Halloween. They pretty much covered the gambit from how to talk to ghosts and how to live with with spirits but also what offerings to give a faerie. My post on spirit induced injuries made its yearly appearance as well as a spell to protect your home from spirits. Of course, just the other day there was the spirit summoning spell, just in time for Halloween.

We also had several posts on astral travel. The ever popular question how do you tell the difference between your imagination and astral travel was answered. The next installment of Spirit Destinations is also available, showcasing the location Valley of the Witch Seer.

October’s also a good time for healing oneself as by some calendars, the end of autumn marks the end of the year (rather than the middle of winter). We also get a lot of new folks interested in witchcraft or spiritual practices (hello newbies!) So techniques on how to get started on a new path and spell to begin again are popular.

Spell Saturdays this month didn’t really have a theme. It was kind of all over the place but it had a point! I was trying to clear out my overflowing tumblr inbox request! There’s a binding bad habits spell and a spell to hit the fresh button on your life and begin again.There was also the borderline curse Know What You’ve Done, a spell to protect your home from spirits, and one to summon spirits. Bonus points for those who noticed I messed up the numbering again before I corrected it. (Oops)

The review for the Halloween Oracle is (finally!) up. I adore this deck even if the review doesn’t exactly shine. I also posted a patron exclusive spell Strength Defeats. It’s a tarot spell to overcome yourself. Support This Crooked Crown over on Patreon for access in addition to monthly rewards!

For original writing, I published a new short story this month called Undead.

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This might be one of my favorites 😍

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I also visited the Roger William Park & Zoo’s Pumpkin Spectacular. This is one of those Halloween must-go events. I’ll have a post about that soon, I promise. But that’s it for this month! Thank you everyone so much for your support and see you in November!

Updates abound

So… Been a while, right?

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I’ve been very quite on the internet in the last month or so. There’s a reason for this. I’m working on a very complex and involved project known as “Secret Future Plan” (SFP). The project itself is more personal in nature but indirectly affects my work, heavily. It’s been going on for over a year now and that’s just been set up. We’re hoping to kick off SFP by the end of this month. There’s a second phase to SFP that I can’t plan for yet until the first phase is completed, really, so things will still be up in the air for a long while yet. I’m hoping to have everything squared away by autumn and then I’ll release a new post series on SFP.

Anyway, SFP aside, there have been a lot of minor updates happening around This Crooked Crown so I thought I’d summarize them all here for your convenience and such.

  • Readings now sorted by type over on my Etsy and Storenvy shops!
  • Storenvy shop is open again, with new stock & better mirroring with the Etsy shop.
  • Released a new spread Prince Charming in both the Etsy and Storenvy shops. Now’s a really good time for a reading because the turn-around time is short right now.
  • Updated the “Divination Methods” section of the website under Tarot and Oracle Decks. The mini reviews and images are gone and will be, over time, replaced with proper reviews with more images. List also has been updated to accurate reflect current collection.
  • Made little updates across the website, such as to the FAQ and such.
  • I sold out my free online witchcraft primer course. Which is so surprising to me! Thank you, everyone. I plan on re-opening that course in early August!

Posted by @thiscrookedcrown on Jul 15, 2016


And here’s a random list of things I’ve been working on in the background:

  • The previously mentioned “Witchcraft 101” course is now named “Fundamentals of Witchcraft”. I’m working on it diligently and hope to have it available by September.
  • Writing lots and lots of posts that you’ll see soon.
  • Sending out my Spirit Walker fiction manuscript to various agents and publishing houses.
  • Writing the second draft of The Sea Witch fiction manuscript.
  • I’m hoping to collect some of my spells and recipes together and forge a book to publish online.
  • Updating tumblr resources since tumblr deleted all the links and slowly moving those articles over to this website for permanent storage. So we won’t lose anything again due to tumblr’s fickle nature.
  • Updating a photos of readings and such so they’re pretty.
  • Sample readings will be soon available to view so you know what to expect from a reading.
  • Saving plants. I’ve started to bring home those sad little plants you see in the clearance areas of stores. With care and attention, I can bring the little guys back to vibrant life.
  • The aforementioned “Secret Future Plan” which consumes my soul on a daily basis. Additionally, my personal life has been rather busy taking care of various ill persons, including myself.

Posted by @thiscrookedcrown on Jul 15, 2016


Whew! That’s (probably) everything. Life gets really busy for everyone so sometimes the ball gets dropped but I think I’m back on track now. Thanks for sticking with me this far and hope you stick around even longer.


Free Twitter Tuesday Tarot Reading at @crookedcrown

Did you know I have a twitter? Well, I do! Mostly it contains community comments or shop updates but is it legit the fastest way to find out what’s up for This Crooked Crown at the moment.

But what if it was more?

ONE free tarot or oracle card reading will be given away every Tuesday for FREE via twitter @crookedcrown. Check @crookedcrown every Tuesday to see if you got this week’s free reading!

Each reading will be about 100 characters so they are going to be super mini readings! If you’re looking for something more in-depth, you’ll want to consider buying a larger reading.

How do you sign up for this kind of awesome?

Step 1: Sign up or log into twitter and find my twitter account @crookedcrown

Step 2: Send a private message to me via twitter (direct message) with your question and the acronym FTTTR so I know it’s for Free Twitter Tuesday Tarot Reading and not just you sending me a random question.

So a potential message might look like this: “Hi! FTTTR pls Will I get this promotion? TY!”

Step 3: Wait to see if you’re selected for that Tuesday’s Free Twitter Tuesday Tarot Reading!

That’s it!

If I don’t have any requests that week, then I’ll just pull a card for my followers as a whole. So it may still apply to you.

I have the right to select from the questions which one I want to answer that day so it’s somewhat first come first serve but also depends on my mood. I may not answer your question at all if I don’t feel it’s appropriate. Generally speaking, if you send in a question, I will eventually get around to answering it.

I do not accept questions on any other medium source nor do I give readings away anywhere else. This is it. This is your chance for a free reading. Please do not send a tumblr ask, email, or paper airplane with your question. I won’t answer it.

Introducing Spell Saturdays!

With witches comes spells right? (Well, usually).

Spells are extremely commonplace in most witchcraft practices but finding the right spell for the job is one of the most difficult task a practitioner can have. Everyday I get spell requests from both practitioners and people looking just to dip their toe in magic. Some folks don’t know where to look for spells, don’t know how to write a spell, or just want another practitioner’s opinion on if a spell would work.

So I’m really excited to announce Spell Saturdays! Every Saturday This Crooked Crown will be publishing a spell. This spell might be on any topic from money spells to love to curses. The spells will be sourced so you can look them up later if you want but they may also be original works. Each spell will be tagged accordingly and added to appropriate pages so you can find them later.

Spells can be easily found but do they work? How to you adapt them? Where did they come from? Can you substitute X for Y? These questions may very easily crop up when looking at spells. So, I’ll only post spells that have been tried by myself or trusted colleagues. With these spells will includes notes we made while casting those spells as well as suggestions for each spell on how to adapt it for your needs!

I hope this will be a really fun experience for everyone. Finding spells can be really difficult and sometimes just knowing what to expect and how someone else has adapted a spell can make you feel so much more confident in casting the spell to begin with. Happy casting!



Second online store now open! Visit me over at This Crooked Crown @ Storenvy!

This Crooked Crown’s Witchery & Curiosities! 

Insightful tarot readings, effective, practical spell solutions, and witchcraft for the everyday and extraordinary. Witchcraft, spells, divination, oracle & tarot readings, oils, ointments & bath luxuries, poppets, magic tools & charms, and other curiosities. Custom orders welcome!

News: This Crooked Crown Witchery & Curiosities opens a second online location at storenvy! Same wonderful products, same great prices, same awesome service, just at another online location.

Featured Products: Want to plan out your new year? Try the thoroughSetting Goals reading, ever popular Journey reading, or intense Seasons reading. Want a glimpse at your next relationship? Future Lovers reading is the one for you. [Etsy links here, here, here, and here.] Expires February 1st, 2015.

Items on sale: 15% off the entire store in both locations! Storenvy coupon code: YAY2NDSTORE and Etsy coupon code: WINTER

Best wishes and journeys!

-This Crooked Crown

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Happy New Year!

May your 2015 be better than the last years, may you be given the wealth you want and need, may you remain safe in adversity and hale in health, may you have the courage and strength to do what you want, need, and must, and may the best of your wishes and dreams come true.

Enough of that solemn nonsense. Have your hangovers abated yet? Considering some hair of the dog perhaps? Or maybe you mocked up your new year resolutions and considering to maybe even stick to them this year. Did you have someone to kiss (yes! Your pet totally counts!) Or perhaps you just spent ringing in the new year on a Netflix marathon and didn’t realize it was 2015 until 3 a.m. Hey, it’s all good.

There’s something of a tradition that you should spend your first day of the New Year doing what you want to do for the rest of the year. Make that first day the pattern and what to hold the rest of the year to. That’s great and all but I prefer to make it a week-long event. This primarily comes from not everything I want to the year to be can’t fit into one day. So I spend the week stretching out the things I want to do. This is actually really useful if your new year resolutions are more life-changing than just “I’m going to read more books this year.” This is especially useful if health or dietary concerns were part of your focus for the new year.

For those of you a little lost on those new year resolutions or what direction you want 2015 to go in, you might want to consider some divination and soul-searcher. Write a list of what you want to do and draw cards to see how feasible they are. Divination not your thing? Find a reader! Here’s my three recommendations from my own shop for those who want to use divination to plan 2015.

On This Crooked Crown’s front, I’m focusing more on my writing than last year as well as planning a few big changes and travel plans this year. (That includes getting those rumored witchcraft lessons off the ground.) In fact, watch this space for a big announcement next week!

That’s it from me! I hope the year is kind to you!

Road Trip! Rhode Island to New Orleans and Back Again!

So unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ll notice that it’s September and almost October. You may have noticed that by checking the calendar but more likely you’ve noticed that because the autumn tumblr posts are back.

For those of you who were paying special attention you have connected that with my RI-NOLA-RI road trip (coming up in 10 days) so some of you on the East Coast of the US are probably even partially excited by that.

For those of you who have been living under a rock, let me give you the summary: Between September 30th through October 8th I will be on a road trip from Rhode Island (where I live) down the eastern seaboard to New Orleans (via Florida) and then back. During the trip I may make requested stops and hold meet ups for tumblrites.

OK, so that’s cool. Where are you stopping? My mum and I are spontaneous – we have literally nothing planned but a general direction, a budget, and I’ve a few cities that I intend to stop in (for meet ups or tourist bullshit.) If YOU have a place you want me to stop at or can recommend, send an ask or email.

So far the following places have been decided (dates are COMPLETE estimates and absolutely NOT guaranteed):

  • Gettysburg, PA (9/30-10/1)
  • Washington, DC. (10/1)
  • Richmond, VA (10/2)

How will this effect YOU?

  • I will be on the internet less and answering asks and emails less, if at all.
  • The shop will remain open but ONLY for divination/tarot readings.
  • I technically legally can’t do divinations for those in Pennsylvania or North Carolina. That doesn’t necessarily mean I won’t but legally I shouldn’t.

That’s cool, that’s cool. How can I help?

Want to follow along with the road trip? The BEST way to do that is my twitter although facebook and tumblr will get some love too.

Ah look at this shiny new space~!

Okay, so this isn’t actually new. Or particularly shiny. It is, however, empty. Over the next few months I will be filtering in blog posts from my tumblr blog of worth or relevance. I’ll be going backwards, so the older posts will be put out first. I’ll keep them in categories and tags so you all can find them more easily.

Before anyone gets panicky, I’m not leaving tumblr. This website has always been intended to be used as a backup to tumblr and an archive for all the decent post I’ve written over there. Now I think I’ll also be publishing posts made exclusively here or expounded upon from a tumblr post I’ve made. If I do expand a tumblr post, I’ll link it so you can follow along.

Out of curiosity, is there any sort of posts you’d like to see or things done with this website that I don’t do on tumblr?

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