Bewitch Your Holiday Shopping

Many of us participate in holiday gift-giving and with crazed events like Black Friday, you may find yourself searching for hard-to-get items or the cheapest prices.

So here’s a quick guide on how to use witchcraft in your holiday shopping.


Make or buy charms for everything. Want to keep the money coming in? Make a charm bag. Want to find the best parking spot at the mall? Place a charm enchanted with a “finding spell” in your car, or hang a pendulum on your rear view mirror and let it guide your way.


Pray. This is especially true for those of you who worship deities of commerce. A personal example would be on Black Friday I prayed to no one in particular (although, it may have been by a pop culture deity, I don’t know.) but I wasn’t even done with my prayer when my mum interrupted to point out the exact item I was looking for not three feet away from where I was, tucked behind some boxes.

Write a List

Write out your shopping list with magical ink, specifically ink that’s meant to draw things towards you. Can’t do that? Infuse water with magnets and drawing herbs and trace your pre-written words with it. Still too much? Enchant a pen.

Pass It On

For those who haven’t worked in retail, the holiday season is not a fun time for retail employees. Thank them for their hard work by enchanting the cash your using to brighten their day or give them a little boost in energy. Not using cash? You can do the same to your credit cards. For those skilled in emitting energy, send the staff a little bit of energy. You can also sign receipts and leave a little energy for them. Do the same for waitstaff – they’re incredibly busy during this season too. (Obviously, if your morals say don’t do this then don’t.)

Oil Your Wallet

Use magnet or drawing oils on your wallet or purse to keep your money in your pocket.

Use a Spell

Want a specific item? Write a spell for it. Write down or print out the image of the item you want, dump it in a jar with some magnets and drawing herbs (I’d add in some luck herbs as well personally), seal it up, and shake. You could also do a knot spell where each knot is a separate item on your wish list or shopping list and wear it when you go shopping. Just be wary of how this shakes out. A hot selling item, for example, might not be there on Black Friday but may be in stock four or five days later when you happen to chance on it. If you need the item by a specific date, specify that.

The Item Summoning Spell is perfect for this sort of thing!

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Most important of all, remember to enjoy yourself during the holiday season and to be kind to the employees and other shoppers while you’re out.

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