Pop Culture Spells Are Real Spells

I’m sure you’ve heard it before. “That’s not a real spell” or “You can’t use that spell from Charmed” or my personal favorite “You need to use a spell from a real spell book not one that you made up or stole from TV.”

Some of my followers are laughing. You should be. The sad part is I’ve actually been told these things by other witches. I’ve heard them from actual people actually saying and believing this.

So I’m going to say this straight: this kind of thinking is illogical, infuriating, and bullshit.

Candle Smoke

Someone had to write those spells. Even in your precious “real spell book” (whatever that means because what separates a spell book from other books except intent and instructions?). I’m not even going to touch the fact that some actually people believe you shouldn’t write your own spells (or that you need a particular skill level or talent for it). Nope, I’m not going there. But I will go to that place where I can rant about the other stuff.

I’ve used spells from all sorts of places. TV shows, movies, books, poetry, video games, songs, instrumental music, even humming. I’ve used it all. None of the spells have failed because they were written for a video game. None. If they failed it was because a) Turning into a dragon is a bit out of reach at the moment (but who knows in the future?) b) I didn’t actually put effort into the spell and/or was just fooling around c) I didn’t power or empower the spell properly (look, unicorn horn and dragon teeth are kind of hard to come by, OK?) d) spells sometimes fail.

Let me give some examples of the cool shit I’ve done with spells from media forms:

  • Hair support spell – TV, slightly altered to turn from a curse into something more useable on myself
  • Attraction spell – a mix up of two songs with selected and slightly altered verses.
  • Short-term construct (created familiar) – song, verbatim
  • Mirror scrying spell – children’s book
  • Curse – based on a curse from a spell book, re-adapted for my novel, then re-adapted to be less vicious and used in real life.
  • Protection spells – general idea used by thousands of media forms AND witches
  • Harvesting spell – humming
  • Blessing for the dead – movie
  • Water boiling – a play
  • Annual festival ritual opening – poems
  • Annual festival ritual closing – anime / manga
  • Healing spell – Disney movie
  • Faerie conversation opener / spell – video game

All of these, by the way, worked as they were intended to. All of these were used in the same year.

Spell and Herb Candle by This Crooked Crown

Why is a spell written for a video game is less… whatever than one written by a magical practitioner from a hundred years ago? Why are words of a dead person considered more valid? They aren’t casting the damn spell. You are. So it doesn’t really matter where the spell came from because you’re casting it. You. You can turn anything into a spell. Even humming.

(The only exception I’ll make is if the spell itself is a living spell that gains power the more you use it. But that’s the only exception and I’ve never actually seen a spell like that in any books or ever used as an argument so we’ll put that exception aside.)

I really don’t understand the logic of a person who says “that’s not a real spell”. When they are asked to explain why that example isn’t a real spell they never say “because there’s no vocalizations, so it’s really just a working” (which, in my opinion, would be a valid argument and then the word choices would change for the rest of the discussion appropriately). They never say that. They just say “you can’t use a spell from Final Fantasy! You just can’t.” When asked to further explain, they’ll simply keep saying “Because it’s not a real spell.” It’s a circle of fallacy.

What people mean when they say something’s not a real spell is that it was not written by a practitioner for a practitioner to be used as a spell. That’s what they’re saying. And that’s bullshit. It’s also poisonous thinking.

No spell is valid until you do the spell and verify it for yourself. I don’t care that Sparkly Pony Butt the Greatest Witch There Is says the spell works. You. Didn’t. Do. The. Spell. If you didn’t test it, then there’s no it’ll work just because Sparkly Pony Butt says so. If you do the spell and it does work? Great! Even if the spell doesn’t work, that doesn’t mean the spell still isn’t valid just because it didn’t work for you. You are one person. You can’t invalidate an entire body of work just because it didn’t work for you. You might not like Game of Thrones but that doesn’t mean it isn’t valid entertainment to other people, right?

For All Sorts of Money Powder by This Crooked Crown

On that idea, you can’t invalidate a spell from some media form just because it was written for a character. The character used it, didn’t they? The spell most likely worked for them too. So… why can’t it work for you? What? Because magic is different from their fictional world? The results might be less flashy and different but you’ll probably still get results. Using media forms for spells is brilliant. I’ll give you some example:

You broke up with your now ex-lover. You really still hate that asshole. They cheated on you, kicked your dog, shit in your cornflakes, called your art ugly, whatever. You want to curse them. Your ex-lover once charmed you by reading their favorite poem to you. Use that poem against them. Curse them by turning that poem into a weapon. Don’t change the words, change the intent of the words. Make it so every time that ex-lover utters a line from that poem they become entangled further in the curse. Make it so their shoelaces are never tied, their bread will always spoil, they’ll develop an uncontrollable bladder, or they’ll feel your heartbreak every time they read that poem. Every. Time.

Another example: You ran across an amazing healing spell in a video game. It is literally the most beautiful thing you’ve read and it strikes you in ways you can’t quite articulate. Use it. You feel a connection to it. That person you’re healing doesn’t care where you’re getting that spell from. All they care about is their flu going elsewhere.

Example Three: You’re watching Doctor Who and the Doctor said something that struck a cord. After thinking about it a little, you realize you can make it a spell. You’re excited and tell your Whovian friend who says you can’t use it (the the snarkiest way possible). The Doctor doesn’t believe in magic and blah blah blah. Now you’re a little heartbroken. Re-watch a couple of your favorite episodes (I’d avoid Doomsday) and do it anyway. Also yes, your Sonic Screwdriver can be your wand. Ignore anyone who says otherwise.

Example Four: Harry Potter. Use it. Love it. Ignore assholes who make snide comments. They aren’t on the Quidditch team and they’re just jealous. Seriously though, Harry Potter is often cited as an inspiration for many. Some of you probably came to magical practices from Harry Potter. Why shouldn’t a spell from the series be used as well? You might not be able to make something float as well as Hermoine, but you could probably use Wingardium Leviosa to lighten a heavy bag or box.

Pop Culture Spells Are REAL Spells by This Crooked Crown

Words are just words until they are given meaning. Given intent. We are the ones that ascribe emotional meaning and intent to words. Because words are just words, you can give them any intent you want. Turn that blessing into a curse, if you want to. It doesn’t matter what others say. Your spells are valid for you. They don’t need to work for anyone else. They just need to work for you. Tweak that song verse to fit your desires. Make it your own. And use it.

You’re a witch. Manipulating shit to our wishes is what we do.

Adapted from my original tumblr post here.


How to Make a Poppet House

Pissed at your neighbors? Do the residents of the upstairs apartment hold band sessions at three in the morning? Or do you simply want to enchant a house, filling it with protective energies? Use a poppet house!


A poppet house works just like a human-shaped poppet. It’s sympathetic magic with the purpose of working as a surrogate for your house. What happens to the poppet happens to the target.

Here’s some ways to build a poppet house.

  • A diorama or dollhouse
  • Sketch out a blueprint or layout
  • A photo collage
  • Computer programs for home designers or video games like the Sims, Minecraft, or even Skyrim or Fallout 4
  • Shadow box or a box in the shape of a house (example blow)


Once you have your poppet house established, you’ll need to connect your poppet house to your actual house.

This will vary depending on what you’re using as a poppet house. Generally speaking I recommend making a little charm bag full of the following and placing it next to or attached to the poppet house. For virtual proxies, stick the charm bag under or near the monitor or device.

When casting spells on the poppet house, hold the charm bag in your hands, stare at your image, and cast your spell.

Diorama’s or dollhouse have an advantage here as you can literally replicate whatever you use to connect your house to your poppet house.

Your charm bag could contain the following:

  • Nails from the house
  • Dirt from the house or yard
  • Dust from the house
  • Broken stone or wood from the house
  • A picture of the house
  • Bottle of water from the faucet
  • Ashes from the hearth, fireplace, or fire pit.
  • A realtor’s list of the house (# of rooms, types of rooms, general description)


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Behind the scenes! The other side of my workspace.

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See that house shaped shadow box on the wall above ^? Perfect for casting multiple little spells!


So what can you do with a poppet house? Anything! The list of what you can do is really endless.

  • Draw sigils onto the walls to protect it
  • Sprinkle healing water or oils to keep the residents healthy.
  • Dust the house with cursing powder to hex neighbors
  • Use symbols to encourage the residents to move
  • Coat the home in basil to keep up a happy home and wealth
  • Scatter magnetic sand on the model house of your dreams to bring it to you
  • Pepper the house with lucky powder to increase your family luck


This is a great way of practicing low-key magic. Instead of cleansing your house physically, you can do it with the model house. It’s also a fantastic way of keeping up the spells of your home while you’re away or to cast spells for friends, family, or enemies far away.

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Enchanting Your Weight Loss

I think the number one New Year’s resolution is weight loss. But it’s hard to get on the yoga mat or hit the gym everyday. We lead busy lives and sometimes we don’t feel like exercising. Or, you’re recovering from injury or illness and it’s hard to get motivated. Add in body self-consciousness and there’s a whole host of reasons why you might not make your fitness goal.

And that’s OK. Keep trying. It might take longer than you want it to and it’s probably harder than you imagined but it can be done. You have to try. That’s all you have to do. Try and keep trying. And that’s so much harder than it sounds.

There’s a lot of witchy ideas for helping yourself remember to exercise (and a few non-witchy ones worth trying). Here’s a few.




Infuse energy into your exercise equipment and clothes

Sit down with or on your exercise equipment. This could be a yoga mat, hand weights, or even you exercise clothing and shoes.

Push energy into the items. Think of your goals and health. Say or speak what you want to happen. Be as specific or vague as you’d like. For example, I try to do yoga or stretching everyday as it helps reduce injury connected to my chronic illness. I made sure to add those kind of thoughts and expectations to my energy. Add your reasons in there too. Are you doing this to lose weight? To be more flexible? For your health? To meet your fitness goals? Are you trying to shift your body into a particular shape?

I also threw in lots of “notice me” energy. Make the exercise equipment or clothing extremely noticeable to you psychically. You know how some things just are more easily noticed than others, even when buried in a bunch of stuff? You’re making that happen with your stuff. (By the way, doing these spells on your vitamins or medications are a huge help)

You might also want to add diminutive or scheduling qualities to your enchanting. Energy to reduce the desire to snack between meals or to use the equipment regularly will also help.

Try to be perfectly clear in your wording. Flowery language has it’s place but be clear cut here. It’s not necessary for the spell to be pretty. I think the bluntness adds to the power of the enchantment for something like this.



Things you can enchant: your clothes, shoes, shoe laces, gym bag, water bottle, towels, earbuds, phone case, exercise equipment, cleaning solution for exercise equipment, the building you exercise in, and your gym pass.


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Such a great message!

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Color symbolism

Which colors reminds you of exercise? Buy clothing or equipment in those colors. If that’s not possible, tie fabric in those colors around a stability bar or some out of way place. And do it with everything. Put in colored shoes lace, buy hair ties, water bottles, or ear buds. If you use it for exercise, try an add that color in there somewhere.

You can even do a spell to link a specific color or color palette to exercising for you. If you want to do this, make sure that you always envision exercising with this color or color palette in mind. It reinforces the enchantment that way.

This has an added bonus of tying everything together in an aesthetically appealing way and that means you can probably store your stuff in a less out-of-the-way place. If you see it regularly, you might actually use it regularly.

Don’t make this difficult on yourself. Pick two or three colors and allow some leeway in color shade difference. There’s a lot of teals out there in the world so trying to match everything to a specific teal can get expensive and frustrating. This is to make your life easier, not harder.

If you go about this the right way, then you can lay out your gym clothes the night before and hit the gym early before your brain fully wakes up and realizes that magic has influenced it.

Super bonus: Every time you see this color outside of the home, do something exercise-y when you get a chance. Maybe touch your toes in the guise of tying your shoes or do a squat when trying to get something on a bottom shelf.


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I love this fortune! ❤

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Use sigils

Create a magical symbol or sigil in whatever system or method you like best. Create the sigil so you will want to consistently exercise. Draw that on your exercise equipment. I used sharpies in the same color as the equipment but you can do it with water, chalk, or whatever else.

You can also use the sigils to help reduce injury from a piece of equipment. Sigils are also a great way to add a little magic to your gym routine. It’s hard to enchant public equipment but quickly tracing a sigil onto the machine to give you a good workout as your program it can be a lifesaver.


Magnets and Water

Soak a magnet in some water. Use that water to wash the exercise equipment. Some magnets absorb water and become somewhat toxic so it might be best to pour the water on a napkin , rub it over a bit of the equipment you don’t touch.

You can also skip the magnet and just wash everything in enchanted water. I especially recommend this if you have trouble remaining hydrated or want to increase your water intake.

You can also make a tisane of herbs and wash your equipment with that. Be careful and aware of allergic reactions and make sure to do your research before using them, even topically like this.

Energy boosting herbal combinations might be citrus, paprika, cayenne pepper, ginseng, ginger, cinnamon, oatstraw, and nettle. If you’re looking to relax or relieve stress or anxiety, try oatstraw, chamomile, catnip, lemon balm, or valerian root. Want to add in some healing? Herbs like calendula, plaintain, rosemary, or sage might be a good option.



Sun Power

Soak your equipment in the sun. The sun is a great for energy boosting and this is probably one of the easier methods for stuff. Just lay your equipment out in the direct sun for a few minutes.

Remember that some fabrics, colors, and dyes don’t do well in the sun so don’t let these items sit out for very long. Enough to get the energy but not enough to ruin them.


Pay Yourself

Set up a jar with a slot in the lid in an obvious place near your equipment or by the door and pay yourself every time you exercise. Every time you meet a goal, be that losing five pounds or doing a hundred push ups, go and spend that earned money on something.

I generally put pocket change in these kind of jars but I know some folks put a dollar in each time. Treating yourself to something nice can be a huge motivator for some people so if motivation or accountability is a problem for you, this might be an answer.



Schedule and keep track

Remember to write in your planner or schedule with a Calendar app your exercise times. Look into exercise management apps and maybe keep an exercise journal.

Get a  friend involved and have that accountability there – the friend doesn’t have to be a gym buddy. Tweet or update tumblr every time you go to the gym to track your progress and ask friends to send motivation if you miss a day. Sometimes you just get busy and forget to do your thing and other times you just aren’t feeling up to it. A friend’s encouragement can really help.

You might also want to look into classes, joining groups, or making friends at the gym. A rock climbing group might help you get more into the sport and make more positive connections. Taking a class will give you a teacher to help you with form. Friends can help encourage you and give you a reason to go to the gym, beyond even exercising.

Another tip is to go to the gym even if you don’t want to exercise.Sometimes, just making it part of your daily routine will help you keep with your goals. This is also super useful for people who have weird schedules and need to add structure to their lives.


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Soul on fire

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And, hey, don’t get super mad at yourself for missing a day. It happens. Just make sure you do it the next day. I don’t recommend trying to make up for the lost exercise. Too much exercise can lead to all sorts of problems. Go slow and focus on doing exercises properly, rather than quickly. Time yourself so you don’t overdo it, keep hydrated, and set mini goals. Reward yourself for your mini goals just like major goals.

Please remember that everyone starts somewhere. Be kind to beginners. Be kind to people who are working out next to you. Not everyone exercises for the same reasons or even feel the need to exercise so don’t be an ass and shame people because they don’t fit your criteria. We’re doing this for ourselves. Let’s encourage each other to reach our goals.


Adapted from “Enchanting your yoga mat (or exercise equipment) to increase usage”over on tumblr here.

How to Write A Money Candle Spell

Money spells, in my opinion, are the best spells for beginners. Why? Because you’re going to notice if you suddenly have more money, aren’t you? And they can be as easy or as complex of a spell as you’d like.


Here’s a step-by-step guide for you to follow.

  1. Determine how much money you’ll need and why (although the why isn’t actually necessary). If you’re not fond of speaking out loud while doing spells or you feel like this would be more effective, write down the amount of money you need and why. Be specific. Pro tip: Start small. Need ten bucks? Ask for ten bucks. Need three thousand? Maybe it’s best to break it up into smaller amounts.
  2. Get yourself a candle. Any color will do but white, gold, silver, green, or whatever color your money is will do. A votive is probably the best and most common size but I actually recommend a little tea light. They’re cheaper and much faster to burn out.
  3. Get a magnet. Don’t look at me like that. You can buy packets of magnets in craft stores or craft departments of department stores or you can just select your least favorite magnet off the fridge and cut a bit of it off and use that. You place this in the hollowed out bottom of a candle or under the candle in the candle holder you intend to use.
  4. Get some herbs or ingredients. Never fear! You almost certainly have at least one of these on hand or can easily “borrow” some from the nearest coffee shop. These herbs should be luck drawing, money drawing, and prosperity drawing. Here’s my list of money drawing herbs and ingredients. You’ll need to at least have the herbs kind of finely chopped or powdered if you’re working with a small candle. Any non-herb ingredients can be placed in the hollowed bottom of a candle or under the candle on a candle plate. Your candle should be ready to go now.
  5. Light your candle and visualize. Some folks don’t do this but if you do, visualize you getting the money and spending it as you need it.
  6. (Optional) Chant a money spell. This chant can be anything you want from “bring me money, bring me X amount, bring me money, bring me X amount now.” to “Money comes but it does not go, bring the money, let it grow”. Or whatever you like. You can just say “I want X money”. Or nothing at all.
  7. Burn your things. While chanting (if that’s something you’re doing) burn the paper with the amount of money and purpose of money on it (if that’s something you’re doing), sprinkle the herbs into the lit candle slowly. When you feel done, then you’re done.
  8. Let the candle burn out. Keep whatever’s left of the candle somewhere until the spell’s been fulfilled. Congratulations!




How to hollow out a candle: You can do this by flipping the candle over, and twisting a hole into the wax with a knife.

How to dress a candle: Rub the candle in money drawing oil then roll it in herbs. You can chant over the candle if you want and infuse it with your energy.


That’s it! It really is that easy. It’ll take some practice but once you get going you can create all sorts of new spells with this as a base. Have fun and happy casting!

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WTF Do I Put in A Money Spell?

Or, Herbs, Spices, Ingredients, and Additives You Can Put In A Money Spell



I disregard most of the magical herb recommendations. Why? Because most of the time these books don’t tell you why they’re recommending it. And I think that’s pretty important stuff to know.

Don’t get me wrong; I own at least three different magical ingredient or herb books. I used Cunningham’s book when I was younger and I got great results. But when I learned to think critically, I stopped using them as intended and started using them to figure out where to start researching.

I personally feel that if you’re including an ingredient in your spell, you should know at least some basic information about it. A flower you selected because of the sweet scent for your attraction spell might also be a climbing plant. The people you attract might be sweet, but clingy, and choke up your lifestyle.

Because of this kind of logic, I use herbs and spices from the historical trading routes. Many of the spices or items listed below come from the Incense Route, Silk Route, and the East India Trading Company. Or just general historical knowledge of various trade goods wanted in different places. I’d check what your ancestors traded for in the past (if that’s applicable).

Common Money Spell Ingredients by This Crooked Crown

The list of course is by no means inclusive.

  • Salt (since the word salary comes from salt)
  • Actual money (coins, bills, etc) [Gold is probably best but whatever]
  • Silk
  • Magnets (or magnetic stones) [Mandatory IMO for money spells]
  • Incense
  • Cardamom
  • Cinnamon
  • Apricot
  • Cassia
  • Ginger
  • Allspice
  • Cloves
  • Sugar
  • Cotton
  • Vanilla
  • Turmeric
  • Tea [Green tea is my default]
  • Coffee
  • Tobacco
  • Chocolate
  • Sandalwood
  • Mace (the plant)
  • Bell and Chili peppers (dried)
  • Saffron
  • Cumin
  • Pepper
  • Grains of Paradise
  • Wine (any alcohol, really)
  • Galangal
  • Imported fruits or vegetables (dried) [These weren’t often traded because rot but they would have been. They were usually dried. Dried figs anyone?]
  • Precious metals (Gold, silver, copper, steel, etc.) [Try gold foil used in baking]
  • Jewels, gemstones, and semi-precious stones
  • Fine textiles (brocade, velvet, etc.)

Now, I’ll usually throw in candle wax from my money candle (I use the same money candle for every money spell I do). I’ll sew up gold silk charm bags with green thread. I embroider in gold or green money-oil soaked embroidery symbols of money or prosperity. I’ll drip rainwater from a full moon (to keep the wallet full). Tiny scraps of fabric can be used to stuff the bag as well. I also put magnetic sand or magnet chips in as well. I’ll mix whatever herbs on hand into an oil or ointment and smear it all over a coin.

I don’t recommend using shells or beads (unless cowrie beads, semi-precious stones, gemstones, or real pearls). Shells and beads have been used to fuck over indigenous people for centuries but you do what’s best for you.

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You don’t need much. A pinch of whatever’s on hand will work. All of that dumped in the charm bag and tucked into a purse, wallet, pocket, cash register, whatever and you’re good to go. And really, bits of anything expensive can go into a charm bag. Do what feels right and bring the money in.

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Crown’s Valentine’s Day Master Post

Happy Valentine’s Day / Lupercalia everyone!

Now, I don’t really celebrate either of these holidays so they’re only important to me as many of my friends and family do celebrate them or are affected by them so when I was asked (albeit some months ago) by makeyourownstuffwork to share some love spells “focus on creating a space for love to grow, rather than forcing an imitation of love” as part of a master post I was pretty excited. This post was written quickly but I’d been thinking on it for a while. For my tumblr followers, you’ve seen most of this post (and for wordpress followers, the links go back to tumblr. Eventually I’ll move all these spells over here) but I’ve added some content that I wanted to add last night and didn’t get the chance to and clarified my wording as I was rushed the first time around. Editing is a marvelous thing. Anyway, for those interested, here’s the original tumblr post.

Love spells aren’t strictly my forte. I’m capable of them certainly and they’re said to work wonders according to my clients but I have a friend who is hands down the best person I’ve ever met at spells relating to love and sex so I have my standards pretty high on this sort of thing. I personally don’t use love magic for myself often for a variety of related reasons but mostly because I’m happy being alone. Like, I’m actually happy and prefer to be by myself. Also, I’m not the kind of person to take bullshit and independent like the sun is hot so men seem intimidated? This is in addition to my romantic life’s pretty much a series of me liking someone who doesn’t feel the same way and for people to like me quite a bit but me not return the feelings. I digress….

I really appreciate a love spell. I love the way they have different meanings to different people and the little twists and turns can change something beautiful and freeing to something ugly and chaining. Love spells are traditional and common. Every folklore book ever will have at least one love superstition in it and it’s a pretty good chance that superstition can double as a spell. It’s also one of the number one requested things from clients and I adore performing them on the regular for clients. I’m not the kind of person to shame or judge someone for wanting to be loved or needing to use spells, dating websites, or whatever to fulfill that need. I likewise hate slut shaming. Essentially my belief is love however and whomever you will so long as it’s consensual.

First, before I get into what you’re really here for, let me tell you about why there’s so few love spells in my post and instead focused on spells that will help you in love. As said above, there’s a million love spells out there. Literally. So I find that spells that will help with dating are more useful. These are a series of suggestions and spells for those inclined to try. They might not be straight-up love spells but they’ll go hand-in-hand with your average love spell beautifully.

Self Care! This isn’t just adding enchanted bathing salts to your bath or casting a glamour. You also need to take actual self care for yourself. Even if you’re by yourself, dress up if you want to and take a crapload of selfies. Even if you’re not up for it tonight, you can use your selfies for a spell later (or not). If not, roll around in your sweats and Netflix all night. Be happy. It’s the most important thing. If you are dress yourself up, feel free to slap on some glamours. Glamours don’t just work for others but for you too. (When I feel like crap I put a glamour on myself to focus on the things I like about myself). Bathing in love attracting scents or herbs is a great ideal but watch out for herbs that have unwanted or poisonous effects. Brush up on your protections and be sure to remind yourself how fucking fabulous you are. (This is also something those who don’t have plans to do. Because you are awesome; potential lovers just haven’t seen you yet.) And hey, don’t forget to take any medications or vitamins and to eat a little bit before going out.

For Beauty. Worth, Valerie. The Crone's Book of Charms and Spells. pg. 37There is a talisman for beauty if glamours isn’t your thing. This one is from The Crone’s Book of Charms and Spells by Valerie Worth. Located on page 37 is reads as follows.

“For Beauty

Upon the first face of the talisman shall be depicted a small disk with five rays, as a star, flanked by the crescent Moon and fiery Sun. Upon the reverse shall be written, in characters well formed, these words:

Morning star

And evening star

By thy light

I grow fair.”

For those who are not adept at poetry, essentially write the above charm on the back of a a drawing similar to the one located to the above left. You can use any materials. I tend to use paper but I’ve also embroidered it on things and painted it on leather and glass.

Some spells worth glimpsing though:

Spells for eloquence or a honeyed or silver tongue are also a great idea. Like Honey. Deer’s tongue, honey, sugar, or wearing silver or gold should help with eloquence. If you have anxiety, these may also help you out. Combine these sorts of spells with spells for bravery, courage, confidence, and truth (spells against deceit) to really boost your natural skills.

Use your perfume or cologne to your advantage! Check the ingredients and notes against an herbal or essential oils magical meaning or purpose list to ensure you’re wearing the right one for the night. Better yet, enchant it to your purpose.

Wear amber, rose quartz, rubies, and a myriad of other stones for attracting love. The list is long so check your jewelry and google up their folklore or magical usages.

Carry with you dried herbs or other materials and charms related to love. Examples of this are: rose petals, cinnamon, gardenia, catnip, jasmine, iris, lavender, mint, rosemary, strawberries, vanilla, cloves, sugar, orris root, myrrh, camphor, hibiscus, and hyacinth. Don’t forget you can wear prints with these flowers on them too! Some herbs and flowers are geared more towards certain genders for mythological or plant physiological reasons. Do a quick wiki check first to make sure you’ve made a proper choice.

Use color symbolism to subtly attract love or a date. Red and pink are popular, but cream colors as well as silver and gold are also good. Black is also stunning. Avoid gray as it’s the color of doldrums and invisibility.

As much as we’d like to say it doesn’t happen, drugging people’s drinks is totally a thing and something you need to be extra careful of. Similarly, drinking too much can be (incorrectly might I fucking add) used as an excuse for rape. (It’s not). Here’s a tip against both. Wear or carry a unicorn related item with you. Unicorn horns are supposedly good at eliminating or curing poisons. As a bonus, unicorns are in folklore powerful and fierce creatures. Summon up the spirit of one for assistance it someone just can’t take no for an answer. In general for this, it the charm suddenly calls attention to itself or someone pays sudden attention to it, toss your drink and get a new one, possibly ditching your companion, call for help, and get to safety. It’s better safe than sorry. Have beef with unicorns or none are handy? Use Carmelite water, devil’s shoestring, hyacinth crystal, bezeor stones, or invoking Oshun against poison.

Overindulgence with alcohol on dates is not uncommon so here’s some tips. Magically, carry amethyst. Don’t drink and drive. If you’re going out with a group, have a designated driver and buy them their non-alcoholic beverage of choice all night and hand your keys over.

As said above, summoning up or invoke something (tiger, unicorn, deity, dragon, servitor, whatever) to protect you if someone just can’t take the fucking hint. Being polite only goes so far. When I’m in trouble and I’m not capable of defending myself (rare but it does happen, especially in situations as described above) I summon my servitor which is to protect me even if I’m unconscious and if I’m in holy-shit-I’m-going-to-die trouble I could call upon my family’s guardian (it’s a long story) or my ancestors but I’m a fighter. I prefer to defend myself. Don’t risk yourself unnecessarily. Call for help if needed.

If the night goes sour, have a a few protection spell at the ready and be sure to have someone on speed dial to call. I recommend fake phone call apps (some even will call at scheduled times) as well as Circle of 6 if you need an out.

Glamours for invisibility, to not be noticed, to avoid attackers, etc.

Of course, all of that implies that you actually, you know, have a date. So here’s some love spells and like posts. Remember! One of the best ways to find a lover is to actually meet people. This may be you signing up for online dating or you leaving the house and hitting the town. If one isn’t working, try the other. You have to try in order to reap the benefits.

Witches and Dating

On Target-Specific Love Spells

Apple Love Spell

Divine. Use whatever divination techniques you prefer but divine the answers to a few basic questions: What are you looking for tonight? What are you looking for long term? Where should you go to get it (look for specific ssymbolism and see if any nightlife hotspots match up)? Anything in particular you should look for. And see if a new love interest is going to happen. Don’t take the results as set in stone. They aren’t.

White bark birch trees are traditional for new beginnings, among other things. Here in New England, some cemeteries have birch trees planted around or near the graves to foster the spirits to move on. If you happen to have or can find birch bark (don’t strip the tree, especially in winter, you’ll hurt the tree) write in red on the bark whom you’re looking for in love. It could be as simple as “bring my true love to me”, “bring me someone who will treasure me” or like sentiments. Be as complex as you’d like. For those who are into blood magic, write this spell in your blood. Now kiss the bark, hold it close and really feel the love you want to feel. Then burn it.

Creating a fetch or servitor (Egregores and Constructs or How to Create a Servitor (or, rather, what to consider when making one)) may take time but can be useful in leading or fetching someone to you. Here, I’d recommend giving a list of requirements of what you’d like the person to be to the fetch. This requirement list can be as short and long as you’d like and as shallow or deep as you need it to be. Maybe you need to have someone who will love you fiercely or you’d prefer someone who’s up for a few nights of fun with no strings attached. For those concerned about consent, be sure to add commands like “make sure they’d be willing to date me” or “it’s of their own free will”.

Make a poppet. If you’re looking for a certain kind of person, make a poppet and stuff it with things representative of the person you’re looking for. This could be a lot of fun and a very creative project. Looking for someone with a big, soft heart? Make a big red heart stuffed with soft filling of felt and stick it inside the poppet. Looking for someone with certain physical qualities? Draw or stitch them onto the poppet. Think outside of the box for some things. If you’re making a poppet and can only think of liquids to fill it with, grab a small bottle, fill it, and put the bottle inside the poppet. Keep the poppet close and tuck it in with you at night.

Play out your dream. Poppets are great and all but video games are awesome. Load up your favorite simulation game like the Sims and create as close to you as you can get in the game. Now make someone who is your ideal lover and play out a life of meeting, getting together, and going to whatever extent you’re looking for in said lover.

Almost everyone sees the moon. Beg the moon’s aid in finding someone. Pour a libation of clear liquid (water, snow, vodka, whatever), and tell the moon the type of person you’re looking for. Then look for signs of the moon to indicate whether the petition worked. This is best done on a full moon (like tomorrow at the time of this writing) and outside.

Enchant a magic ring. I recommend finding a ring that has some sort of association with love (maybe has a rose quartz or is in the shape of a heart) and twist it three times on your finger towards your heart. As you do this, say the kind of person you’re looking for (your true love, some to love you, etc.) This is best as a spell you put a lot of energy into and maybe dress the ring, if possible, in love attracting oils and keep it when not stored with a lock (or a bit) of your hair and some love attracting herbs and stones.

Those of you that work in the astral may wish to try this: There are spirits that serve primarily as matchmakers. Some feast on loneliness and others on love. Ask around among your astral contact or write a note and post it somewhere in the astral asking them to get in contact with you. Whichever you get in contact with, be sure to be polite and concise when speaking to them on what you’re looking for. Be sure to mention you’re looking for a lover in the physical realm, where your body is, if that’s what you’re looking for. Offer them up something good – don’t be stingy. I’d suggest making a second offering in the physical as well.

Petition deities. Don’t just tap deities of love or fertility but any deities that have taken a shine to you or are patrons as they may be more willing to help. Be sure to make your offerings generous.

That’s all I have right now. Best of luck to everyone and have a happy Valentine’s Day and/or Lupercalia!

What Is Horsing?

On my other blog I was asked “What exactly is horsing?” Here’s my answer:

Horsing is a type of possession used by practitioners, pagans, witches, and other religions. It’s consensual possession, in a manner of speaking. It’s allowing your body to become a vessel, usually temporarily, for another being. Usually it’s a god or deity but pretty much any spirit can possess a human, especially if the human lets them.

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Now some readers are probably super excited by this brand-new information. But wait a second, please.

First off, possession without invitation first is INCREDIBLY rare. There’s a inherent danger in horsing that the being riding you is just going to take off with your body and not give it back. They can fight you. They can destroy you so you can’t fight back. And if a possession is deeply rooted, sometimes the only way to end the possession is death. No, I’m fucking serious as shit right now. I’m not being over-dramatic. This is personal fucking experience. You. Can. Die. Because you have no control over your body. That spirit can just force your ass out into traffic just to have a giggle over how your body bounces over the roof of a car.

Terrified yet?

When you decide to horse, you should always absolutely have faith in that being. You should always make sure that being knows to get the fuck out when you tell them to. And you should always have a competent practitioner with you that can expel the being from you if necessary.

Possession is scary. I’ve been possessed and horsed. While possessed I wandered around a cemetery in absolute tears for no reason (we were at a birthday party) and with the knowledge that the spirit possessing me wanted to throw me off the ridge into the bay below. A friend came and collected me, pulling me out of the cemetery. I was immediately better and took my lesson from it – never drop my bloody shields. I’ve been horsed plenty of times, usually by spirits that are both deities and not. During those times it was part of a huge ritual and the beings were respectful and left when asked to.

Other than that, setting yourself up for it is as easy as getting into a trance, inviting them in with the understanding that they will leave when you want them to. I mean, there’s a lot that goes on for it but the practice itself it easy enough.

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Consent is incredibly HUGE when talking about horsing and possession. Because if you don’t want it then it’s NOT okay. I almost never hear someone talk about consent when handling spirits, deities, or other beings. And that’s terrifying to think about when talking about horsing or possession. Don’t give up your body without a fight. It’s yours.

I recommend checking out the following links:

Bewitch Your Holiday Shopping

Many of us participate in holiday gift-giving and with crazed events like Black Friday, you may find yourself searching for hard-to-get items or the cheapest prices.

So here’s a quick guide on how to use witchcraft in your holiday shopping.


Make or buy charms for everything. Want to keep the money coming in? Make a charm bag. Want to find the best parking spot at the mall? Place a charm enchanted with a “finding spell” in your car, or hang a pendulum on your rear view mirror and let it guide your way.


Pray. This is especially true for those of you who worship deities of commerce. A personal example would be on Black Friday I prayed to no one in particular (although, it may have been by a pop culture deity, I don’t know.) but I wasn’t even done with my prayer when my mum interrupted to point out the exact item I was looking for not three feet away from where I was, tucked behind some boxes.

Write a List

Write out your shopping list with magical ink, specifically ink that’s meant to draw things towards you. Can’t do that? Infuse water with magnets and drawing herbs and trace your pre-written words with it. Still too much? Enchant a pen.

Pass It On

For those who haven’t worked in retail, the holiday season is not a fun time for retail employees. Thank them for their hard work by enchanting the cash your using to brighten their day or give them a little boost in energy. Not using cash? You can do the same to your credit cards. For those skilled in emitting energy, send the staff a little bit of energy. You can also sign receipts and leave a little energy for them. Do the same for waitstaff – they’re incredibly busy during this season too. (Obviously, if your morals say don’t do this then don’t.)

Oil Your Wallet

Use magnet or drawing oils on your wallet or purse to keep your money in your pocket.

Use a Spell

Want a specific item? Write a spell for it. Write down or print out the image of the item you want, dump it in a jar with some magnets and drawing herbs (I’d add in some luck herbs as well personally), seal it up, and shake. You could also do a knot spell where each knot is a separate item on your wish list or shopping list and wear it when you go shopping. Just be wary of how this shakes out. A hot selling item, for example, might not be there on Black Friday but may be in stock four or five days later when you happen to chance on it. If you need the item by a specific date, specify that.

The Item Summoning Spell is perfect for this sort of thing!

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Most important of all, remember to enjoy yourself during the holiday season and to be kind to the employees and other shoppers while you’re out.

Want more witchy tips? Check out Bewitch Even MORE of Your Holiday ShoppingBewitch Even MORE of Your Holiday Shopping

Tumblr repost

On Target-Specific Love Spells (tumblr repost)

On Target-Specific Love Spells

So I’m posting this because the answer’s important but I want to protect the asker’s identify because I don’t trust any of you not to send hatemail and just in general be a big bag of dicks to them for asking a question.

I’m curious about your thoughts on sigils focused on love and about a particular person. For example, ‘I want -person’s name- to be interested in me’. Do you think it crosses the boundaries between free will and control? I apologize if this should be obvious, I just can’t stop thinking about it.

The problem is this isn’t obvious, no matter how many of us argue that it is. That’s going to have to be a personal decision. Each person will have to determine for themselves what line should and shouldn’t be crossed.

I have murky feelings on it, at best. I see pros and cons to both sides. I personally wouldn’t do it for myself because love isn’t a huge desire for me. It doesn’t even make it into my life goals. But, that’s me, for me.

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I teach that love spells that are target-specific should be able to be undone. That should be a built in mechanism in the spell that when the spell’s undone your magical hold over the person is too. Therefore the spell can undone before sexual acts are committed or real commitment takes place. Now, you can write target-specific love spells with clauses that if the spell works against the target’s will then it won’t work. That’s totally a thing too and the easiest way of all to avoid the issue at hand.  That being said, I also teach how do perform and recognize these more forceful love spells because, hey, they’re out there.

However, traditional folklore and superstition that makes up many love spells are about controlling a person completely in love, both sexually and romantically. There are spells implicitly designed to make someone have sex with you. It’s a thing  and it has history behind it. Those spells are, by definition if not but intent, rape spells.

I’ll give an example that’s somewhat similar. I had a potential client ask me to perform an abortion spell – not for herself but for another woman. At first she said the woman raped her fiance and when to get an abortion and refused. I denied the request. Furthermore, the whole thing sounded off. I was right. The story changed – he wasn’t raped just “lured while she wasn’t around” (the potential client’s words) and now he was living with this other woman. The client insisted that he was too scared to get rid of this other woman but to me it still sounded off and I was rather suspicious of the whole thing. I flat-out refused the request again, this time with more a more clear-cut response and implying that while such things were within my ability (and I do have the technical herbal skill and spell casting knowledge) I wouldn’t do it. Not couldn’t, wouldn’t. She sent me a third request now saying this other woman was having twins. I didn’t respond. The request crossed boundaries I’m not comfortable with crossing. In my opinion, the woman has the right to carry a fetus to term, although the man, if he was a rape victim, should not be subject to paying the child support of a child forced from him and legal actions against the woman should be taken. However, that wasn’t the case. Instead, the whole case came off as a woman unable to accept her situation that her fiance stepped out on her and now was starting a family with another woman – if that was the actual situation at all. I don’t know because I only had this woman’s story.

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Now, someone might have flat-out refused to do a spell regarding abortion. I personally would have if done the abortion spell if the other woman consented. I’m not sure what I would have done if the man had been a rape victim and the other woman didn’t consent. I would have, at the very least, needed evidence establishing that the rape occurred (by this I mean a police report or actual communication with the man himself) rather than hearsay from a third party. Would I have provided abortion herbs or just used spells? I don’t know. I would have needed more context and a possible in person meet-up to decide.

Context is super important though. Does this person even like you? Are they aware of your existence? Have you already expressed your interest and they have refused you?

Because in cases of “this person doesn’t know/see me” then a target spell where they will notice you could be done – and that’s the whole goal of the spell. For them to notice you. Have they expressed actual interest in a romantic sense, enough where outside observers can comment on it? Then a love spell to get them to take a step forward instead of wavering about could be done. Neither of those would interfere with free will or control in my opinion. If they refused you and you did a spell to make them like you anyway, that would be interfering with free will and control – such acts technically fit the definition of molestation, sexual assault, or rape, depending on the situation. However, it’s up for you to decide whether you’re OK with doing that. There’s currently no legal precedent for this. There’s no one that will come and jail you for it. (Although, if you’re discovered, other witches might do something but that’s a whole different story.)

It’s up for you to decide. Whatever you decide is up to you, just be prepare for any consequences that may occur. I’m not talking about the Rede, although that may apply if you follow that, or the “comes back to you X times” things, although that may also apply to you, but to guilt or remorse that may follow your actions. You may question if without magic this person wouldn’t love you. That sort of consequences.

Herbs, Plants, and Why They Have Their Associations (tumblr repost)

Hi! I love your blog! Thanks for being so willing to answer questions! I was wondering if you knew why it is that certain herbs work better for certain purposes more than others? Is there any reason other than “Just because they’ve always worked like that”? (And at the same time, I know there are some who think it’s all intent and that the herbs don’t really matter.) I’d love to hear what you think on it.Image

I actually don’t think it’s all about intent. Personal opinion of course and others are perfectly welcome to work within that belief but I don’t.

Why certain herbs are ascribed certain characteristics depends on who you talk to. For our purposes, I’ll detail why I’d ascribe a particular characteristics to an apple, mostly because I’m noming on an apple right now. But I can probably do this with most herbs.

  • Mythology – There are mythological reasons why an herb would be associated with something. Iðunn kept apples for the youthfulness of the gods. There’s also a myth involving those apples, Iðunn, and Loki. Apples also have a Norse association with fertility if I recall my Volsunga Saga properly. (I believe there have been some Norse finds that discovered apples and nuts among offerings). Apples were part of Hercules’ Twelve Labors (golden apples from the Tree of Life). Hippomenes who tossed golden apples to distracted Atalanta leading to his winning the race and her hand in marriage. Of course there’s Eris the goddess of Discord and the fiasco that was the marriage of Peleius and Thetis, indirectly causing the Trojan War. I’m not sure on the etymology of it but apples are associated with Aphrodite  I believe because they are part of a folkloric or symbolic act of expressing love but don’t quote me on that. This, of course, doesn’t include the story of the Garden of Eden. Conle of Celtic mythology is given an apple which feeds him for a year but thrusts him into the world of the fae (? My version of this mythology is likely not the original.) Avalon translates to “the apple land”, “land of apple”, or “apple island”. Breaking that down, an apple can be used for love, sex, marriage, fertility, youthfulness, secrets and trickery.
  • Folklore – Local and cultural folklore is important, often coming from a local tradition, festival, or even a particular person. Then there’s William Tell, Issac Newton, and Johnny Appleseed. For example, Irish/English folklore states that if an apple is peeled in one continuous piece like a ribbon and is thrown over the shoulder it will reveal the shape of a future lover’s initials. This doesn’t count the vast amounts of saying involving apples such as “an apple a day keeps the doctor away”.
  • Fairy tales – Snow White’s dealing with the apple is quite famous. In the original myth Snow White actually chokes on the apple instead of being poisoned by it.
  • History – Historically, apples travel well and keep well for a very long time. They’re one of the oldest fruits to be cultivated and are very popular. Not just that, they were often dried and eaten both fresh and dried over the coarse of the winter months. There’s about eleventy-billion ways of cooking, canning, or otherwise preparing apples for consumption. Some foods even have specific meanings to them such as apple and honey for Rosh Hashanah to symbolize a sweet new year. Because apple trees were common, apple wood was also commonly used in hearth fires and buildings. In fact, buildings boats from apple wood was said to be unlucky because coffins were built of apple wood. There’s a few scholars that have said the apple is a symbolic substitute for Amanita muscaria (fly agaric mushroom) and mandrake. Settlers were told to plant apple trees (upwards of 50 trees) when settling in America so they wouldn’t starve. Apples are BIG money and there’s a great many contests relating to apples (apple pie contests and bobbing to apples).
  • Cultural Associations & Art – Apples are given to teachers by children as gifts. Because of this, it can be used in association with education or enlightenment (especially if combining with Issac Newton’s legend.) Beauty is often linked with love, sex, and marriage because most cultures associated beauty as a desireable trait for all three. In the Victorian era, apple blossoms became known in floriography for generosity and love. Apples can be dried to look like shrunken heads or be used on dolls or as fetishes or poppets.
  • Biology – Apple seeds are actually toxic (amygdalin, which is a sugar-cyanide compound) but safe in small amounts. The larynx on men is called the Adam’s Apple (I believe coming from Garden of Eden story but Christian mythology is NOT my thing.) Falling back to the “an apple a day keeps the doctor away” there is suggested research that states that apples may reduce the risk of certain forms of cancer, increase skeletal muscle, decrease fat, obesity, glucose intolerance. It’s great for fiber and vitamin C.
  • Appearance & Color – Apples vary in colors depending on type while apple blossoms are white and pink. If you associate color with the apple, you’ll get fire (especially in gala breeds). Red for action, motion, courage, and passion. Pink is gentler, warm, love, comfort, and good for healing, and to relieve depression. In appearance the flesh is smooth and can be shined with a white, crisp flesh and a core of tiny black seeds. The seeds are rather eye-like aren’t they? And in shape, apples are fairly round and I can attest from personal experience make fairly entertaining baseballs.

tl;dr: I’d use apples for love, fertility, marriage, sex, lust, secrets, taboo or forbidden things, beauty, youth, trickery, poison, death (because where there’s fertility there’s death), education, knowledge, contests, trade or commerce, and suspended life (apples are stored long-term for food plus Snow White’s story). And that’s just the simple apple.

Additionally, there’s the animistic belief that plants have souls or inherent power. Either the power or spirits exist there or the power and spirits can be “unlocked” or “encouraged” to a specific purpose for spell work. Or if one worked with a linked deity, you can use those herbs as a substitute for those deities or those deities’ power.

So there’s a lot of reasons why someone may use an herb for something. It really depends on the person. For example, some won’t use the physical appearance of an herb. Others will rely entirely on the folkloric or mythological attributes. The medical and biological attributes are often used by herbalists and are sometimes ignored by some witches. It really depends on the person themselves and their practice. I like to use all of the above in my witchcraft.

(Also, thanks so much! <3)

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