Bewitch Even More of Your Holiday Shopping

Bewitch Your Holiday Shopping is definitely one of those posts I’m proud of. It’s short and sweet but can make a difference in your holiday season.

But there’s so much more you can do! Here’s a whole new second set of charms to bewitch your holiday shopping with.



Enchant your vehicle

If you’re driving around to get your holiday shopping done, enchant your vehicle. Add a little charm bag to the dash board or a cup holder filled with herbs like rue, basil, orange zest, pine needles, holly, shiny coin, sea salt, mint, and clover. I use this combination to make sure my vehicle stays safe, I save money, and stay cheerful during the holiday spirit.

Not driving? The charm bag can be tucked into a bag or pocket to ensure that you stay safe on public transport.

Get your packages fast

Making sure your packages get to you safely and quickly is always a concern, especially with the holidays. But here’s something you can do. Get an envelope and write “fast” and “safe” or “whole” on the inside in red. Now put instant coffee and rue inside the envelope. Seal it up and tape it to the underside of your mail box. If you can’t do that, stick it under your monitor or computer.

Save yourself from exhaustion

I don’t know about you but fatigue from the excitement of the holiday (or all the walking around) totally exhausts me. I’m an introverted hermit so crowds + me = not good. Enchanting your shoes can make things so much easier. I just splash a bit of enchanted water on the bottom of my heel and stomp my foot three times on the doorstep of my home as I leave.

I found when I use this spell I can go much longer before my feet get tired or my knee acts up.  My enchanted water recipe for this is holly, pine needles, orange zest, purified water, melted snow, clover, and coffee.

Find what you’re looking for

It can be hard to find the perfect gift for someone or get that gift in a price you can afford. Here’s what you can do to help with this. Write down exactly what you’re looking for before you go to bed. Put it under your pillow or under your car keys, or under your keyboard. Go to sleep while thinking of that perfect gift.

In the morning you should have some new inspiration for that gift. Maybe someone will mention a store you haven’t searched or you find a website with the item still in stock. Or you just thought of the most amazing thing ever for that person.

Emoji spells

I keep my shopping lists on my phone so I can look at them on the go. I’ve taken to adding emoji to my shopping lists to help with it. I might still a less than sign (>) with a price attached to it. Or I might add a gift emoji to something I really want to find as a gift. It’s small. If you’re really good with your emoji, you can chain them into complex spells.

Holiday jar

On December 1st I created a jar spell for the holiday. I write down things I want to happen on white paper. As the month progresses I’ll write down things that did happen but I didn’t expect on green paper and things that happened that I wanted to happen and actually did happen in red. I also add fun things or things I want to do again or make a tradition on gold paper. Then I review it at the end of the month as a final goodbye to the season and year.

Magical practitioners could easily turn this into spells by writing with magical ink or enchanted paper. Or just enchanting the jar or paper as you go.

This could be super fun with roommates or a close family. It’s a good way to share things like what you wanted to happen and remininence on what did happen. I know someone who does somthing similar to this for a Friendsgiving – at the beginning of the night they write out a few things and add it to a jar that’s part of the centerpiece. At the end of the night when they’re all sloshed up from drinking and good times, they read them out to each other. It’s super cute.


Holiday cookies are a personal tradition for me. I make cookies and give them as gifts to friends and family. But I also make a small batch of enchanted cookies throughout the season as “power cookies”. These are usually shortbread cookies with a slight energy boosting magic of ingredients that I can grab as I head out the door. Like an edible char bag. Make sure to taste-test your recipes in small batches.

This idea could easily be swapped out with healthier energy balls or smoothies. Or even coffee or tea in on-the-go cups. The key of this is to have this ready to grab-and-go.

That’s it for this year. Make sure to check out the first set of tips in Bewitch Your Holiday Shopping. And remember be kind to yourself, store employees, and other shoppers while you’re out and about. Be safe and happy holidays!