Crown’s Valentine’s Day Master Post

Happy Valentine’s Day / Lupercalia everyone!

Now, I don’t really celebrate either of these holidays so they’re only important to me as many of my friends and family do celebrate them or are affected by them so when I was asked (albeit some months ago) by makeyourownstuffwork to share some love spells “focus on creating a space for love to grow, rather than forcing an imitation of love” as part of a master post I was pretty excited. This post was written quickly but I’d been thinking on it for a while. For my tumblr followers, you’ve seen most of this post (and for wordpress followers, the links go back to tumblr. Eventually I’ll move all these spells over here) but I’ve added some content that I wanted to add last night and didn’t get the chance to and clarified my wording as I was rushed the first time around. Editing is a marvelous thing. Anyway, for those interested, here’s the original tumblr post.

Love spells aren’t strictly my forte. I’m capable of them certainly and they’re said to work wonders according to my clients but I have a friend who is hands down the best person I’ve ever met at spells relating to love and sex so I have my standards pretty high on this sort of thing. I personally don’t use love magic for myself often for a variety of related reasons but mostly because I’m happy being alone. Like, I’m actually happy and prefer to be by myself. Also, I’m not the kind of person to take bullshit and independent like the sun is hot so men seem intimidated? This is in addition to my romantic life’s pretty much a series of me liking someone who doesn’t feel the same way and for people to like me quite a bit but me not return the feelings. I digress….

I really appreciate a love spell. I love the way they have different meanings to different people and the little twists and turns can change something beautiful and freeing to something ugly and chaining. Love spells are traditional and common. Every folklore book ever will have at least one love superstition in it and it’s a pretty good chance that superstition can double as a spell. It’s also one of the number one requested things from clients and I adore performing them on the regular for clients. I’m not the kind of person to shame or judge someone for wanting to be loved or needing to use spells, dating websites, or whatever to fulfill that need. I likewise hate slut shaming. Essentially my belief is love however and whomever you will so long as it’s consensual.

First, before I get into what you’re really here for, let me tell you about why there’s so few love spells in my post and instead focused on spells that will help you in love. As said above, there’s a million love spells out there. Literally. So I find that spells that will help with dating are more useful. These are a series of suggestions and spells for those inclined to try. They might not be straight-up love spells but they’ll go hand-in-hand with your average love spell beautifully.

Self Care! This isn’t just adding enchanted bathing salts to your bath or casting a glamour. You also need to take actual self care for yourself. Even if you’re by yourself, dress up if you want to and take a crapload of selfies. Even if you’re not up for it tonight, you can use your selfies for a spell later (or not). If not, roll around in your sweats and Netflix all night. Be happy. It’s the most important thing. If you are dress yourself up, feel free to slap on some glamours. Glamours don’t just work for others but for you too. (When I feel like crap I put a glamour on myself to focus on the things I like about myself). Bathing in love attracting scents or herbs is a great ideal but watch out for herbs that have unwanted or poisonous effects. Brush up on your protections and be sure to remind yourself how fucking fabulous you are. (This is also something those who don’t have plans to do. Because you are awesome; potential lovers just haven’t seen you yet.) And hey, don’t forget to take any medications or vitamins and to eat a little bit before going out.

For Beauty. Worth, Valerie. The Crone's Book of Charms and Spells. pg. 37There is a talisman for beauty if glamours isn’t your thing. This one is from The Crone’s Book of Charms and Spells by Valerie Worth. Located on page 37 is reads as follows.

“For Beauty

Upon the first face of the talisman shall be depicted a small disk with five rays, as a star, flanked by the crescent Moon and fiery Sun. Upon the reverse shall be written, in characters well formed, these words:

Morning star

And evening star

By thy light

I grow fair.”

For those who are not adept at poetry, essentially write the above charm on the back of a a drawing similar to the one located to the above left. You can use any materials. I tend to use paper but I’ve also embroidered it on things and painted it on leather and glass.

Some spells worth glimpsing though:

Spells for eloquence or a honeyed or silver tongue are also a great idea. Like Honey. Deer’s tongue, honey, sugar, or wearing silver or gold should help with eloquence. If you have anxiety, these may also help you out. Combine these sorts of spells with spells for bravery, courage, confidence, and truth (spells against deceit) to really boost your natural skills.

Use your perfume or cologne to your advantage! Check the ingredients and notes against an herbal or essential oils magical meaning or purpose list to ensure you’re wearing the right one for the night. Better yet, enchant it to your purpose.

Wear amber, rose quartz, rubies, and a myriad of other stones for attracting love. The list is long so check your jewelry and google up their folklore or magical usages.

Carry with you dried herbs or other materials and charms related to love. Examples of this are: rose petals, cinnamon, gardenia, catnip, jasmine, iris, lavender, mint, rosemary, strawberries, vanilla, cloves, sugar, orris root, myrrh, camphor, hibiscus, and hyacinth. Don’t forget you can wear prints with these flowers on them too! Some herbs and flowers are geared more towards certain genders for mythological or plant physiological reasons. Do a quick wiki check first to make sure you’ve made a proper choice.

Use color symbolism to subtly attract love or a date. Red and pink are popular, but cream colors as well as silver and gold are also good. Black is also stunning. Avoid gray as it’s the color of doldrums and invisibility.

As much as we’d like to say it doesn’t happen, drugging people’s drinks is totally a thing and something you need to be extra careful of. Similarly, drinking too much can be (incorrectly might I fucking add) used as an excuse for rape. (It’s not). Here’s a tip against both. Wear or carry a unicorn related item with you. Unicorn horns are supposedly good at eliminating or curing poisons. As a bonus, unicorns are in folklore powerful and fierce creatures. Summon up the spirit of one for assistance it someone just can’t take no for an answer. In general for this, it the charm suddenly calls attention to itself or someone pays sudden attention to it, toss your drink and get a new one, possibly ditching your companion, call for help, and get to safety. It’s better safe than sorry. Have beef with unicorns or none are handy? Use Carmelite water, devil’s shoestring, hyacinth crystal, bezeor stones, or invoking Oshun against poison.

Overindulgence with alcohol on dates is not uncommon so here’s some tips. Magically, carry amethyst. Don’t drink and drive. If you’re going out with a group, have a designated driver and buy them their non-alcoholic beverage of choice all night and hand your keys over.

As said above, summoning up or invoke something (tiger, unicorn, deity, dragon, servitor, whatever) to protect you if someone just can’t take the fucking hint. Being polite only goes so far. When I’m in trouble and I’m not capable of defending myself (rare but it does happen, especially in situations as described above) I summon my servitor which is to protect me even if I’m unconscious and if I’m in holy-shit-I’m-going-to-die trouble I could call upon my family’s guardian (it’s a long story) or my ancestors but I’m a fighter. I prefer to defend myself. Don’t risk yourself unnecessarily. Call for help if needed.

If the night goes sour, have a a few protection spell at the ready and be sure to have someone on speed dial to call. I recommend fake phone call apps (some even will call at scheduled times) as well as Circle of 6 if you need an out.

Glamours for invisibility, to not be noticed, to avoid attackers, etc.

Of course, all of that implies that you actually, you know, have a date. So here’s some love spells and like posts. Remember! One of the best ways to find a lover is to actually meet people. This may be you signing up for online dating or you leaving the house and hitting the town. If one isn’t working, try the other. You have to try in order to reap the benefits.

Witches and Dating

On Target-Specific Love Spells

Apple Love Spell

Divine. Use whatever divination techniques you prefer but divine the answers to a few basic questions: What are you looking for tonight? What are you looking for long term? Where should you go to get it (look for specific ssymbolism and see if any nightlife hotspots match up)? Anything in particular you should look for. And see if a new love interest is going to happen. Don’t take the results as set in stone. They aren’t.

White bark birch trees are traditional for new beginnings, among other things. Here in New England, some cemeteries have birch trees planted around or near the graves to foster the spirits to move on. If you happen to have or can find birch bark (don’t strip the tree, especially in winter, you’ll hurt the tree) write in red on the bark whom you’re looking for in love. It could be as simple as “bring my true love to me”, “bring me someone who will treasure me” or like sentiments. Be as complex as you’d like. For those who are into blood magic, write this spell in your blood. Now kiss the bark, hold it close and really feel the love you want to feel. Then burn it.

Creating a fetch or servitor (Egregores and Constructs or How to Create a Servitor (or, rather, what to consider when making one)) may take time but can be useful in leading or fetching someone to you. Here, I’d recommend giving a list of requirements of what you’d like the person to be to the fetch. This requirement list can be as short and long as you’d like and as shallow or deep as you need it to be. Maybe you need to have someone who will love you fiercely or you’d prefer someone who’s up for a few nights of fun with no strings attached. For those concerned about consent, be sure to add commands like “make sure they’d be willing to date me” or “it’s of their own free will”.

Make a poppet. If you’re looking for a certain kind of person, make a poppet and stuff it with things representative of the person you’re looking for. This could be a lot of fun and a very creative project. Looking for someone with a big, soft heart? Make a big red heart stuffed with soft filling of felt and stick it inside the poppet. Looking for someone with certain physical qualities? Draw or stitch them onto the poppet. Think outside of the box for some things. If you’re making a poppet and can only think of liquids to fill it with, grab a small bottle, fill it, and put the bottle inside the poppet. Keep the poppet close and tuck it in with you at night.

Play out your dream. Poppets are great and all but video games are awesome. Load up your favorite simulation game like the Sims and create as close to you as you can get in the game. Now make someone who is your ideal lover and play out a life of meeting, getting together, and going to whatever extent you’re looking for in said lover.

Almost everyone sees the moon. Beg the moon’s aid in finding someone. Pour a libation of clear liquid (water, snow, vodka, whatever), and tell the moon the type of person you’re looking for. Then look for signs of the moon to indicate whether the petition worked. This is best done on a full moon (like tomorrow at the time of this writing) and outside.

Enchant a magic ring. I recommend finding a ring that has some sort of association with love (maybe has a rose quartz or is in the shape of a heart) and twist it three times on your finger towards your heart. As you do this, say the kind of person you’re looking for (your true love, some to love you, etc.) This is best as a spell you put a lot of energy into and maybe dress the ring, if possible, in love attracting oils and keep it when not stored with a lock (or a bit) of your hair and some love attracting herbs and stones.

Those of you that work in the astral may wish to try this: There are spirits that serve primarily as matchmakers. Some feast on loneliness and others on love. Ask around among your astral contact or write a note and post it somewhere in the astral asking them to get in contact with you. Whichever you get in contact with, be sure to be polite and concise when speaking to them on what you’re looking for. Be sure to mention you’re looking for a lover in the physical realm, where your body is, if that’s what you’re looking for. Offer them up something good – don’t be stingy. I’d suggest making a second offering in the physical as well.

Petition deities. Don’t just tap deities of love or fertility but any deities that have taken a shine to you or are patrons as they may be more willing to help. Be sure to make your offerings generous.

That’s all I have right now. Best of luck to everyone and have a happy Valentine’s Day and/or Lupercalia!