The Awakening is Upon Us

On my spiritual calendar, “The Awakening” starts March first and is pretty much from there out the time where I start flinging magic around to encourage plant growth. Typically, I start spring cleaning as soon as the snow is clear of the ground, finally air out the house, and fold away “winter” clothes. Spiritually, I go around and say hi to nature spirits and a solid goodbye to Jack Frost.

However, it’s also a physically hard time for me. Spring is so close I can taste it and yet at the same time my body’s still in winter mode, sluggish and hibernating. (Yes, I know there’s a disorder relating to the seasons and it’s likely linked since I’ve had this issue since high school but I haven’t been diagnosed so let’s leave that at the wayside of this post, shall we?) I wake with the sun at this time of year and that does me no favors if I’ve gone to bed only four hours before.

Tumblr followers will have noticed I’ve been both away and not. I do check my blog feeds but conversations seem so…pointless? Yes, pointless is the appropriate word here. Most conversations – and almost all arguments – in the community are circular at best, either rearing up to a place where no one is in the right because these are spiritual experiences we’re talking about and therefore currently unable to be confirmed outside of scientifically questionable methods like divination. Or, they are history repeating itself, the same damn argument or conversation three or six months later that has been already discussed and, likely, settled.

This is part of the community. Everyone discovers things at different rates and finds different importance in it. But this time of the year it all seems to be pointless. I see a lot of talking but no doing and that’s spiritually frustrating because of all the times to be willing to do something, this is it. Plant a tree, plant a flower, start earmarking what to wild-harvest. Take walks outside despite the cold and get a little dirty. Most of you talk about being close to nature but do shit about it.

I want to scream this but reel myself in. I understand, full-well, that my path and holidays hold no significance to anyone else and it’s not true. Plenty of people do things and just don’t mention it online. I get that wholeheartedly because I’m the same way. Private practices are private for a reason.

Ah well, this post as gone well into the realm of rambling and clearly waking up as the sun rises each day is not doing me any favors. I leave you with this to ponder: spring is close in this hemisphere and if you work with nature at all – or plants or local spirits – perhaps holding an afternoon ritual or giving up an offering could do wonders for your spiritual relationships.