Road Trip! Rhode Island to New Orleans and Back Again!

So unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ll notice that it’s September and almost October. You may have noticed that by checking the calendar but more likely you’ve noticed that because the autumn tumblr posts are back.

For those of you who were paying special attention you have connected that with my RI-NOLA-RI road trip (coming up in 10 days) so some of you on the East Coast of the US are probably even partially excited by that.

For those of you who have been living under a rock, let me give you the summary: Between September 30th through October 8th I will be on a road trip from Rhode Island (where I live) down the eastern seaboard to New Orleans (via Florida) and then back. During the trip I may make requested stops and hold meet ups for tumblrites.

OK, so that’s cool. Where are you stopping? My mum and I are spontaneous – we have literally nothing planned but a general direction, a budget, and I’ve a few cities that I intend to stop in (for meet ups or tourist bullshit.) If YOU have a place you want me to stop at or can recommend, send an ask or email.

So far the following places have been decided (dates are COMPLETE estimates and absolutely NOT guaranteed):

  • Gettysburg, PA (9/30-10/1)
  • Washington, DC. (10/1)
  • Richmond, VA (10/2)

How will this effect YOU?

  • I will be on the internet less and answering asks and emails less, if at all.
  • The shop will remain open but ONLY for divination/tarot readings.
  • I technically legally can’t do divinations for those in Pennsylvania or North Carolina. That doesn’t necessarily mean I won’t but legally I shouldn’t.

That’s cool, that’s cool. How can I help?

Want to follow along with the road trip? The BEST way to do that is my twitter although facebook and tumblr will get some love too.


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