Favorite Foods + Drinks Before a Ritual

I'm very much a spontaneous kind of spell caster. I rarely plan out full rituals, but when I do, prep is an important step. One of the steps that's easy to forget to do is eating before the ritual. Truthfully, if you're going to be using your own energy for a ritual (rather than channeling … Continue reading Favorite Foods + Drinks Before a Ritual

Goodbye Crossroads House!

We sold our house! Around late August of 2015  I started mentioning "Secret Future Plan" (SFP) on my personal twitter. SFP actually started a month earlier when, while kayaking with my mother, she mentioned that we could probably sell our house and get something more suitable to us. When we moved into the Crossroads House 17 … Continue reading Goodbye Crossroads House!

Warm Welcome to 2020!

May your year be filled with glorious growth, spectacular successes, brilliant energies, great loves, few losses, and overflowing abundance! Welcome to 2020! It's great to be in a new year where you can give yourself a calendar-centric new page to your life. As you can see above, my blessing for the year. Below, I'll do … Continue reading Warm Welcome to 2020!

7 Tips to Get Your Life Under Control So You Can Get Back to the Magic

We're all busy, right? We've all got a ton of things on our minds and it gets to be so hard to keep track of stuff. It's even harder to fit in spiritual practices and make time for witchcraft. I recently experienced this myself. I took on a lot of projects for This Crooked Crown … Continue reading 7 Tips to Get Your Life Under Control So You Can Get Back to the Magic

5 Things I Love Right Now v.02 + Poll

So... June happened. I think. I've been having a hard time keeping up posts these last few months. Ideas weren't flowing and it became a chore to write. June was a busy month for me on a personal level so pretty much only Spell Saturdays happened. Towards the middle of the month I kind of … Continue reading 5 Things I Love Right Now v.02 + Poll

5 Things I’m Currently in Love With

Life has been kicking my ass. Last month (and the month before that) was filled with stuttering posts due to a variety of reasons. Long story short: Life got in the way of... life? Weird sentence is weird. Anyway, here's five things I'm totally in love with right now.   https://www.instagram.com/p/BTh7i-DB6BC/ 01 Cherry Blossoms I … Continue reading 5 Things I’m Currently in Love With