Second online store now open! Visit me over at This Crooked Crown @ Storenvy!

This Crooked Crown’s Witchery & Curiosities! 

Insightful tarot readings, effective, practical spell solutions, and witchcraft for the everyday and extraordinary. Witchcraft, spells, divination, oracle & tarot readings, oils, ointments & bath luxuries, poppets, magic tools & charms, and other curiosities. Custom orders welcome!

News: This Crooked Crown Witchery & Curiosities opens a second online location at storenvy! Same wonderful products, same great prices, same awesome service, just at another online location.

Featured Products: Want to plan out your new year? Try the thoroughSetting Goals reading, ever popular Journey reading, or intense Seasons reading. Want a glimpse at your next relationship? Future Lovers reading is the one for you. [Etsy links here, here, here, and here.] Expires February 1st, 2015.

Items on sale: 15% off the entire store in both locations! Storenvy coupon code: YAY2NDSTORE and Etsy coupon code: WINTER

Best wishes and journeys!

-This Crooked Crown

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Hi folks! I’m assuming some of you saw this delightful news posted elsewhere on the web or noticed the new link at the top of the site. SURPRISE! Second online store location!

I’ve been wanting to expand my sales and a lot of fellow readers I know use storenvy. Now to cover my bases, I have no issues with etsy and will continue to use etsy as a site but having a second online location means more sales and therefore more funds going towards long-term projects and meet ups. Plus being able to pay for food and things like heat in the winter is good too.

This isn’t the only big surprise I’ve planned for this year or even for this winter so stay tuned!


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