Happy New Year!

May your 2015 be better than the last years, may you be given the wealth you want and need, may you remain safe in adversity and hale in health, may you have the courage and strength to do what you want, need, and must, and may the best of your wishes and dreams come true.

Enough of that solemn nonsense. Have your hangovers abated yet? Considering some hair of the dog perhaps? Or maybe you mocked up your new year resolutions and considering to maybe even stick to them this year. Did you have someone to kiss (yes! Your pet totally counts!) Or perhaps you just spent ringing in the new year on a Netflix marathon and didn’t realize it was 2015 until 3 a.m. Hey, it’s all good.

There’s something of a tradition that you should spend your first day of the New Year doing what you want to do for the rest of the year. Make that first day the pattern and what to hold the rest of the year to. That’s great and all but I prefer to make it a week-long event. This primarily comes from not everything I want to the year to be can’t fit into one day. So I spend the week stretching out the things I want to do. This is actually really useful if your new year resolutions are more life-changing than just “I’m going to read more books this year.” This is especially useful if health or dietary concerns were part of your focus for the new year.

For those of you a little lost on those new year resolutions or what direction you want 2015 to go in, you might want to consider some divination and soul-searcher. Write a list of what you want to do and draw cards to see how feasible they are. Divination not your thing? Find a reader! Here’s my three recommendations from my own shop for those who want to use divination to plan 2015.

On This Crooked Crown’s front, I’m focusing more on my writing than last year as well as planning a few big changes and travel plans this year. (That includes getting those rumored witchcraft lessons off the ground.) In fact, watch this space for a big announcement next week!

That’s it from me! I hope the year is kind to you!