Candle Spell (7) Money Growth (Spell Saturday #1)

Happy Spell Saturday!  I always say that the best place for a practitioner to start is with a money spell so we’ll start Spell Saturday off with one! This spell is straight out of Judika Illes’ Encyclopedia of 5000 Spells, page 809.

To grow your money and reach a monetary goal.


What you’ll need:

  • A green candle. perhaps dressed to your desires.
  • Something to carve the candle with such as a knife
  • Large based candle holder or saucer.
  • Enough coins to circle the candle and fill the candle holder or saucer.
  • Something to light the candle with

The spell is written as thus:

1. Carve and dress a green candle to express your desires

2. Place it on a saucer

3. Arrange coins around the base of the candle.

4. Light the candle and chant:

Money grown, money flow

Candle burn, watch me earn

Money grow, money flow

Flame shine

What I want is mine!

Expected results:

Usually after this spell I’ll see an immediate bump in my shop sales or will suddenly find really good deals in things I want to buy or even be given money. It usually starts within a few days of the spell and fades out in a couple of months.

spells and herbs


You can use a white candle in exchange for a green one. I tend to use votive candles because they’re thick enough to take being carved but burn fairly quickly. You can dress the candle with money drawing oils, waters, powders, or herbs. If you’re going to use herbs or powders, make sure only the candle wax near the edge of the candle and away from the wick has the herbs or powders or you risk setting the whole spell ablaze. Carve the candle with what you want to happen. Example: I’ll have enough money to pay rent, bills, and buy food each month and have a little extra left over. 

Candle plates are a great investment for practitioners but any stoneware plate or metal container can be used for this purpose.

The coins can also be dressed with money-drawing herbs, powders, oils, and waters. I like the use the largest denomination of coins I can find with my birth year.

You can also add herbs or incense to the bottom of the plate to help out your spell.

I find the above chant to be a little too… much for me when I cast it. I also feel it isn’t specific enough. You can add clauses of when this spell starts and ends at will. I tend to alter the chant as follows:

As this candle burns, money will flow in my direction

When this candle dies, my money will continue to grow

Money will flow to me, my money will continue to grow.

If you use intent specific envisioning, you’ll want to envision your bank account growing and that your carved desire coming to life.

Happy casting!