Anti-Nightmare Workings, Spells, and Cures (repost) (Spell Saturday #3)

Happy Spell Saturday!

Today’s spell is a collection of anti-nightmare fixes reposted from my original tumblr blog. I think nightmares tend to start up more often since we’re moving into the Halloween and horror movie season. Enjoy and sweet dreams!


Firstly, as much as we’d like to say that dream dictionaries help, they really don’t. I check them occasionally just to see what they say out of curiosity but I don’t hold much stock with them. No one can really tell you what your dreams mean besides you. You know your mind best and you know whether you view a specific symbol as one of warning or joy. You’ll have to figure it out for yourself. But, maybe this will give you something to think about. Check with your symbology, folklore, superstitions, mythology, favorite books, movies, video games, etc. Anything that has meaning to you might give some insight to the dreams.

As for anti-nightmares… I usually find throwing together a quick sachet and hiding it in my pillow works great. I’ve also hung it nearby or put it on a table. Works great. I’ve also heard under the bed works well too.

For anti-nightmares or nightmare cures…

From Scott Cunningham’s Magical Herbalism

NOTE: Scott Cunningham sometimes is on the ball with his shit and sometimes he is absolutely horribly fucking WRONG or doesn’t explain why the fuck he does what he does (And it’s hard to ask now, since he’s dead). Example: He considers comfrey a protective herb only which is really fucking weird since comfrey is known by herbalists as a healing herb. It’s even used in medications. Consider this with the information I now give you.

Anise (Cunningham, Magical Herbalism, pg 138) – “A good, general cleansing bath is made with a handful of anise seed and a few bay leaves. This is especially effective if you have (accidentally or intentionally) killed something. A pillow of anise keeps away all nightmares”

Betony (Cunningham, Magical Herbalism, pg 143-144) – “… Stuff a pillow with the herb and sleep on it to prevent nightmares.”

Hyacinth (Cunningham, Magical Herbalism, pg 169) – “Sachets to ease childbirth, protection and a guard against nightmares.”

Thyme (Cunningham, Magical Herbalism, pg 202) – “A pillow stuffed with thyme cures nightmares.” [Crown’s note: he claims thyme is used for clairvoyance but doesn’t list any uses for it as such.]

Vervain (Cunningham, Magical Herbalism, pg 205) – “Hang up o the bed to keep you free of nightmares.”

From Judika Illes’ Encyclopedia of 5000 Spells

NOTE: Illes collected her stuff from all over the place and doesn’t source it (bibliography but each speck of information isn’t directly sourced) so it’s hard to trace. And her history is shoddy beside the culturally based spells and workings taken out of context…. Anyway, she’s got a whole section (pg 380-388) but I’ve selected a few of them for various reasons.

“Nightmare Spell (2) Anti-Nightmare Garden” (pg 382)

… The Primary botanical nightmare-repellant is rosemary. Given the opportunity it flourishes and grows wildly. Other suggestions include:
Saint John’s Wort
Snake Plant

[Crown’s Note: I think this is a lesson is what not to use? Most of these plants are used in clairvoyance and divination. If you’re hoping to prevent nightmares or dreaming in general, I’d say avoid these. YMMV though.]


“Nightmare Spell (6) Betony” (pg 382)

“Gather betony in August without the use of iron. Dry the plants and then grind the leaves and roots. Cast a circle around your bed with this powder to protect against nightmares.” [Crown’s note: Or make a sachet or pillow, hang the plant, grow it next to you….]


“Nightmare Spell (9) Crystals” (pg 383)

Certain crystal gemstones repel and relieve nightmares:
– Blue crystals in general, especially angelite, lapis lazuli, and turquoise
– Black crystals, with the possible exception of onyx
– Chysolite
– Citrine
– Topaz”


“Nightmare Spell (11) Silver Bell Dispersal” (pg 383)

Keep a bell made from real silver on the nightstand, and ring as needed to dispel a nightmare and cleanse the atmosphere.

[Crown’s note: I love bells. I don’t see why a silver one’s necessary. Any bell with a clear sound should suffice. I like using brass bells because of the sound they make.]


“Nightmare Spell (32) Water Absorption” (pg 388)

1. Leave a glass of water by your bedside.
2. For extra strength, add camphor, but be sure not to drink the water!
3. In the morning, flush the water down the toilet.
4. Reserve the glass for this use only and repeat as needed.“


Illes also lists the following herbs on pages 386-388 in separate spells. Since I’m not going to type out the whole section of the book, I’ve listed them with their page numbers and spell titles so you can look them up yourself.

– Amaranthus (“Nightmare Spell (18) Flower of Essence Relief” pg 386)
– Gray Spider Flower (“Nightmare Spell (18) Flower of Essence Relief” pg 386)
– Saint John’s Wort (“Nightmare Spell (18) Flower of Essence Relief” pg 386)
– Juniper Berries on yucca thread (“Nightmare Spell (19) Ghost Beads” pg 386 *watch for cultural appropriation!)
– Peony Roots (“Nightmare Spell (24) Peony Roots” pg 387 and “Nighmare Spell 25 Peony Root Beads” pg 387)
– Agrimony (“Nightmare Spell (26) Protection (1)” pg 387)
– Betony (“Nightmare Spell (27) Protection (2)” pg 387)
– Purslane (“Nightmare Spell (28) Purslane Protection” pg 387)
– Vervain (“Nightmare Spell (31) Vervain” pg 388)

Crown’s Additions:
– Iron. Iron anything under the bed, pillow, between the mattresses, next to you, whatever.
– I love the idea of the bell as written above.
– Betony is a good keep-away for spirits, dreams, and generally everything as far as I’ve seen. YYMV.
– I personally use rosemary and thyme or rosemary and chamomile when I want to be left dreamless.

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