Protection Wreaths (Spell Saturday #2)

Happy Spell Saturday!

Wreaths are fussy things aren’t they? I use to dislike them. They felt old, fussy, and traditional. I didn’t understand the point of them so I never had them around. Until I fell in love with a black feather wreath. The feathers were small, but soft, shiny, and elegant. I adored it and brought it home and hung it on my door immediately.

Since then I’ve changed my mind. I still don’t tend to like many wreaths but I do find some beautiful and I even have one hanging on my wall right now made from vines from my garden and a twine.

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Our owl wreath.

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Purpose: To create a magic wreath to protect the home.


  • Base wreath form and any covering for the wreath form if necessary
  • Any protective plants such as the following: Peony, cinquefoil (five finger grass), fennel, garlic flowers, geranium, mugwort, parsley, hydrangea, roses, sunflowers, yarrow, rosemary, juniper, dill, bay laurel, angelica, Saint John’s wort, caraway, cumin, rowan, elder, ash, oak, purslane, rue
  • Iron nails, crystals, holey stones, bone and wood beads, feathers, fabric, and shells
  • Twine, ribbon, or wire

Select your wreath form and add any covering to it by wrapping or tying your covering around it.

Carefully arrange your base material in an aesthetically pleasing way. Depending on your design, your base material might be feathers, plants, wood, or whatever else. You should also consider adding other ingredients such as shells, iron nails, crystals, beads, stones and crystals, fabric, or whatever else to add to your design. As you tie, twist, or wrap the ingredients to your wreath, say the following:

With each element I add

I protect my home, my business, my loved ones, and my life

With each element I add

Protection from all who would wish harm to me

Be warned those who would do harm

You are not welcome here – be gone

I am protected so be gone

Once done, bless your wreath and dab it with holy or blessed water or protective oils/waters and hang it on your front door or walls.


  • This is an art project so mix and match your ingredients to match your aesthetic, desire, and available ingredients.
  • Base form can be vines, a store-bought foam, cardboard, wicker, metal wreath form frame or even twist the plants into crown form. You can even use a thin pool noodle if you want! Rowan, elder, ash, and oak branches could make excellent forms. I like to use local vines from my garden to form my wreath frame.
  • Select any plants that you think of as protective. There are thousands upon thousands of plants that serve as protective guardians. Pick whatever works for you.
  • I like to use white cotton twine, leather straps, or red thread for my wreaths. Use whatever works best for you. Florist wire is certainly worth consideration if you’re working with especially large or tough materials.

Happy casting!