Silence That Tongue (Spell Saturday #12)

Has someone gotten into the habit of running their mouth? Is everything out of their mouth repulsive? And you can’t get away. You just sit there, angry and frustrated, and can’t leave without them turning it around on you.

Silence their tongues.

This is an easy enchantment that you can do just about anywhere, even in front of your target. Be sure to check the notes for suggestions.

What you’ll need:

  • Their drinking glass, eating utensil, plate, or bowl. A toothbrush may also work. Food or drink may also be an excellent option.
  • Your anger and hatred
  • A picture of them or your target themselves
  1. Select your vessel to enchant. It must be something they will put in or to their mouth.
  2. Get your picture or be within sight of your target.
  3. Look straight at your target while holding the vessel or hold the vessel over a picture of them. Make an X with your finger on the vessel’s surface. While doing this, pour in your anger and frustration. Optionally, you may wish to mutter or say in your head something like this: “Your tongue wags too much. It grows thick and leaden and silence fills where your voice would have been.”
  4. Now give or leave the vessel to your target to use. Anytime the spell needs a boost, look at them and make an X in the air with a finger or foot.


Selecting your vessel will depend on your target and what you can get your hands on that they will also be assuredly putting to their mouth.

  • A drinking glass would be very easy but a fork, spoon, or knife is also optional.
  • A bowl or plate may be trickier because there’s little guarantee their mouths will make direct contact and instead the spell would have to pass from the plate/bowl to the eating utensil and then mouth.
  • A toothbrush is a fine choice as well and has a bonus of being taken with them. This also means that the spell can be done quickly when taking a moment in the bathroom.
  • Food and drink will also be a truly excellent choice (and would allow for herbal additions) but be wary of food/drink being ignore, shared, or enchanting more than your target. Plus, allergies are a thing you need to keep in mind.

Happy casting! Be safe this holiday season!

An original spell by This Crooked Crown