A Spell for Revenge [tumblr repost] (Spell Saturday #13)

You’ve had enough. It’s time they’ve tasted their own medicine.

Revenge spells are popular and often complicated but I find that simple ones combined with deep emotions such as hate or disgust can do wonders.

What’s You’ll Need:

  • White candle, on the large side
  • Target’s name
  • A list of the things your target has done to you
  • Candle holder (on the side)
  • Fire-starting implement.

1. Get a large white candle and carve or write what kind of revenge you want to happen on it. On the bottom of the candle, write the target’s name. Don’t put it in the candle holder yet.

2. Write on a piece of paper what they’ve done to you. List everything from petty slights to big transgressions. Pour your heart out. It can be an open letter or a bullet-point list. Whatever works best for you.

3. Slam the candle on top of the paper (but not so hard it would break the candle). Quickly light it and say:

You’ve done enough.

No more will be allowed.

I curse you to receive all that you’ve done to me and more.”

4. Now let the candle burn out and toss everything in the trash when you’re done.

That’s it! Happy casting!

Originally posted on tumblr in part here.